ESL LTotM on Sunday!

image: 174060After we've announced the start of a new cup series within our section last weeks, we have decided to make a reminder and also to give out more details about it. As some of you might know, we have modified the mappool and also the rules so all players enjoy playing our ladders and we have also decided to create this monthly event to see which team is the best in our ESL ladders! Every month we'll announce which ladder is in our sight, so you better sign up in all to be sure that you'll be part of this competition!

For those that don't know, the ESL Ladder Team of the Month is an One Day Cup that will be hosted on Sunday, 11th of March and only top 8/16 teams from the ladder will get in. We have selected the 6on6 ladder as format for February and also for March, in order to increase activity in the ladder! Here are some more details about the cup that will be hosted on this Sunday!
  • Format: 6on6
  • Teams that qualify: top 8 -> qualified teams will be informed on Saturday via ESL e-mail!
  • Modus: Best of three, free choice, Single Elimination
  • Mappool: maps from the 6on6 ladder
  • Cup starts at 18:00 CET!
  • 18-19 CET - Round 1
  • 19-20 CET - Round 2
  • 20-21 CET - Grand Final & 3rd place
The winner of the cup will receive an ET server as prize, sponsored by, to be used for one month, till the next Ladder Team of the Month cup!

Good luck trying to get the ESL ladders more active!
cb off :D

btw sunday is a hard schedule since most of offis are played this day :/
I know, but 18 CET seems like a decent hour for start as 4 teams get dropped in the first round... ;)
nice to see battery back but man

y u no get oasis :(
dream coming true
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