BFB Tuesday Action

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Can they keep up?

Only 6 teams left and just over a week until Battle for Berlin 2 ends. The best teams remained and it’s getting really exciting right now. Last Thursday Europe a.ToOn and Europe NothingButSkillz bid farewell the competition. It’s high time teams showed some real potential because with time running out there won’t be a second chance getting Razer’s prizes.
Tomorrow one will drop to Loser Bracket and another will leave BFB. Will the odds tell truth this time or maybe we’ll witness an unexpected win? I can’t answer that question but you sure can tune in and check yourselves!
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Europe miNd’s Pro Gamers
Finland miNd
Latvia Clown
Germany drago
Netherlands perfo
Sweden Nuggan
Estonia subbi

image: game32778Europe TAG
Netherlands Lightning
United Kingdom griim
United Kingdom meez
Germany kReSti
Germany stownage
Germany FLoPJEHZ

Let’s start with LB round 4. Europe TAG were often mentioned as one of the podium pretenders. Since the team was created the managed to lose only one game and even though they seem a bit ‘shaky’ and are definitely losing at gbooky odds I wouldn’t cross them out so quickly. With addition of United Kingdom meez they might surprise! Europe mPG on the other hand looked really good until facing top seeded team when they were knocked out badly. This is a tough call and with dropping out of the competition on the line no one wants to underperform. Definitely worth watching.

Quote by ClownTAG are more focused on lan which we aren't attending, so I think this game means more to us than them, but I doubt that this fact will make it any easier for us. I have no idea what their line-up will be, so I can't comment about our chances, but we've not done well recently, so maybe this could be a bounce-back game for us!

Quote by FLoPJEHZWell the game against mPG gonna be a hard game for us. We had a lot of lu changes and a lot of switches in our game the last days and weeks but at the moment we are finding back into our game. mPG is a really good team and everything can happen in this match. I hope we gonna win it 4-2 but it can go either way.

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Germany Anexis eSports
United Kingdom R0SS
United Kingdom sqZz
Belgium mAus
Italy XyLoS
Estonia Night
Finland Squall

image: game32776Europe Queens
United Kingdom razz
Belgium chry
Poland wiaderko
Netherlands xPERiA
Germany butchji
Estonia freeze
United Kingdom Baggiez

Now what we’ve all been waiting for - Winner Bracket Final. Both teams look superb on paper and there’s no telling who’s going to win. Germany Anexis eSports didn’t lose a single round yet and are proving to be worth of 1st seed. Europe Queens on the other hand had a bit of a struggle to beat Finland Finlantic6. United Kingdom R0SS on numerous occasions mentioned that his team is not performing exactly as they want to and are still in the process of getting back to top shape. Having said that predicting the winner is still extremely difficult. Rumor has it that United Kingdom razz’s team is lately playing better and are actually winning against this allstar mix but how true is it? You should not miss that game as it’s gonna be legen... wait for it!

Quote by R0SSThe WB Final game will surely be one that will stay in the memory of those fortunate to watch it. From previous games/pracs we have played against Queens we weren't in top shape and they managed to brush us aside quite comfortably. However, the past few weeks we have started getting back on form and feel confident that if everyone brings their A game we should take the match 4-2 (depending on map choices). I would still give the upper hand to Queens though, they are hard to play against due to their aim presence, but lets just say we don’t have some bad aimers on our team except me and Night! Experience could play a key factor and we generally tend to step it up a gear in the big games.

Quote by wiaderkoA long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... we played against anexis. Both teams did not play at the highest level, but as I mentioned, that was long time ago. Anexis haven't lost a single map in this tournament yet, and they're favourites in this game as well, especially with R0SS who seems to be in top shape. We'll try to do our best to stop them, and I think that decider will be needed in this battle (for Berlin).

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Updated version of the map schedule[/h3]]Tuesday 10th April – WB Round 1 (Adlernest + Loser's choice)
Thursday 12th April – LB Round 1 (Bremen_b3 + Loser's choice)
Tuesday 17th April - WB Round 2 (Bremen_b3 + Loser's choice)
Thursday 19th April - LB Round 2 (Supply+ Loser's choice )
Tuesday 24th April - WB Round 3 (Supply + Loser's choice)
Thursday 26th April - LB Round 3 (Goldrush + Loser's choice)
Tuesday 1st May – WB Final(Free Choice) and LB Round 4(Radar + Loser's choice)
Thursday 3rd May – LB Round 5(free choice) and LB Final(free choice)
Sunday 6th May – Grand Final(free choice)

Battle for Berlin II brackets

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cool news wons

Anexis vs Queens is too close to call, R0SS says Queens will win, Wiaderko says Anexis will win :|
Quote by R0SSwe should take the match 4-2
nicely written, hoping TAG & Queens will win. Good luck both.
Wiadro's statement was amazing.
BelgiummAus vs Germanybutchji

Here we go
ours wont be played tonight
German nerds playing on Tag der Arbeit :XDDDDDDDDDD
You have € 166 on eu Queens
Possible win: € 5003.24
Looking forward to Anexis vs Queens or should I say Winfakt!?
what I dont get is..why are people fighting over berlin? It aint that special at all
its where the hookers are at!
Advertise in the last minute of the map? Own3d :(
was my mistake didnt build in for the delay :x
will the audio stream be uploaded somewhere?
I was kind of raging...happend at the 2nd round of radar, when they were almost securing the parts :/
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