*OVER* PQL Duel Cup #1

image: pqlodc

The cup is ready for sign-ups! First of all I'd like to thank everyone for their support and tips, helped big time!

Let's hope this runs smooth so many other PQL cups will follow!

  • Date and time: 15 January 2012, 16:00 CET
  • Bracket mode: Single Elimination
  • Match mode: Every match is played Bo3 until Grand Final which is played Bo5
  • Check-ins: 30 minutes before the cup starts
  • Mappool: Concrete Palace, Phrantic, Aerowalk, Toxicity, Hektik
  • Prizes: - Alienware keyboard, - Logitech G400, - Alienware mousemat

For those who want to test the maps or those who want to play a role as a referee, contact me on IRC @ #PQL.cup .

*UPDATE*: Grand Final should be streamed by lvl^ , so be sure to sign-up if you want to appear on the big screen!
Plus, as a bonus, one random participant of the cup will win a Razer Krait gaming mouse! So you don't have to be one of the bests to win something!

The cup wasn't as successful as I expected, with 46 signups but only 16 check-ins, but I'm still happy with the result.
Swedenfazz took the golden pocal and got himself an Alienware keyboard!
He's followed by Polandzegh who won a Logitech G400.
And more known to this community, NetherlandsJo0f ended up at the third place, getting himself an Alienware mousemat.
The happy winner of the Razer Krait is SwedenKristus!

Thanks to RomaniaBloodRave who streamed the games, vods are available here

And of course a big big thanks to GermanyRayzed for providing the Alienware gear!

gl to everybody.

no ztn
no thx
ztn's bad with air control
where did you steal that prize nigger
How to play on these settings without having a pro account? :O)
You cant spawn servers, only Proaccounts can imo.
But for the cup there is someone who can spawn infinite servers
Even if you want to train you can query me on IRC #PQL.cup and we can arrange something ;)
Im a nub with this QL shit, need some help with that :(
:DDD why only prem maps? WHER THE FUCK IS FURIOS HEIGHT? best map to troll ever

and wtf if the grand finals is bo5 they cant choose any maps gotta play all of them? thats sucks :(

but good luck with your cup
Learn what PQL is & come back at me bro
you learn to play and not to egoquit :)
I care much about 2on2 CA's with and versus randoms :P
i ment 1o1 wich u playd vs me and quited after 3mins ( 2 times in row )
Can't recall that :P
Shut up you dick
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