Tribes Ascend - Released

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Anticipated fast-paced shooter now generally available

April 12, 2012. Hi-Rez Studios, independent developer of AAA free-to-play online games, today announced the official release of Tribes: Ascend. The fast-paced, sci-fi multiplayer shooter has completed Beta testing and is now a live PC game available for digital download.

Tribes: Ascend is the world’s fastest shooter. The game features jetpacks, skiing, vehicles, team-based gameplay, and cutting-edge graphics using Unreal 3 technology. With this official release, the game is available for download directly from the developer at .
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The Tribes: Ascend release build includes 9 playable classes, 5 game-modes, and 16 unique maps.

Recent additions include the CTF map Raindance, as well as a new game-mode called Capture and Hold. The Release build also includes a preview of the Custom Server functionality that will soon be available to players.

“For the past 15 months, we’ve had a very passionate dev team working hard toward this goal”, said Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios COO. “Along the way some publishers told us modern gamers couldn’t handle an FPS that was fast-paced and skill-based. We believe otherwise. Players seem to agree since we’ve had well over 500,000 join our Beta. We’re excited to now grow the community further with the official release.”

Hi-Rez Studios also released a summary of Beta statistics including:

575,000+ beta participants
150 million player kills
Over 3 million Blue Plate Specials
Over 3 million flag captures
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About Hi-Rez Studios

Hi-Rez Studios was established in 2005 to create exceptional online interactive entertainment. In February 2010, the company released their first title, the squad-based shooter MMO Global Agenda. The team is now developing two other AAA free-to-play online games – Tribes: Ascend, the next installment of the popular Tribes franchise, and the upcoming MOBA game SMITE. For more information, visit .
I think this deserves a newspost as it really is an awesome game!
Been playing it whole night together with known community members such as United Kingdomfumble, United Kingdomkoop, BelgiumPiegie, Canadarito and a few others and they all liked it!

Please add me as a friend (Gokusan) or give your nickname so we can have many hours of fun! :)
Idle on the IRC channel for questions etc

e: Use this link to create an account if you want to boost me :-)
i played the beta but is this game alltime for free?
Looks like it. You can purchase golden points to upgrade faster etc but the upgrades are available with xp ;)
It's surprisingly fun :)

A few tips:

the console is chat (t)
to show your fps open console and enter /stat fps
Told you this 3 months ago!!!
Played it but its like just a little bit too complicated for my laptop to run completely smooth, works good enough on lowest quality though.

Playstyle is new and different imo and will probably take a while getting used to , first game i played i was like 2kills 6 deaths or so xD hope that will improve.

] key is to open console, no idea what the options are though

Add me : DeathR
ye real fun haha rito amazing comms there add me : ritoji
Would be great with some hitscan weapons, it's mostly nerds spamming spinfusor blasts at your feet
+1 :D
only thing i did first game
Now you're ready to go camp generator rooms with a plasma mortar
SMGs would be too easy if they all were hit scan. The soldier assult rifle was hit scan at some point in beta and everyone used because it was so easy.

The only hitscan weapons are snipers and eagle pistol for Solider I think.
yes Eagle and sniper rifles are hitscan.If ohter smgs would be hitscan, it would be way to OP and easy as enque mentioned!
The remaining hitscan weapons suck ass (hf with the stock rifle)... While hitscan weapons are easier to use to certain degree, you can say the same about rocket launcherish type on weapons (aka spinfusors) and its mostly shots aimed at someone's feet while the target is preparing to make a new jump and shit. Sure, the hitscan weapons were a problem in early beta (which led them to be taken away) but I'd be cool with low damage AR equilevant or quake style shaft weapon...
I personaly don't have problem with explosive type weapons (and I do agree, they are too easy to use).

Most of the weapons in Tribes are fun and pretty well balanced imo.
I so agree with enque about this, atm tribes has the most balanced weapons I have seen, nothing is literally way to OP.

I usually play sentinel and love it, but yesterday I tryed out pathfinder and I have to say I find spinfusor even more fun to use, not just shooting infront of the feet, but getting somebody killed midair is even better than getting pixel perfect shots with snipers!
Fucking snipernoob :D
you seem to like it:D but it's not my fault your oppo team and crabing my flag!

I just do my job!
You should hear us on TS everytime you're in the other team playing sniper :P
I know the feeling when I play vs oppos team best sniper, the tention in air and me getting full of rage!:D
now playing, msg me if you want so games!
installing now
Love this game, great support from the devs, too.
Would like to test it aswell if possible? since some players liked it aswell it could be something for me :-p

edit: dling
I played the beta - it was funny!
played beta quite a lot but not really my game
any idea wth? Just dl'ed it, all patches too, it happens after 30secs in-game, and game crash.
i can finally move on
i wish they would drop/fix the hi-rez launcher just
What's there to fix? :)
half of the days i try the game dies on load
No problems at all here.. Tried to reinstall already?
couple of weeks ago yeah, didnt help, admin even said it's a known problem with the launcher
Well the game has been released since 12/04, guess lots of things changed :P
Had blackscreen if i try to start the game ... after i wait ~ 1min the blackscreen showed me a game ... after that i had the feeling my mouse was delayed... so i put all on low , joined a server ... deinstalled.
Did they fix the skiing bug? It was really a downer for me..
Whatever bug you are on about, it got fixed! :P
So basically, that means that skiing is actually an old bug?
Yeah, every single Tribes player hates it since 1998, thanks god it is going to be fixed...
Why can we toggle and bind it etc?
It was workaround for the bug. Will be removed soon as well
I will definitely stop playing if they remove the skiing
"Posted on April 1, 2012"
Oh dear.. Thanks for pointing out :D
Fuck you too btw
Tried it... it's not bad compared to most new games but... way too much spam, and the mouse settings feel very wrong.
Tried it little bit last night, movement is something to get used to but felt kinda fun tbh, gonna try some more today again!

whats the best weapon/class to play :[
Depends of what gameplay you like the most.
I'd say Soldier in Tribes is like the medic in ET.
But I advise you to just unlock whatever you think will suit you the most :) (read the mini description in the classes menu or check the wiki)
Is the sniper any good in that game?
It's insta-hit, I am personally shit with it, but I get really annoyed by them when they're at the other team. Our very own Eagle20 (scroll-up) plays Sniper constantly and is rather very fucking annoying. Sentinel is the sniper class btw
Think im gonna try that one, cos I rly dont like shooting to the ground with the nadestuff :D
Haha feels good though when you hit someone with 10-15bullets in a row :D
You need xp to unlock Sentinel anyway, so have fun with the other classes till then :P
well its not like it took long >.<
Didn't take your nerding time in consideration :D
What's your in-game nickname anyway?
well ive have played the game like 2h combined now so :D its squalli
:D pracchardgopro attitude ye!
only played tdm so far :| but had stats like 15/2 or something there!
CTF's the best mode tbh
Capture and Hold even better
r4z3r add
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