Polarsoul, polar souls?

The 15th of December was a good day for Enemy Territory community, Finland Ruipperi released his first, last and only frag movie! His 8-month-work with Finland polarsoul is finally over. The fragmovie stars: the following Finland Finland Sample
Finland Swan
Finland vokki
Finland Hessu (bodyshooter)
Finland Vanhaomena
Finland HardyRah
Finland torspo
Finland Ruipperi
Finland clov
Finland Blindi
Finland Altsi
Finland EnSAM
Finland lehtine
Finland tsaniis
Finland t0psu
Finland Slarto (bodybuilder)
Finland repje
Finland Statti
Finland Uteoz
Finland Zeku[/hide] Expect to see lots of pistol frags, panzers, SMG rape and overall ownage.

image: polarsoul_iso

Common info:
Codec: xvid
Filesize 328 MB
Length 7:01
Download link: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=movie&mode=download&id=1493&url=0
Stream1: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=movie&mode=download&id=1493&url=1 www.own3d.tv
Stream2: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=movie&mode=download&id=1493&url=2 www.youtube.com

Ruipperi will also release his unfinished products with frags by Netherlands perfo, Germany team-BETA, Netherlands Kris (III), etc. Ill be posting journals about em since new year 11-12.

As soon as we heard about the movie release we decided to have a release party with Finland tMuhh, Finland t0psu, Finland crosby, Finland mana, Finland tapsa & me, Finland Blindi. We're staying in my place, went to see a hockey game, hitting clubs and fucking women (t0psu was the first to score last night, an 18-year-old!)
dat some bad news
Nice movie :)
Really nice, great job !
is that a serious pic ???
Dead serious. We have watched polarsoul multiple times today and it just gets better.

- mana
tought finish party were a troll :D
he @ chemo?
easier to beat the crap out of immigrants when theres no hair to get in my way
why you doin that?
really nice movie
liked it
tapsa trying to cheat on her gf once again!?!
tapsa doesnt like pussy.

was meant to say his :(
very nice movie,

I enjoyed it a lot.
:D Pitäkää hauskaa!

This reminds me of my 18th birthday which I spend with Finland biitti & Finland creator, drinking beer and watching et-fragmovies. Best birthday ever!!!
Real Finland tB|Creator?!
Neverheard of tB but I'm quite sure there's only one creator- in Finnish community.

Or well, there has been, since he really doesnt play anymore.
thats a pretty nice fragmovie :)

gj pohjoisnaapurit
Good synchronization, enjoyable.
is tapsa a girl?
Great movie !
i would like to drink with u Blindi :O
Didn't really like :')
some nice old material

finlandia gods of ET
dat headshots ammi right=!
Pic not working:(
really fucking nice movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awesome shit guys! Loved it! Felt like puking sometimes because of the camtracks but it definitly reaches my top 5 :)
Hyvä oli :-D
wow really great work!
i'm impressed!
Pretty Awesome movie, grats
finally Kris ETMovie 3!!! <3
awesome frags and nice editing :)
PolandgrzyB, kramz & lunchji got fragged at 3:35, they must be famous
well done nerds. well done!
really nice
Music? :P
Polar bear
Awesome, a lot of work went into that and it really shows. Nice one Ruipperi!
just watched it last night, was quite nice :)
1:57 OWNED
Pretty cool to still see yourself get killed in a new fragmovie when you havent really played the game for nearly 5 years.
Playlist :
(Thanks to NorwayZodiac / NetherlandsPvt. SimonKinsler / GermanyChief nicon)

charly blacks - lighter
polarsoul - winter symphony theme in d-minor
polarsoul - shostakovich riddim medley
assassin - hands up in da air

Feel free to let me know if I forgot one.
I assume lighter is on the riddim medley!?
first song is my remix of a song by Hilltop Hoods from album The Hard Road Restrung song called the Captured Vibe restrung.

second song is a remix of a polarsoul remix and my remix of a edit's song battling go-go yubari in downtown L A.

then theres other three or four songs from polarsoul's mixtape albums suh sick and winter symphony which i cba to check, because im just about to leave, bbl.

except that i remember that the last song of my movie is the second song of suh sick mixtape album and its a remix of yann tiersen's song, if im correct.
Lovely movie,well edited and frags are just awesome.
The only thing who bothered me was the music,don't rly likes it when wathing a frag movie :<
He finally finnished (swidt) a movie! So it's a 1-1 tie in our battle for the title of the laziest and most inefficient moviemakers of all time.
love the music :> best intro/movie start ever :D
The editing was really nice. Loved the camtranceaction and some of the clipintroductions. Well done. Only movie with better effects i know it Pick and roll. ;)

The music was okay and fit to the movie somehow. I liked the timing with some frags and headshots.

The frags. Well... some frags were awesome (1:30 torspu), but some others wernt really worth to show tbh.. All in all i liked that u used many many different maps and not always supply, grush and delivery (was there any delivery tbh?).

All in all 8/10 imo

good job!
finnish people starring in an ET movie -> no homoleanpolakvery
one of the best et movies ive ever seen. 9.5/10!
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