ESL WL 2011/2012 Playoffs

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Cold temperatures but hot action! The Enemy Territory Winter Leagues have reached the playoff stage and we will continue right there where we stopped - playing and watching outstanding matches! We had plenty of surprises in the Group Stage so we're expecting a lot more in the Playoffs!

We're deeply sorry for the delay, but due to the new busts we had to check if the players that were busted cheated in any ESL Winter League official match. After hours of checking, we found only one player, Polandczarodziejski, that cheated in the 3on3 WL match, tMoe vs randomZ. We won't be giving forfeit wins to teams that lost against teams that had a cheater in the line-up because all the other busted cheaters didn't use it in the WL Matches. However, in 1on1, we have decided to disqualify Polandridji and Germanycrush3r due to being busted. That's all about this!

Only 8 teams were able to pass in each division, the only exception being in 1on1 where we have prepared a special treat for the players. Those that were ranked 1st, qualified directly in the main tree. However, those ranked 2nd in Part 1 and 2nd & 3rd in Part 2, will have to pass over a Knockout Phase in order to join the main tree. Only the first 4 will be able to qualify so players will have to play hard!

The schedule for the playoffs:
  • 9th - 12th/14th of February -> WB Round 1
  • 13th - 19th of February -> WB Round 2 & LB Round 1
  • 20th - 26th of February -> WB Round 3 & LB Round 2
  • 27th - 3rd of March -> LB Round 3
  • 4th - 11th of March -> LB Round 4 & WB Grand Final
Qualified teams can add new players to their squad, as long as they are not playing with any other team in the Playoffs.

We are still looking for a couple of admins that could help us with future competitions. If you are from Germany/Netherlands/Belgium/United Kingdom or just want to become an ESL admin, send us an application. More details here.

QuoteESL WL 2011 Playoffs

2011/2012 season :o)
dig out my old application and add fuckload of experience to that

Look at the flags roba, they don't want you mate D:
there is "or"!
whatever you do don't take robacwel
gl erAse <3
Team target is going to get rolled!
QuoteQualified teams can add new players to their squad, as long as they are not playing with any other team in the Playoffs.

so that means we can add players that played in the group phase with another team?
Yep. As long as they didn't qualified with that team.
LOL, we are at playoffs :D
no Poland flag :F
have to cross-reference all tzac bans and accounts before I can trust again in Poland, sorry :D
fuck you ":D"
Germany aggro for admin
never again please
nobody cares about ur opinion
ESL does :D
crusher son

im disapointed
hahaha esl is bullshit i'm banned @ esl because i'm Polak lol
my esl acc
tzac acc : sound like im clean hahha plz..

<pervert> hi, so can u help me?
<ESL|FoaMeA> no
<ESL|FoaMeA> you cheated
<pervert> lol
<ESL|FoaMeA> end.of.story
<pervert> hahha that's bullshit
<pervert> can u tell me when?
<ESL|FoaMeA> no
<pervert> i'm clean lol
<pervert> u just hate polaks
<pervert> that's why i'm banned
<pervert> can u give me proofs?

nice foamea
Sounds like something you should take up with chaplja, not ESL.
okey, ill try :)
it was my tzac acc too. but someone stolen it lol
then go mail chalpja as he said instead of bothering esl
can u match both ip's ? my and the other guy?
it does, thats why you got banned, if you didnt cheat go complain at tzac
i know my ip and the c1apek's acc match because i made this acc lol. But can u check who was playing @ this acc ?(i mean which ip)
i personnaly cant, mail chalpja as i said
ok, thank you anyway :)
Did I miss something - or did someone change the dates?

checked the ESL-page the other day:

game scheuled for the 19th..

now it's scheduled for the 12th...

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