JeeSports Qualification Tournament #4 Sign Ups Open

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The signups for JeeSports.ET 4th qualification tournament are now open! If you have signed yourself and your team upto the website it is very simple to declare your interest - just follow the link below and you will secure your place. A Small change to the tournament sees it being played on a Monday, this is due to ESL game date conflict, we hope this will be better for teams who wish to play in both.

Schedule JeeET Cup #4
  • Check in start: Monday 30th January 17.45 CET
  • Check in closes: Monday 30th January 18:45 CET
  • Tournament start: Monday 30th January 19.00 CET
  • Slots: Upto 32 teams
  • Bracket: Single elimination
  • Match time: 1 hour each game
  • Signups close: Monday 30th January 17:45 CET

This is the Final qualification tournament and the winner will join Germany Anexis eSports, Netherlands ONEMOVE.ESO and Netherlands Mouse Control in the main tournament in February to battle it out for €120. Don't miss the chance to play in this JeeSports competition, sign up as soon as possible - details on how to do so can be found below.

Sign up to play in JeeSports tournaments[/b]]
To play in one or all of the qualification tournaments is simple, you and your team mates must sign up at and once your account has been confirmed you can “create your clan” which can be found on the right hand side of the website. The leader of the clan can simply paste the team page to his team mates where they can hit the join team" button. Once you and all your team have signed up you will all need to add your TZAC account details to the website. Visit JeeLounge's fanpage and add "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" with your ID number in the 'nickname' field available - This will be your game account so make sure it is correct. Use This Image to guide you if you have problems adding your TZAC ID.

For a step by step instructions visit the tournament website or view the video guide.

You only need to signup once to play, if you participated in Qualification tournament #1 you do not need to sign up to the website again!

Rules for participating[/b]]
Each round will be played Best of 3 for the remaining Qualification tournaments. Only if more than 16 teams sign up will we change round 1 and round 2 to best of 1. A player who has already played for a qualified team may not play for a team competing in any qualification tournaments, even if only mercing, the player and his team risk being removed from the final tournament - for a full rundown of the rules please visit the JeeSports ET rules page from out first qualification tournament.

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Mouse Control!
do the winners have to play final tournament with same lineups as they had in quali tournaments?
I would assume not
should be like that tbh or at least max 1 change. would be silly if 1 team qualified and then other played
it's not even like that for IEM Lans, would be ridiculous to have it for this.
what's ridiculous about it?
Because even IEM doesn't use these kind of rules because it's not always possible to play with the same team, therefore it gives a license to the team which can then field it's lineup.
read Merlin's comment below
I did, your point?
that you have to play with same lineup you played in cup :) probably the lineup from final will count
I do as I please.
this is not CB bro, you can't do as you please
Yup. Info for the final tournament will be released after this one is played out - and we will be giving teams 2-3 weeks notice on the games so there really shouldn't really be any reason why it cant be ;)
apparently it's ridiculous
Your such a prick, responding with that 2 hours AFTER MerlinatoR's post.
the fuck you on about
Avi for this!
avi! for this!
avi! /q me here or at irc
avi for this! pm via cf
HB gonna take this or maybe supski ;)
oh fuck me, got an esl game on the 30th ;/
All slots are filled
QuoteMax teams allowed 2
BelgiumbF Needs a Belgium Fops / pro Europe rifle for this qualifier!

/q Gifted @ #Belgian.Fraternity

30.1.2012 => Jeesports quali #4 : Gifted Sup3r AL1 chizz6l BOSS +
avi as rifle ":D"

pick toNi
toNi has been online quite much lately.
ye but he didnt play for a year or 2 actively.
And? Only bads need to practise, right? :)
Rifle avi! If needed also fop, but I am a better rifle.
Avi for This!
Last Chance for highbot! thomaz gogo
:XD izizizizi
Avi to merc, be good :o)
Sign-up -> JeeET 6v6 Qualifier #4: All slots are filled
should be all fixed :)
avi! :)
avi pm me
avi if atoon doesnt play it
all slots are filled, :| STILL!
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