Country Championship Group Stage

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After a longer (than expected! Thanks to all teams which signed up!) qualification stage with some delays in one of the national qualifiers we are happy to announce the groups for the first Country Championship for Enemy Territory within the ESL! Check out the original ESL newspost for team and line-up-links!


Group A
Netherlands Team Netherlands
Finland Team Finland
Canada Team Canada
Spain Team Spain
image: cmgjhsii4tGroup B
United Kingdom Team UK
Czech Republic Team Czech Republic
Sweden Team Sweden
Belgium Team Belgium
image: cmgjhsii4tGroup C
Germany Team-Germany
France Team France
Hungary Team Hungary
Chile Team Chile
image: cmgjhsii4tGroup D
Poland Team Poland
Estonia Team Estonia
Iceland Team Iceland
Austria Team Austria

As previously announced the maps are forced for every matchday. Five of six maps are already determined. We had a poll about the 6th map but several captains complained about the poll winner (SP Delivery). So we ask all captains to send in a Support Ticket with their voting (within the next 48h).

Schedule & Maps

Week 1: 29th April - 6th May Adlernest, Supply
Week 2: 7th May - 13th May ET Ice, Captains Vote
Week 3: 14th May- 20th May Frostbite, SW Goldrush TE
Week 4: 21st May- 27th May Back Up week / Wildcards

Rule excerpt

The complete rules can be found in the Rulebook.
• 1 Match per Week, Matchweek starts each Monday
• Forced Maps (Decider free choice)
• You have 1 Wildcard during the Groupstage!
• You can add 1 new player to the team (open Support Ticket to request)

image: springcupbanner

This will not be the only Enemy Territory event during the next weeks within the ESL! We recently announced the Spring Series featuring 1on1, 3on3 and 6on6! Check out the newspost and sign up!

Sign Ups:
1on1 Sign Up
3on3 Sign Up
6on6 Sign Up

Good Luck to all teams!
//Your Admin Team
Lol about damn time...
So proud of Belgium!
LoL @ team canada 3on3 and not team hungary

*nice edit skills
it was a c/p from ESL newsposting... and there the team names are automatically embedded into the news... the teams are asked to change their names...
GL GermanyAggrodibilis
Group of Death :-(
you have the easiest group
only fr has a chance vs you and still they would struggle vs gross kresti you
well i was surprised u actually didnt spot the irony :)
in gross' comment, yes i did but still i just wanted to agree on the comment! :D
he was obv trolling
sick fucking troll with a sad smiley
sarcasm is the word you are looking for
gl spain!
gl chilito<3
What the fuck is this!?!!
cool, and are these groups legit? :|
Parent !
fuck yeah,hopefully we will win a map... nice group rofl
rumours are someone french made le groups :)
Platini trying to sabotage spain once again!
nice group u got there magico-m8!
hf brandon :D
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