CB NationsCup XV Grand Final

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ClanBase NationsCup XV Grand Final - Tonight 22:30 CEST!

The fifteenth edition of ClanBase NationsCup will come to an end for Enemy Territory this Sunday! Some high quality games have been played and two best teams made it through to the final stage. Coming from the upper bracket we got
United Kingdom Team United Kingdom who has managed to gather one of the strongest and most stable team ever, and on the other hand we got quite a surprising finalist Poland Team Poland. United Kingdom hasn't lost a single game in this tournament so far (only one map against Sweden!). Poles have already met with Brits in Upper Bracket Final where they didn't manage to take up a fight and lost 0-4. Although Poles weren't a favorites for the final victory, they have managed to beat some of ET's finest nations such as Finland Finland, Belgium Belgium or Netherlands Netherlands. Due to these facts we can honestly say that it's deserved grand final for both teams.
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United Kingdom United Kingdom

United Kingdom Baggiez
United Kingdom griim
United Kingdom koop
United Kingdom R0SS
United Kingdom rAzZ
United Kingdom sqZz

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Poland Team Poland

Poland dialer
Poland fanatic
Poland Frag'Stealer!
Poland hunter
Poland lesti
Poland zMk

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Date: 22.04.2012
Time: 22:30 CEST
Maps: TBA
League: image: etCB ET NationsCup XVimage: game32610
image: s_foot
To win the grand final Poland Poland needs to beat United Kingdom United Kingdom two times as they are coming into this match from the loser brackets.

This game will be most likely radio shoutcasted and streamed by United Kingdom owzo as well as broadcasted by GamesTV via ETTV so you won't miss this clash of the titans.

Quote by ArtstarIt really feels quite good to captain the strongest ever UK squad, the experience and mix of talent together with the overall communication of the team should hopefully secure the win versus Poland without going to a second final, but this is ET and you can never know what's coming! I wish a good luck to everyone playing and hope for an exciting match for the spectators.

Quote by dialerDespite losing in the first game against UK I can see our team pulling if off and taking first place. I hope we didn't run out of luck yet and can put some good show tonight.

United Kingdom Team United Kingdom previous wars:

image: rankup4:0 vs Russia Russia - Group Stage
image: rankup4:0 vs Croatia Croatia - Group Stage
image: rankup4:0 vs Australia Australia - Group Stage
image: rankup4:2 vs Sweden Sweden - Playoffs UB Round 1
image: rankup4:0 vs Germany Germany - Playoffs UB Round 2
image: rankup4:0 vs Finland Finland - Playoffs UB Round 3
image: rankup4:0 vs Poland Poland - Playoffs UB Final

Poland Team Poland previous wars:

image: rankup4:0 vs Austria Austria - Group Stage
image: rankup4:0 vs Italy Italy - Group Stage
image: rankup4:0 vs Czech Republic Czech Republic - Playoffs UB Round 1
image: rankup4:2 vs Netherlands The Netherlands - Playoffs UB Round 2
image: rankup4:0 vs Belgium Belgium - Playoffs UB Round 3
image: rankdown0:4 vs United Kingdom United Kingdom - Playoffs UB Final
image: rankup4:2 vs Finland Finland - Playoffs LB Final

As usual, I've gathered some predictions from known gamers and community members:

Quote by Domi4-2 UK. Although UK seems to be the stronger team this NC I still think that Poland (the obvious underdog's in this game) could suprise us. In my opinion the map's played will decide who's going to be the winner. Its the grand final, all the players from each team will do their best to play their A game, so anthing is possible!

Quote by duKeI think that UK will win this since they are performing a stable line in this NC so far. Still, Poland is an enemy you should not underestimate. But UK got more teamplay, better aim and the so underrated experience what will lead them to the win. My prediction is UK 4 - 0 POL

Quote by gr0ssIt should be a 4:0/4:2 for UK, they already managed to beat Poland quite easily, anyways Polands performance against Finland was pretty good, therefore i expect a more thrilling match now. Still, UK just pwns at the moment, they were able to beat all good teams, even germany. :$ POL shouldnt take more then one map, otherwise i would be really surprised.

Quote by grzesiekPoland has surprised Finns in Loser Bracket Final, but half of UK players are praccing hard 24/7 and I wouldn't be suprised about 4-2 score for UK. Poland will take sw_goldrush_te easily with hunter, rest in hands of United Kingdom.

Quote by kapaaShould be a very exciting match and decider is a must because this is the final. Poland took very nice victory against Fin and obviously they got more self-confidence after that game so polaks are very dangerous opponent today. If I have to predict Ill say 4-2 for UK. Player to watch: fanatic :=)

Quote by KevinThe UK is most likely going to win this tournament and if I'm not mistaken that would be their first gold ever. It doesn't matter how many - really - strong aimers that they have, the game-winning impulses in this team will usually come from Baggiez or Koop. ( And Sqzz if there is a flag on the map. )
I'm quite surprised to see the lineup of team Poland as they could field players who are a lot stronger. I mean no disrespect to Hunter and Lesti but I fear that they might be the reason of Poland's silver medal, in a bad way. I can't really see a way in which Poland can take this final, twice at that, they might however have awesome teamplay which I'm just not aware of. 4-0 for The UK. Player to watch : Baggiez

Quote by MayniI expect the UK to win 4-0, possibly 4-2 if a map like Adler is played and they slip up; UK have a stronger line-up, both individually and from a team play point of view, with a good balance ranging from the more damage orientated to the objective focused.

Quote by RobaciekPoland showed that they are capable of extraordinary perfomance like in game against Finland, however UK is by far the strongest team in current NC and betting on score is not an easy task. If we have in mind that UK can afford to lose one game since they come from WB it gets even tougher. My prediction is that Poland will manage to win one game either 4:0 or 4:2 but UK will come back and claim their crown in 2nd game. gl Krein

Quote by R0SSSo finally we reach the final, something which no other UK team before us has accomplished. I personally believe that we have had the hardest path to the finals, playing the 2 favourites germany and finland on the way. Now we meet Poland again, a team who we beat in the WB Final. Confidence is high, however we will not be over confident after seeing their performance against finland. I still believe that we will take the game 4-0, but both maps will be close.

Quote by SampleUK is stronger on the paper, on the battlefield, everywhere. I'm really much surprised if Poland manages to win them twice. Good luck and have fun, hopefully we are going to see great game tonight.

Quote by sCopeUnited Kingdom has been very strong this year, they haven't lost a single game so far. Team Poland in the other hand has already lost once against United Kingdom. I was pleasantly suprised to see that Poland won against Finland, that means we should see an interesting match tonight. I'd say that UK is a bit too strong for Team Poland this year, but we'll see tonight! 4-0 UK

Quote by TOMOYOUK has for sure shown its superiority among national teams, crushing opponents one after another. There will be no doubt they'll take this. And dave is a winner.

Quote by xPERiAUK has been praccing a couple times per week and haven't once lost sight of the NC XV Golden crown. With easy wins over germany and finland, UK can only be seen as the strongest nation this year (even if they did fall by the hands of team NL junior squad :D). Where on the other hand PL struggled on their every match. The way I see it is worse case scenario is that UK will lose one map. But I expect a clean 4-0 win for UK. Players to watch: sqZz & Frag'stealer.

Quote by ZodiacUK have been playing well throughout the whole tournament, and I predicted them to win from the start. Poland is also a surprisingly good team, not one I foresaw coming this far in the tournament. Poland have to win twice over a really strong UK team, and I just can't see that happening despite Poland having surprised in this tournament. I predict UK winning the first game, 4-0 or 4-2.
image: s_head

god bless poland
gl Krein
np4 uk :)
4:2 vs Sweden, go on UK take the win 4-0 so we've got some bragging rights.
kevin seems to no what he's talking about :DDD
yeah wtf :p
Tell me where I'm wrong.
hunter top dmg dealer !
Take out me and ross griim from uk and see what would happen :)
You're misunderstanding my point. I'm not saying who the most valuable players are, simply saying that mainly Baggiez is always present at the turning points in various games. Where you are constantly putting pressure on the enemy team, Baggiez makes a couple of moves here and there that are just as valuable.

Since the et-community only understands "aim" as an important factor I felt obliged to mention that the "brainers" are definitely as important.
I totally understand you point, but if u specced me you would understand im not a aim only player infact my aim is shit, its my style/experience what gets me my kills, I admit my role in UK is to be the annoying one in certain maps, but not in every map, we pick our selfs to posistions to our strengths and in most maps im reviving like i do best, taking flags spamming etc.

Basically im saying i would not consider myself a aimer, more different type of player and people may laugh but i think im a rambo and very obj oreintated :)
you are hyping yourself :D
Sticky please!
I heard razz said he won't be playing
I heard finland got rolled by UK
Point being?
You hear alot ot things but there are not nessarely true
gl to both
hf UK bros
Gl UK boys + fanatic
special GL to koop 'cause he's a fucking beast
lesti zLoL!!
gl krein

I'll be shoutcasting it. Tune in!
baggiez gonna rape so hard
Good luck both!
gl polonia and uk!
Only one gl to that guy with double z in nick :D

I will spam again! :-) ^vLet's go **ZZ ^p!!!
izi 4 uk
go go UK !
gl razz and UK!
*clears throat*
oh fuck my bad, I was like
I know I'm missing someone!

good luck mera dost!
fanatic di pudhi do piece mai palt dai
good luck Polanddialer
what about alan??? :SSS
he/United Kingdomuk doesn't need luck. You are too good :P
Reply to me cunt.
Will someone stream this?



Uk may get it's first nationscup title and tosspot is not shoutcasting?
United Kingdom is simply better but Poland player are able to do magic actions. 4-2 for Poland and than 4-2 for United Kingdom :P(dont belive that Poland will have enough skill/luck/unhitability to win twice :P)

e: no stream? :<
not even nearly the strongest lineup uk ever had :D
it actually is
nope, opponents are worse 2day compared to 2007.. lets take germany for example cuz they won nc pretty often. this year that lineup is so bad cuz there are only aimers in it, go back 2 2007, lu with butchji, snoop, keran, hazer, hatred, drago, weak and others... if it would be possible i would say lets rebuild the old uk lineup with: razz sqzz mztik syK mixer/h20, sheep, and let that old lineup play against the lu of today.. i would bet all i got on the oldschool lu :) even razz was better back in those days..
hope u understand what i mean m8 :)
Quotei would bet all i got on the oldschool lu :)

no one understands what you mean

Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?
haha ;D

im going to have to watch all rush hours again now!
Indeed:)) cool movie!!
are you high or drunk? :D you crazy ma nigger
tbh I feel like you're wrong on every point you made :D

there are reasons e.g. razz looks worse than he did in 2007, it's because since 2007 his style hasn't really evolved much and over the years people got smarter (IMPROVED) and so razz's gameplay is predictable and so -> less effective. this is why he seems worse, because everyone has improved since 2007.

the old lineup would get raped by todays, koop is probably the best rifle to come out of the UK next to rahul maybe and R0SS on comms is probably the key to this lineup's success in NC. guys like syK, Sheep, Mztik are all good players but they had many turns to take the gold in NC and didn't.. every NC before this one the UK team had drama and fell apart / made replacements half way through the season and that's why I can call this the best UK lineup ever, because it actually worked.
for actually playing often those guys back then, I can say that players nowadays are much better (improved, and thanks God that would be sad if they didn't) than before
well played chaps
finland not winning nc wtf
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