Library_b3 released!

image: 2Last week Austria BlAcky released a beta2 of his Library map but with the previous Library tournament, some player feedback as well as some bug fixing we are now able to release an improved version of this up and coming competition map. In case you want to see the cup replays (old b2 version) check
image: game31230 image: game31229

So without further ado here is the downloadlink for beta3: Library_b3 and YCN Hosting was kind enough to host a public to test the new map - IP:

A short overview of the changes:
  • added lamps/lights
  • added details (to the whole map)
  • added sounds (generator, ocean, transmitter)
  • changed the skybox
  • rebuilt the flag-house
  • rebuilt the tank-barrier
  • some minor bug fixes
  • chairs @ library
  • removed the glass case so you can take the obj. without any problems

Enough said, Portugalag0n was once again kind enough to make some screenshots and those pictures will make the changes of the map more clear than my words will:

image: 0000000000
image: 0000000029

Check this link to see some more screens

Thanks once again to all beta testers, supporters, ag0n and YCN!
you should not link agon's ftp :d
Why not? I guess it's fine...

oh i see :D stop changing cf nick fag! it's okey...
u have some badass pic-s there
Like what? :D

Thanks :)
library for the win!
Nice nice!

#Library @Quakenet for feedback!! PLS!!

Have fun!
bro why u need an irc channel after doing a map
obviously for feedback?
holy shit for feedback?

this map is too german
next Time im avi again to give some feedback :)
alles klar, meld mich bei dir wenns wieder was zu testen gibt! ;)
Seems alot better as a night map, atleast moviemaking wise, to play it's almost the same (although some areas improved with new lights). I would use the skybox i told instead of the never-seen goldrush one, but it's better than nothing.

I would also remove the landmine inside the coffee or whatever..

Well done!

image: 0000000026

3 stage maps, the way to go.
very nice, makin the map cleaner
few more betas and thats better than braundorf!
Shouldn't be that hard to beat braundorf :D Library seems like a cool map tbh..
meh dunno. dont think thats a keeper.
Give your suggestions to make it a keeper then. Blacky is active, he could fix it if needed.
To be honest, from what i've played, it seems good. Fast map, decent stages, not too big etc...
Remove the last stage and it might be worth to keep.
why? whats wrong with it?
Looks good, Going to check it out tonight!
No New spawns
Looks good, are there any new spawn for axis on each phase? (being able to spawn high or low (in the cellar) on the last phase would be good.

image: 35btp5g
well done waiting to jump in it :)
Ps : is this the final version ?
Should be the final version for this season afaik, they want some more feedback from players after it's added to ESL & CB.
yep thats the meaning of this
yea it should be. Unless there are any major bugs or problems found ;)
nice i will regret the stairs at gun ^^ but if this is the latest version ill request to add the map on ladder 3v3 / 6v6

well done for the job
it was Austria BIlacky who did the map. I only helped out to fix one or two things and with my super mapping knowledge.

prepare for missile_b4 in the meantime
Looks nice, great job!
better than leandorf_b4
Feel free to use hide tags, viewing this page on mobile is a awaiting pain.
better later than never ;D
You can PM `Chris @ irc for a nice detailed flak!
And Library_b4 come in 1 week no ?
this was the last release in this season :)
add lower ambient, its kinda bright for night map
its exactly the same as on goldrush
NICE SHIT dont make etpro map
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