Team Belgium CB NC XV

image: belnc

Now that the votes have been counted & the captains elected it is time to pick the players and field the best possible line-up for your nation. Even though it wasn't easy this year, I could form the line-up of Team Belgium rather fast.

After the great performance of last year I am determined we can do equally good or even better. Our main goal is to reach the final once again. The lineup will mainly consist out of the same players as last year, together with a few additions. I believe I have formed a stable line-up which is bound to get far in the tournament and is very motivated to give our fans the very best of the Belgian ET-scene.

During the previous Nations Cup we also had Bosnia HercegovinaLazio and FlandersLio in our team but we decided not to include them this year. One of the new faces in this team is BelgiumAL1 and even though this decision will be controversial we have full faith in his ability to contribute due to his excellent team play. An old face BelgiumdAv1d has recently come back to activity & has proven that he still has it by winning the AnonymousCDT.
Besides that we re-instituted BelgiumWorm into the team, he will have time to be active in Enemy Territory again and we are sure that he will be able to add some more strength to this team as well.

So here we go!


BelgiumKevin & BelgiumWorm

Engi smg:
Belgium chry & BelgiumGifted(c)

Supportive Medic:
BelgiumSup3r & BelgiumAL1 & BelgiumdAv1d

Aiming Medic:
BelgiummAus & BelgiumuNDEAd

I'm pretty confident that with the 10 names above we can achieve all what they expect us to.

You can support us over at #et.belgium

E: BelgiumAL1 is not allowed to play because of his history for Team Turkey & will be replaced by no one less than BelgiumfostruM.

E: BelgiumAL1 Has been allowed again.
Good luck Belgium!
where am i
still missing Belgium Buzzer in there :/
Good luck mijn vrienden! :)

e: best post so far.
where are you ?! best walloon in ET :(
merci bien :)
Si je dis quelque chose de sincère comme "Une line up pour laquelle on remarquuera un manque de T, d'ésprit d'équipe"?
There is no lack of team spirit!
Yeay Worm! :D

gl! nice team :)
replace worm by Azur!
Good luck
top3 i guess: D
Nice to see Worm back, as usual a strong lineup. GL
BelgiumhEAVENn ??
gl Adriaan, Dennis, Sander, Ali, Kevin & Jeroen
no mAus? LOLZ
1.He doesn't need gl
2.Don't know him (as in never played/talked with him)
Belgium chry
Belgium Jere
Belgium mAus
Belgium Worm
Belgium uNDEAD
Belgium Sup3r

succes heren :)
jere, chry, maus, undead, super, worm (if he plays as good as he used to) = win
vorig jaar bijna gewonnen dit jaar moeten we winnen !

Make us proud

Have fun & Good luck

where fostrum :S
GL mannen
propably top2 if wont fail :P
Gl guys
Nice joke about Belgium Worm playing again
top 3 atleast
Nice squad :)
gl belgium
nice lu gl =))

QuoteImportant: A player cannot play for another country after he has played for a certain country in the past.

didnt AL1 play for turkey in the past? =$
He has a Belgian passport
why was everyone flaming humm3l in that other nc post? =$
Its just much more fun to flame hummel apparently :)
Because it's hummel ^^ :)
seems he already play for Turkey im busy doing more research but in this case he will be not allowed to play for Belgium
so whats the difference with hummel or isnt hummel allowed to play either?
ho god plz - try to read all the comment regarding hummel not only 1 or 2, hummel was allowed to apply as captain because he had the german nationality but hes not allowed to play because he played already for russia.
ok my bad then :)
yw just most read only a short part and i have to fight vs them to explain it 1000 times :p
Geen Fostrum....

hf worm en ultim8 =D long time no see

no fostrum & player ?
good luck :) nice to see dAv1d, Worm & bF guys playing again, hope all of you will play in teams in spring.
looks good :) well done gifted and gl
Where's BelgiumGoku?!

Good luck mates, should be iz first spot
where he belongs
I don't understand?
he belongs anywhere but here
I'm playing for sup3r when he's not around ;)
Looks good, goed luck zuiderburen! :)
NC Winners! GL guys :)
nice names

bf everywhere
strong lu is strong
gl jere & chry <3
great lineup! nice to see Worm back :)
did you get my pm mate? :<
no Lazio no win
really strong lineup, fostrum should be there!
n1 lu

wb worm

gl guys
strong Lineup !
lol - did you seriously put time into that ? :D
I first did it without __ but got mid coz was EPIC FAIL.
In the end took me 5minutes+10minutes of edit lol
I deserve a shoutout in NC game!
needs fostrum

GL !
needs The_Boss
worm back ;)
where the fuck is BelgiumfostruM
gl noobs! <3
nice lu :)
i am genuinely upset for not seeing neither Boss or Crook on that list!
remember last year the lineup was seen as lowest be lineup ever :p and you guys got second place :D

anyways gl vlaanderen hehe
Gifted pro captain!
Haha die Wimworm, gl!
En Jere ook ofc.
Well nothing against Worm but better take fostrum....

so far strong lineup GL! :)
Fostrum is an aiming medic, worm is our 2nd fops :P. I think both undead/maus do a better job than frostum as aimers! Just have 2-3 players for each spot beside rifle so plenty to pick & I just made choices!
i just doubt worm can compete as inactive guy on that skill level without any practise so maybe its better to get fost as 2nd fops (not hard to place some artys/maybe strikes and give ammo)..but maybe im wrong, as i said , still nice lineup and GL mate :-)
its bf & friends, im no friend :p
To protect Gifted , there arent many active skilled guys in BE , i would take you + buzzer + the LU that he posted ;)
i dont really care about it man, i would only play the first boring games anyway :P
you'd add 2 players more to that lineup to make it a 12-man lineup? :D

can't see any sense in that as if you've got active guys in lineups you won't need more than a couple backups and NC shouldn't be a "fair play" tournament where everyone gets to play
Never exspect the unexspected , so much can happen ;)
Best example is Jere , he had few days/weeks some ping problems ;)
that's actually a good point as they don't really have anyone else there to pick up the rifle in case Jere isn't able to play, so if fostrum/Buzzer are decent rifles (don't really know what class they're playing) it would make sense to have either of them included
well ok youre right :-)
Actually, I'm a friend of jere and gifted (not super and ali, they dont like me) and I'm not in either (You're better than me, but still)

PS: I didn't expect to get in btw, just saying that isnt the reason
friend? wait what?
Of jere and gifted then
Thanks man
how am I a friend of BF?
this explains the Gifted pick in CDT!
just so jealous ;-)
ge moogt in mijn plaats spelen
laat mij maar , ben zot goe ik jonge
gl be!
Awesome lineup, gL!

Needs moar Belgium fostrum & Belgium PlAyer tho!
BelgiumBuzzer is obviously missing
where fostrum
good line up!

to bad lio is not playing :)
where is lio :(
Eventhough I'm not in the line-up it's still a quite decent line-up.

It's the best LU possible to be honest :D
ah deleting our own comments now are we? :D
you should do the same:P
unfortunately my comments have already disappeared! now I'll never know what walle replied to me
something like "show him!!"
well fuck me >:O
strong lu, gl chry, de enige brusselaar !
brussels for the win
they added new classes in et? supportive medic can't aim or sutin????
supportiv medic doesnt even have a gun.. double needle and bigger med packs instead :)
Take BelgiumBuzzer !
No, just no...
Tant de haaaaaine!
ya aucune haine. T'as juste pas le niveau pour faire de la concurrence à ceux cité au dessus.
Je n'ai jamais joué avec/contre toi (même si je t'ai déjà vu sur des pubs) mais je sais d'avance que malgré ton skill (quel qu'il soit) tu n'as pas le niveau.
C'est que de te voir en Team Belge voila quoi c'est pas pour te dévalorisé Buzzer mais déjà quand je vois certain dans la LU je me pose des questions et il y a de quoi s’inquiéter, cet équipe et devenu trop bidon sans les piliers comme lio acid etc... enfin voila j'irais pas les regardé. a+
En même temps, j'espère pas jouer avec eux, je me fais pas d'idées. Je ne sais pas pourquoi les gens citent mon nom! :)

Après, pour les sois-disant piliers que tu me cites, je suis d'accord, si on était encore en 2007-2008, la ou ils savaient encore jouer et faire mal. A l'heure d'aujourd'hui, ce sont ces 10 joueurs qui sont les plus doués en Belgique, Gifted a fait un bon choix, en esperant que d4v1d et worm reviennent vite à un bon niveau. :)

Les bF, quand ils veulent jouer ensemble, ont certainement l'un des meilleurs teamplays qu'il y a eu les 2-3 dernières années, donc je m'inquiète vraiment pas pour l'équipe cette année! Ils vont montrer de belles choses.
Nicely said buzzer:) xx
Tu viens tout droit de 2.55 et tu te permet de dire boulet. Et j'ai comme même le droit d'exposer mon opinion non ? Putaiiiiiiiiiiiin
J'vois pas le rapport avec le 2.55, mec..
This year is for us!
Izibash for Belgium :)
wow nice lu, goodluck to u
To my fan (possibly plural) : This lineup is better without me, because now the games will be close. Don't want to rape every other team and kill ET.


Your hero and best friend
Nice lineup. Gl.
Too bad the whole LU exists from bF and there friends...
There are more skilled players then those who are in the LU (no offense towards them)

anyway.. Good Luck Belgium :)
Belgium has enough players for 3 squads, I'm confident the main lu will consist out of the best 6 Belgians, no matter which team they played for in the past.
You are the Team Captain, so its your decision.
Why is that even necessary?
Just wondering which certain players would be able to replace the players above in such a way that it would benefit the TEAM[/i][/u]
I would replace atleast a few of them, which would make the team stronger, but ye... who am I :P
That's why I'm asking you, I'm curious to know who you'd replace.
Not going to point this out, since its not gonna happen. :)
A wise man once said : "Never Say Never" (c) Justin Bieber
Quote man

Quote Justin Bieber

image: yao-ming-fuck-that-guy-rage-face
names??? this are the best players that belgium got..... if you think there are better players then this that should play then say the names
I wont say any names, cuz I wont be taking serious... so why would I even bother giving you the names, you'll do nothing about it... :)
Ik pak u op ET me men ogen dicht terwijl dak men teennagels knip
da zijn de 'names' van redox volges mij ja
dao lach ik is goe mee
En waarom denk je dat da de namen zijn die ik zou doorgeven?
Ofcourse not :)
i agree with you.

this is a friend clan!
friends= better teamwork = win
Goodluck guys!!
we want buzzer :(
lol im not selected??? :) only bF & friends :) n1 :) fags

but .. fuck off with the "old talents". They can't face the actual gameplay..
no comment oh wait

lio > jere ( no offence jere )

gl kevin & d4v1d
that's sarcastic right?
come back to 2012 timetraveller..
Why ? its my opinion man lio > jere.
You won't hear my say that lio wasn't a good player, I was one of his earliest fanboys I think :p, but you are ignorant & really blind to this game if you think lio is still better as jere, who is arguably competing with Xylos to be the best rifler lately..
Its more about comparing Jere with lio to me, wich isn't even possible imo.

Yes, lio played rifle, but he's far from 'known' for his rifle skills, more for his gamesense and gamewinning moments.
15,13 22:58  11@ONEMOVE|Jere    14• RifleKing: Jere
0015,13 22:59  11+Goku            14• zijn er andere belgen die riflen?
15,13 22:59  11@ONEMOVE|Jere    14• hebt ge eigelijk ne 2e be rifle? :D
15,13 22:59  11@ONEMOVE|Jere    14• idd
15,13 22:59  11@ONEMOVE|Jere    14• :D

Jere = only rifle :S
Don't see how its related to what I wrote, and chizzel and myself can rifle a bit aswell

Besides, Jere is a nerd, he's always avi
You talked about rifles, that's how it's related
That makes no sense whatsoever but ok
Belgium Kevin BEAST gl boss
Belgiumzaklantaarn WAAR BEN IK WTF :(
succes jongens :)
Not playing, still mentioned in newspost :E

image: Deal_with_it_dog_gif

LU looks great, gl :)
would be cool too see this line-up as an active team after NC :)
gl gifted, jere & fostrum (a)
waar zit jij dan pro :p
ochneje vanwaar komde gij ? :D. het kotleven en gamen ging niet echt samen :p .der is binnenkort weer nen BeNe-cup. schrijft u in , da ik u is afmaak :D
same here :p zit nu 2de jaar op kot dus heb wel betere dingen te doen eigenlijk :p
Ja sgoe zal ik is doen se .. haha :)
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