ESL WL 1st Matchweek

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Today is Sunday, and this always means that there's a lot of fun comming up! Almost 40 matches will be played today, and all part of this 1st Matchweek! We will be providing a live update of each match, in the ESL newspost. You will be able to see all the scores and all the highlights of the matches with just a simple click!

Live updates
23:18 - End of Sunday Matches!
22:50 - Last 3 Sunday matches are currently being played in the Winter Leagues! Check them out here!
22:35 - Premier League matches are now over! 8k damage on Goldrush and 5 man kill is how the polish team managed to win against a very promising and reinforced Finland team ! 4-2 after an intense match! Polandhunter - Man of the match!
22:05 - DOUBLE FULLHOLD on Goldrush for NetherlandsmCon but delivered on Adlernest !
22:00 - 18 matches still being played ! tMoe vs Codelust and mCon vs This Is Madness still without a winner!
21:40 - What a teamplay for the czechs from EuropezeroE on adlernest! Succesful combo: rape an oppo - take obj - make 3 man kill defending transmitter ! 2:23 on Adlernest = Game over for aToon!
21:30 - If you are stuck in traffic, tell your team mates that you can't play through facebook ! That's what happened in this match!
21:00 - SICK 3 man panzer by Elviss! Match closed, clean and easy for clan6!
20:55 - 25 matches are going to start in 5 minutes! Good luck spectating all of them guys! :D
20:42 - Queens delivered ! 4-0 against Kolmee Raitaa!
19:55 - Queens are going to match soon ! 6on6 matches, clan6 vs S.I.C.K will be spectated by RomaniaFoaMeA and ND vs NBS by SloveniaKwizlord! Expect some quality matches starting with 20.00 CET !
19:36 - Clean and easy for mCon!
19:12 - Hard victory for the wise guys! 4-0 against the yermans! More details...
19:00 - mCon vs UFO started!
18:50 - First surprise of this Sunday in 3on3 Premier League!
18:35 - re+play managed to easily win against Priests!
18:00 - Three 3on3 matches from the premier league started!
17:30 - CF announcement

In each week we will feature/highlight the most interesting matches in the first division(3on3 and 6on6). As we are always happy to receive feedback from players, if you have any suggestion regarding what match(es) should be featured in the next weeks, feel free to post in the ESL news.

The first 6on6 match of this Sunday starts at 20:00 CET and features two great teams from Group C, with very good players that will surely do everything to get their first win in the Winter Leagues.
While the statements do not give us a certain winner since both team captains believe that their team will win, it leaves us no other choice than to tune in and see who will be the winner of this match!

GermanyOxy: Though we haven't really had much of a chance to prac at all other than the occasional midnight mix, it should definitely be an interesting match. rosters a few players in their lineup that'll be giving us a hard time, nontheless I estimate...view more

GermanyKevji: We haven't played a single match together yet, still I'm quite confident that we can take this match home. We have a team with a mix of good players that performed pretty well in their previous teams. Eventhough the lineup of our opponents looks pretty strong I'd say we can take this game with a 4:0 or 4:2.
Player to watch is probably GermanyKiwi for some insane aim actions.

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Europe S.I.C.K.

Finland Iron
Finland decem
Germany Oxy
Germany butchji
Belgium Kevin
Austria potter
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Germany Kevji
Germany kiwi
Poland Elviss
Poland stexx
Finland Statti
France kartez
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Date: Today
Time: 20:00 CET
Maps: Adlernest, Goldrush
League: image: etESL Winter Leagues 2011image: game30139
image: s_foot
The 3on3 match that will be featured in this newspost is the one played by Queens and Kolmee Raitaa. We picked this one due to several players asking us to add this match into our newspost. Match will start at 20:00 CET and by the looks of the statements, I'd say that Queens till take this with no problems! Surprises may occur, so tune in to see the outcome of this match.

United KingdomArtstar: Well, I guess phyzic & sqzz will be performing good, my PC has been broken for a few months so there's no telling how bad I'll play, but will be fun to find out. :P I don't want to say we'll dominate them because I haven't played enough against the current 3on3 scene to know who is good and who isn't right now, but assuming our opponent have been active & have some knowledge of the game they could make this a tough match. No idea how it'll go. :)
Overall I'm looking forward to a nice relaxed 3on3 with some enjoyable moments! Player to spec... view more

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Europe Queens

United Kingdom Artstar
United Kingdom sqzz
Iceland phyzic
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Finland Kolme Raitaa

Finland Hyrtti
Finland Pehnoo
Finland Pittysku
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Date: Today
Time: 20:00 CET
Maps: Delivery, Supply
League: image: etESL Winter Leagues 2011image: game30048
image: s_foot
We have added a new rule for these Winter Leagues. If you do not play the match on GTV, our partners for the Winter Leagues and for everything that means coverage in ESL, you will be forced to upload a minimum of 5 screenshots(1 of each round that you played, and 1 screenshot with the TZAC IDs). Matches could be set as draw if you do not respect this rule* and you could receive penalty points for no matchmedia. Exceptions may occur. Every problem that you have with this rule, please discuss it with any ESL admin.
*This rule applies for ladders aswell.

Match reviews and after-match statements for the two opening matches can be seen in this ESL newspost.
Good luck & have fun
gl <3
nice coverage.

e: some interesting games! must be one of the most rambo teams I've ever seen, a shitload of aimpower but no objective sense whatsoever
Nice post on the ESL site, would recommend anyone who cares about any of the games being played to give it a quick read!
+1, some good stuff there

gl tonight btw, we have United Kingdomgriim
butchji = win!
good job, esl is improving :)
nice coverage :)
if Kolme Raitaa's players are in good shape they will win supply at least :) GL
nice coverage @ ESL site
Good work FoaMeA
good stuff! :)
Really good coverage, looking forward to the watching the games. Good luck Queens
player to watch: FinlandPittysku
today Czech Republic zeroE !!!
Nice coverage!!
live update is great!
like the coverage, awesome work!
great job bro
awesome news post :D
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