#et.tourney Comes to The End!

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After almost two months of struggle I am finally proud to announce that #et.tourney - 6on6 Enemy Territory Tournament hosted by me - has finally come to the end. 48 participants at the beginning had competed in group stage (six divisions, 2 groups each) and two best teams of each group proceeded to the final stage - playoffs. A lot of games have been played, we have been able to watch few great and thrilling games. I would like to thank all teams and players that have managed to play their all matches. Thanks for any feedback and help. I hope that everyone enjoyed tournament. Hopefully the next edition will happen soon. To check final standings go to the further part of the newspost.

Final Standings

1st League
Finland Finlantic 6
Europe Nothing But Skillz
Netherlands Team NL

2nd League
France Pharaons
Europe mkidA
Spain Delinquentes

3rd League
Europe Devastation
Germany Lost Soldiers
Germany MYserious-gaming

4th League
Poland Vae Victis
Germany wnbpro
Spain happyface-et

5th League
Czech Republic iabg
Italy Ita Death Squad
Netherlands national 0wners

6th League
Europe nhncd
Finland Alpha Males
Europe tryout

Congratulations to all winners!
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nice cup would like to see more like this :)
#Pharaons.et to the dream !
i am so proud!
Couldn't of done it without you!
I know! :P
well done m8!
Nice up, would be nice too see this done again in the future!
nice cup :P
Der hässliche Bayer lebt noch :D wie ist wg?
ja voll nice. mega happy !
Division 2 here we come!
avi for 4th div final
nice work on it all =)
hyvä suomi!!
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