Crossfire Community Draft Tournament

image: cf_community_draft_cup

After receiving a lot of feedback (and flame) on the Crossfire Draft Tournament, United KingdomR0SS came up with the idea of running a draft tournament that isn’t limited to top tier players. The thought behind this is a Draft tournament for the community: the Crossfire Community Draft Tournament. The idea behind this project/tournament is to give lower skilled community members the chance to play with those more established within the game and hopefully benefit from their experience and knowledge, but more importantly, to have fun.

Let’s delve further into the concept of the tournament. The plan is as follows: a captain signs up with a co-captain in the back of his head. Both players should be high skilled. Now, who do we consider to be a high skilled player? Anyone that has played NationsCup or EuroCup and the upcoming players that are likely to get into EuroCup next season. Anyone that doesn’t fit in that group is more than welcome to sign up as a community player. In certain circumstances, especially relating to NC players, players can be judged individually regardless of whether they have played NC or not.

You could see this as some sort of boot camp seeing as the lower skilled players could obviously learn a lot from this. But the main goal of this tournament is to have fun and you should keep that in mind.
The four remaining players will be picked at random. This means that not all teams will be of equal skill level. However, the skill gap should be negligible and everyone should still have fun.

Like I mentioned, players from low to med skill can sign up as community members. They will have to mention 3 things: their in game name (preferably their crossfire nick), TZAC id and the class they wish to play. You can pick one out of four classes:

Engineer SMG
Multiclasser (field ops/covert ops/medic/third engineer)

How are things going to be sorted? Depending on the captain and co-captain's classes, we will pick players based on their classes. A standard line up will consist of a rifle, an engi SMG, a multiclasser and three medics. Here is an example:
The captain and co-captain tell us they will be playing as a medic and a multiclasser. That means they will need a rifle, an engi SMG and two more medics.
The four picks will be blind/random as previously mentioned. We will sort out the sign ups by class and use a random selection generator to pick names from each class list.


The player selection will take place on Thursday 8th March and the tournament will start on the 13th of March. The schedule is as follows:

WB Round 1, LB Round 1, WB Round 2, will take place on Tuesday 13th March 20 CET

LB Round 2, WB Round 3, LB Round 3, WB Final will take place on Thursday 15th March 20 CET games are allowed to be played before 20 CET as well.

LB Round 4, LB Final and Grand Final will take place on Tuesday 20th March 20 CET

The mappool will consist of aldernest, bremen_b3, radar, supply and sw_goldrush_te. We have decided not to put in the new maps Library_b3 and missile_b4 since they aren’t being played at a top level meaning that there would be little benefit to the community given that some high skilled players do not have solid tactics yet for those maps.

sign up

To apply for the inaugural Crossfire Community Draft Tournament you have to make a post over here and you will find all the information for signing there as well.

Feel free to ask any question over at #CCDT and if you signed up make sure you idle there on the days the tournament is going to be played. A special thanks to PolandChickita for once again making us a lovely banner and thanks to PortugalVoidd aswell for helping me out with the spelling/grammar mistakes and my writing style.
QuotePosted by SimonKinsler on Thursday 1st March 2012, 19:58
Quote Ukog on 01/03/12, 19:58:18
Nice :o)
Goodluck and have fun to everyone participating!
You can signup m8 x
Nice :_D
missile_b3 is being played in NC so I don't see why you wouldn't add that :}
great news! gl all
QuoteA captain signs up with a co-captain in the back of his head, this player should be high skilled as well. This is probably a good point to explain what we consider a high skilled player? Anyone that has played NationsCup or EuroCup

I cant agree that all NC players are "high". Being in NC team for some shit country doesnt make you skilled.
inb4 ukraine team captains
In certain circumstances, especially relating to NC players, players can be judged individually irrespective of whether they have played NC or not.
so this means that I'm highskill cause I played NC?
wouldn't even call some players for the "better" countries high xD
can't wait for the whine

cool idea though
Hope everything will go as well as it's been announced!

Nice idea
gl nice initiative!
Should just do what I said with the 2/3 hig hskillers couple of non EC/NC players and they have to go find a jaymoder :>
I'm not doing this cup :D
I should take the credit for the idea though!
You wasn't there when I came up with this idea brah
I can't decide on the class I'm gonna signup as
looks great,signed up :)
SQuid for captain with me as co-captain please
go do it!

also y u no at irc?? at a date??
Done ! ^.^
ok, signing up then, you got me
Would you know by any chance at what time of the day the first match would start on the 13th?
20 CET start for all dates.
nice :P
i have to say "Good Job" R0SS!
i might be wrong but as i already mentioned in another article that somebody did here,(i think it was ross himself),i dont think this ideea came from ross.i remember i suggested him to convince high skilled players to play together with low skill and try to explain them the secrets of game and his answer was smt like:"they will never do that" or "that will never happen".Strange now that this comes up like being his ideea but well i supposed that is good for comunity and i m looking forward to play and learn smt new.GL 2 ross for organising and to all players
Thanks for doing it.
What you suggested had no relation to this idea. I dont mind thanking and referencing those that have made a contribution to an idea, but frankly what you suggested was completely different to this idea/tournament. If you want to try and take the credit for it, then be my guest, i dont want to be thanked for coming up with the idea, I and the other admins would rather be thanked for getting off of our asses and doing something for the community instead of whining that it was their idea and doing nothing about it like 99% of the community.
my last line on the reply whishing u much gl should suggest u that i m on your ever what was my ideea ross,aa was not exactly like u wanna do now,i was suggesting smt like skilled players like you for example to take random noobs and play an irc mix war teaching them and showing them different tips.yes u right is lil bit different.i appologize
Your idea was to get a highskilled player to join a low+ team and help them out with tactics etc. You called it voluntary work as if it were some kind of job. This is a draft tournament, for fun, to benefit the community.
and i wish u much good luck organising and making it a i said i m on your side...
so basically ross stole your genious idea that would've made u a millionaire?
you can play ET as much as you want but you'll always be blablabla something about life


make an idea that's worth thousands, actually make thousands of ideas worth thousands and get thousands of thousands and learn about life dude...
Awesome Blindi! That's literally the smartest thing I've ever heard.
funny a 15 year old calling me dude...fuckin twat
so basically we have nothing to discuss
why reply then?
do I need to be "non-high" skilled if I want to sign up as community player?
If you have played NC/EC then you don't qualify.
I did, but I am on laptop -> not even close to high skill :)

btw, I find extremelly off to consider NC as some kind of measure for skill/experience
Go back over the news post. Not ALL NC players.
I was replying to you, not to news post
Is that right about skilldrop in laptop?

Coz I've been playing on laptop and the most I can handle is med (max) I really struggle with long range aim since this 13 inch screen and 720*576 wont let me see very good the far distance.

Is it reasonable to blame screen size, bad resolution ergo laptop for this?
Of course hardware matters in a game like this where you have to see things fast, smooth and clearly. Laptop in itself may not be a drawback, but when resolutions are that low and fps probably low as well -- of course it matters.

As Raziel told me when I started this game years ago and asked him for advice: "Get a good PC". That's the only advice he wanted to give, and after all this time I'd say it's indeed true.

Although yeah once you're already good you can play decent on crappy setups, but you can't easily get good on crappy setups.
I guess thats one possible explanation for my unstable skill and inability to improve.

Well, the least I can try is setting up my config to gain stable fps and be capable of see far distance.

Thnx for advice :D
To me it has more psychological impact than actual skill drop, you cant lose experience and game sense just by changing pc (but it can heavily affect the way you are playing when you just cant get those kills you are supposed/used to get). But of course that after being used to 125 rock solid fps and nice "cozy" CRT, my "new" setup wont let me do my best in aiming and neither in movement. Right now on most maps I cant get even stable 43fps, on some I get 10-20fps fluctuating. Another problem is this screen. Its much smaller and kinda slow (I guess too high response) and its almost impossible to consistantly find head (it just feels weird, its like I had incredible spread when I stand and unbelievably small head hitbox :) ). I also have 4 columns of defective pixels across my whole screen which isnt helping to focus either. But sometimes I just play bad because it gets to my head "I cant even play good on this crap" and I am done :) And my teammates arent happy about this laptop neither, while I speak it adds some annoying high pitch noise to background.
True story.

Next step, buy uber gamer PC, although I guess I'll stay with this laptop, I prefer to use money in other things.

Hope it gets better for you. My cfg is made for low performance and it can give stable fps I guess, fyi :D
i dont see how screen size or resolution would be a huge problem
but screen hz is important and with laptops its probably horrible (60-75?)
and obviously stable & good fps. but with modern laptopl i guess 125 shouldnt be a problem or is it?
Well more than blaming screen size is the ingame resolution 720*576 which I blame because is really hard to see players at long range.

Is true about hz, my screen gives 60-61 and no more. It ain't smooth and as much as I wanted that this would be an uber laptop is not.. and it only can handle stable 100 fps, you know with some fps drops at goldrush and radar, nothing strange with those maps tho :D

No matter what I try not to complain about that ":D" and and handle my skill with more brain than actual aim, but I am pretty much sure for example in supply defending flag I will get far kills way easy, but with this screen even my crosshair is half the enemies body when you aim them at far distance. lol I am now used to shoot to places where I can't actually see shit, but tracers and map positioning would give me an idea.
try r_texturemode gl_nearest_mipmap_nearest and with image: ch01 only crosshair i've ever found to be useful with low reso (make sure its big enuff otherwise it blurs out)
I should have signed up as player, it seems they dont rly filter out "high" players...
i still consider you being a high player <3
thanks a lot, you just made my day a bit nicer :)
Nicely done, The only thing I would suggest changing is the way the teams are sorted. The name "draft" means players get drafted into the team rather then randomly selected out of a hat. Give the power to the captains. Let them choose from everyone signed up. They can see who is going to play what and I feel it would be more interesting for everyone involved.
give power to captains?and if captain is some ego retard who wanna take only who he likes or thinks he is good?that is bad ideea potty mate.i m more into smt like random picking and making teams.
Would rather do it this way then have to play with 2/3 guys who don't know a single word of english...
mate if they can learn to play et i think they can learn that much english that is needed to give some simple info in et playing.not like u gonna recite from shakespeare :)

but if like u suggest captain pick one by one,for example me who is well known most of them skilled or unskiled players dont sympatise me to much for certain reasons,than what chances would i have to play or learn from them anything?i m confused:(
At the same time, I think "high skillers" put their ego aside for this cup anyway seeing as they have to pick lower skilledplayers to play with in the first place.

Whats the point in having a captian if he isn't gunna actually do much other than pick a high skilled partner and play with 4 randomly picked players?
That's why there will be a "low" "med" & "high" poule
I would actually do the opposite, give power to players. They get randomly picked by system, so let them choose captain they want to play for, would be much more fun for so called lower skilled players (imo).
Needs to be some sort of structure. Rather then look like really deep into the ways it could be done. Just keep it the way the other draft tournament was. Captain picks one by one. They'll also be able to assess what other teams are looking for, as in class wise, and maybe stop an all finnish lineup ect?
QuoteWould rather do it this way then have to play with 2/3 guys who don't know a single word of english...

my idea would solve this (sort of). The thing is, this is meant to be for lower skilled players, some kind of service to community. So if some player gets picked from "hat" and he is big fan of sqzz, why wouldnt we(you) let him to play with him? I just think it would be more fun for players, after all this tournament is more for them then for captains.
What if sqzz and ross are working out who to pick as their 6th,right. This one player who is desperate to play with them can message them asking for the chance. It would increase the chances of them wanting to give this player a shot. I don't this this tournament should be all about random teams playing against each other. There needs to be a more structured approach.
I have no idea what you are talking about. You already sorted out player by their positions, I cant see anything that could bring more structured approach. Its simple as this:
- player gets randomly picked
- he is in medic hat
- there is free medic spot in team ross/sqzz
- he is allowed to play there since they still need medic, obviously when they have 3 medics already, their team is not given to that player as option to choose from
So how would doing it that way make is a draft tournament? Also, what would be the point on having a captain in the first place if they don't have a say on who plays with them? Whole idea on a DRAFT tournament is for the captains to draft the players they want in the team. For random selection you might aswell call the cup a "Crossfire cluster fuck cup".
Does it from description look like draft tournament to you? It doesnt to me... And I hardly doubt organisers even meant it to be a real draft tournament, it just happens to have that name. I highly doubt that captains have even remote idea of how those lower skilled players play. How the hell they should know who to pick then (it would most likely end up with picking friends or at least players from same nation)? On the other hand, those players have an idea of how captains play, captain will just need to worry about ingame leading and tactics. Why should "high" skilled players have the power all the time? If you really want it to be draft tournament, then make captains from other players then high ones and let those less known players choose their team.
High skillers don't know how good the lower skilled players are... Well surely that works in the communities favour? Getting captains to go out and trial players. See who they get on with and stuff.

Also, why is it that giving the top players, who are giving their time to play with lower skilled players, all the power a bad thing? They are giving players a chance to get into a team with them and learn a thing or too.

Giving the power to less skilled players would just never work. You'd have massivly unbalanced teams. One of the main reasons less skilled players are actually LESS skills is because they have a lack of knowlage about playing the game. I am not saying they are completely brain dead. But the High skillers have the experiance and know what it takes to have a balanced and sucessful team.

What benefit is it having a random selected set of teams? When I play internal 6on6's with almighty doing this ends up fucking awful. We pick 2 captains and let them pick. 9 times out of ten you have even teams.
Your idea of running player selection completely denies what was described in news post. Mine brings only few minor changes.
And suggesting that captain should test players before actual draft happens, wth? Noone has time to trial so many players on all positions. And I am not even talking about that there are medics and there are "medics", not every medic is good on all medic positions. Trust me, if captains have no idea who they are picking, teams wont be any more balanced as when the "chosen" players would pick their captain. For example, lets have two rifles, Bob(med) and Peter(low-). I personally would not recognise med player from low- player just by looking at their nick (I wouldnt even recognise their skill by playing against them). How should I know which one is better for my team? I might as well toss a coin, would be the same as picking one or another. And there will be surely more than 2 players in each hat and I dont have coin with 10 sides...

btw, noone here cares about your almighty internal wars, you obviously know each other, thats huge difference.
kinda hard to avoid an all finnish lineup with 17 fins to pick from :P
We will think about things like this but can't promise you anything. any feedback is ofcourse more than welcome.
Put my name at the bottom for credit. goot feedback is goot!
Finland team krp will take this

edit: or not
nice! gl with the cup.

Too bad I can't play (soccer training at tuesday/thursday)
that banner gave me cancer
lol banner nerd maker
thats becoming nice

except text font doesnt fit imo
just dont say anything bout font :D
no seriously its pretty ugly
i dont like this font either but didnt have much time, soo.. just dont say anything
wont sign in due to blind picks. team-based games are not only based on individual skill, but also team chemistry (no shit) - I wouldnt get along with 10-25 % of the people of this community. I dont want to take my chances not getting together with even 2 guys I dislike
but u cool with #enhanced members? you merced a lot for them :-)
not a lot, not enough :( most of them were nice atleast back then
wonder if it will work.
GL with it! just hope people with a good attitude sign up, not people who don't give a fuck if they get better in ET, but just wanna play with some good players to boost their ego.
this shit is copied from the team-adze vs. team-bori stuff back from 2009
this is gonna be epic shit
nice initiative lads! this is exactly the sort of thing I want to do to boost numbers for the Australian league.
Any chance of moving it to weekend?
not really, Dont expect a reschedule.
still have 20 days, we'll see if i can shoutcast :)
We need Bohemian Bob to play in this.
Bad idea with the blind picks.

Better idea: Create pools of high/med/low skilled players and let 2 respected players from each Top 5 EC team determine the spread of players within in each pool. Then, limit picks to 1 (high skilled pick + the high skilled captain) - 2 (med skilled picks) - (2 low skilled picks).

That way there will be no whine and everything will be clear.
Idd, this can even enable this sort of mixes in the future, if the case is that this mixed players get along ingame.

Way more open community and of course, in paper, balanced games.

I guess this isn't as bad as your previous news but you've still got a long way to go.
sign up! :D
Not happening. :/
Thanks for the feedback through pm.
Man i havent played a 6v6 in 5 years+ this sounds like an opportunity to remind the world of how shit I am! :D
ET is like the sopranos, it's over. move on
Would have been fun to take part :) Shame I don't have the time for it atm.. Good luck!
Oldschooler here, i'm in!

blind picks arent the best idea - as Blindi said good atmosphere is needed too, no one will teach a person he dislike the same way as a person he likes

two polls with med and low skilled players from which the team capitains can pick up their players would be best solution - for example 3 players from med skilled and one player from the low skilled poll (depends on how many med and how many low skilled players signed up)

hf all
Great stuff ;-)
This is pretty cool, nice idea R0SS :D
really great idea mates.good luck 2 all the selected players.
nice introduction simon m8 :)
Good idea, would love to play but unfortunately i can't. I have university at thursday night :(

Gl hf everyone tho.
Officially now high-skilled. Good to know.
gl with it :)
goodluck and have fun boys
i fully support this initiative.

maybe its an idea to just get a realy big TS server wich everyone can connect to at any time.
Then there will be picked some random team captains(depends on how big the crowd is).
and they pick random players.

this is a 'randomized scrim system' on crossfire and a.v.a.
and it works great!

if someone has interests in this method you can contact me @ xfire: xaer04444
why no new maps? since no new maps will be played with these non high skill players then supergoldrush and goldendunk will be played instead????? it's common sense!
Bohemian Bob might play if he can make it.
woot that's awesome <3
what happened to the player selection? Wasn't that taking place tonight?
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