Razer up the Ante!

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It must be Love...

After the announcement of the second Battle for Berlin tournament there was indeed a common theme in many of the comments. It was joy at the sight of a such an awesome sponsor, but sadness at the distribution of prizes. My initial reaction was to cancel the tournament and keep the prizes to fund my drug habit but the good folks at Razer had other ideas!!

Courtesy of the lovely people at Razer there are now an additional 6 Death Adders in the prize pool that will be allocated to second place.

The new prize distribution will be as follows:

6 x Razer Megalodons, 6 x Razer DeathAdders
6 x Razer DeathAdders
6 x Razer Mouse Bungees.

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QuoteMy initial reaction was to cancel the tournament and keep the prizes to fund my drug habit but the good folks at Razer had other ideas!!

Oh you!

:) Nice one
Aiming for the 3rd place.
really nice :)!

btw; skimmed through the previous news and (probably my eyes) wasn't sure how teams are chosen, signup + shortlist or is it an invite system?
That will come in a different newspost tomorrow'ish
oh coolio, looking forward to it 8)

Danke to Razer!
Very nice!

Good to see Razer supporting even the somewhat less known/active games.

Looking forward to some awesome matches, with a final with surely Anexis xD
Whoever win that DA mouse, can I get one from you, bcoz mine is broken :(
Haha, well done :).
well done
This is getting better and better.
Great news, can't wait to hear what people will be bitching about next.
I don't think there was bitching about the original prize distribution - it was justified cristism which has been more than made up for. Here's to hoping it's as good as the original BFB (minus the final ofc ^^)
Yes and no - I wasn't expecting such high standards from some people who were complaining ET was dead the other day.
Im not sure wether you've noticed but you're the only one bitching here about something.

gl in all teams in cup! gj R0SS, Toss & co.
A few dozen reports from your cranky, hypocrite ass beg to differ.
missing the points and still crying* (rather kamzish to come at me about dictionary)

who's the hypocrite now? point still stands

Im dropping it, Im just hoping you'd for once glance through your awesomeness. even I do it every now and then.
I think you need to look up the definitions of "hypocrite" and "crying out loud" in a dictionary.
I'm so aiming for the 3rd place!
mother of god
What's the use of a mouse bungee? I found images but can't figure out what's its use :D
A sturdy base with a weighted centre and anti-slip feet lets you worry less about unnecessary cord movement and focus more on winning games. Its sleek design makes the Mouse Bungee an essential addition to the limited space on your desk and will help keep your cord off the ground, away from the rest of your clutter.

When you’re a hardcore gamer, every little advantage counts. Control your mouse, don’t let it control you. The Razer Mouse Bungee is here to help.

Source: http://store.razerzone.com/store/razerusa/en_US/pd/productID.233085200
Less fricition. (some) gamers tend to have the problem with the cable falling behind there desk or something similair to that. You put the cable through the mouse bungee so that you won't have this problem. The top is flexibel and will move with your mouse so your cord is long enough for every move you make,especially usefull for low sense gamers.
Cheers too :>
I could comment here something
Mother of Mouse Bungees.
Thats fucking nice man! Well done and a big thanks too Razer :)
well done
wp razer :D
Awesome stuff, well done! Really looking forward to this tournament.
Mother of all Razer

Very nice !

Goodluck with the tournament!
I'd like to play on DeathAdder once again :( winners/2nd place someone wanna trade it for my mx518 in very good condition ? :D (in case if i didn't win this :D)
jesus, that's a nice prizepot
well done stu ;) looking forward to a high quality tournament!
great <3
nice. need a team lOl
well done
good news :)
need a team!
good news everyone!
People who said ET was dead, well it was/is not. YOU NEED TO GIB!
omg mouse bungees omg

Nice prizes :) gl with the tournament!
now aiming for 2nd place
anexis vs team mind final
MEGALODONS OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great news gonna be an epic tourney!
very nice .)
where is the usual sarcastic "ET is dead y0" comment? xD

Great News!
and even greater is the fact that this game is so fucking alive after 8 years...

and now.......... where is the new, edited, refreshed PROMOD ??
Nice, good stuff!
i want the mouse bungee
They would be yours if you were playing in the new TAG lineup. :(
Saw a guy on a pub playing with my old config. Time for a legend to return!!!
You better not be fucking around. :D
Good call!
Very nice! :)
g5 don't need to win prizes, we just fucking buy them cause we can.
good job
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