Tribes Ascend Showmatch: PCGamerUK vs MMOHut(& OnRPG)!

image: leveluptv_pcgamer-vs-onrpgmmohut

Tongiht at 21GMT (22CET), Level Up TV will play host to a series of show matches between a variety of media teams from across the world of gaming. The games, organised by HiRez, should provide a great evenings entertainment, albeit not at the highest tier of Tribes Ascend game play (bring on the grav cycles).

Tribes Ascend is played in 7v7 CTF format, 25minute timelimit, and in a best-of-five format.


QuotePCGamer are world leaders in printed gaming media. The team representing them is headed up by staff from the UK wing of the organisation who will be giving up their evenings to hopefully provide a exciting demonstration of what the game has to offer.

Their provisional lineup for the game is currently:
  • AstroBop
  • Gonnas
  • Hanknova
  • PCGrichmcc
  • Ludovican
  • cthursten
  • ohwhatfun


QuoteDespite sounding like they might be out of place in an FPS environment, both of these leading websites concern themselves with all genres of free to play games making T:A an ideal title for coverage. They will being doing their best to provide an exciting show when they face off against PCGamer on Thursday.

The players representing the organisations that have already been confirmed are:
  • DioAurion
  • Hhean
  • Abubakr
  • Rahzzy
  • Klue
  • Spunkify
  • Vinzik
I've no idea how to embed the stream to this site :(
Something i'm sure is rectified on Stuarts new crossfire site! :D
yes you can lol.
he didnt have a youtube or own3d stream earlier
ah ok :) my mistake
I added it embedded, hope you dont mind (better late then neva!)
Quoteprovide a exciting demonstration of what the game has to offer.

Fuck yeah, grenade launcher spam only.
Clicked this just knowing it was you posting :P Tuning in <3
Brother, we need a chocomel and a few grams of the finest dope. To talk about certain things regarding certain events and other certain details.
First of all you need to be on a certain chat application.
I would love to, but this evening is goint o be a little bit tricky. I decided to call the wife a "waste of time" because she burnt my chicken. Now I am starving and have to look after J-bizzle on my own :D
Should have ordered a dominos bro. G5
what the fuck is tribes ascend?
A fun, free-to-play FPS.
Have you got this game? I just started to download it :D
Yeah buddy :) Let's get some games bro!
Sweet, I am just under 75% complete.

What do you think of the game because I have watched a few vids and read some bits on it and it sounds awesome!
It's good. So fast :D
Just played m yfirct CTF game, it is so good! :D
We'll play some this weekend! I got a busy day today then cooking dinner for 8 tonight :D
excellent info! now downloading - any other free games i should be aware of?
Updated the post with the VOD, thanks guys! :)
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