ESL Country Championship Playoffs continue

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Matches have been wildcarded and other teams are struggling with the line up due to summer and exams. Nevertheless the Country Championship has to continue! The lower bracket matches have been scheduled - finally. In the meanwhile Finland Finland won against Estonia Estonia. Check out what is coming next!


The match between the Netherlands and Hungary has been wildcarded for two times! Finally we got a final match date! Here are the statements:

Hungary seb1 - Team Hungary
I can not really guess what will happen in the match against NL. I didn't really play against them lately, and also I didn't really watch them playing. I guess it will be a more!

Netherlands saKen - Team Netherlands
We haven't played against the Hungarians for a while and we were surprised to see them taking down more!
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Lower bracket matches

Two matches are coming up. One is already scheduled. Here are the statements:

Germany s1LENT - Team Germany
We didnt play a single 3on3 with this lineup for months now and I for myself havent touched ET for almost 4 weeks now.Ive never more!

United Kingdom Artstar - Team UK
UK roster is quite shaky, different in every match so far and we're definitely having problems due to not actually playing together often enough. though more!
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The 3rd match

Poland Poland versus Estonia Estonia has been scheduled for Monday at the lastest date but it is also possible that both teams will play tonight. So stay tuned for updates!

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Netherlandss1lent :O

GL teams!

how comes silent gets to make the statement and not a real pro like gr0ss (whos gonna rape anyway).
because s1LENT is team captain?
best player's opinion is most important.
its not like silent has anything of value to contribute (but for some excuses even before he gets owned).
I disagree completely

it's as if you're saying you'd rather read the words of mAus rather than Night, just because mAus happens to get more damage and headshots
no it isnt. let me correct it
"it's as if you're saying you'd rather read the words of mAus rather than sereal, just because mAus happens to get more damage and headshots"
oh ok

trolled hard I guess
no troll intended.
The tradition is that the team captain gives the statements. For example, twidi gives out our statements, razz for Queens, generally R0SS for Anexis (although I'd prefer Night's just for the sake that he's got the best idea of what's going on in every game).
And I can't see seareal and mAus playing in the same team (I know that wasn't your point but the argument makes no sense with those premises).

Oh and, artstar gave UK's statement. I thought you might've missed that. (no offense towards artstar)
strikes me as rather odd to list silent as captain then but w/e
cause gr0ss is just that much better which has been my point all along.
... the best player probably isn't any better as the captain as anyone else from the team. I'm not even bothered to explain why...
a captain must be a good organizer.
i cba to listen to what an organizer has to say i want to hear an estimate by a person who actually understands the game.
The best individual player hasn't necessarily got the best overall view from the team.
its a 3on3.
the best individual player damn well knows best if his 3o3 lu is able to compete.
"I for myself havent touched ET for almost 4 weeks now.Ive never been THAT inactive before,so I might be really bad" im really sorry but how gives two fucks?
hes always been shit i wonna know what gr0ss thinks is going to happen
Maybe s1ilent doesn't know, I don't care and that really isn't my point. I'm just saying you cannot generalize one extreme example to all players.

After all, a bad statement is only a bad statement, nothing else.

GENERALLY speaking the captain should know best, with the exception of the ingame leader.
it will have to be me writing the statements from now on.
thats the only way to make sure they are up to my ridiculously elaborate standarts
go for it

plus I'm guessing s1lent wrote his statement in 2 minutes and couldn't give a crap about it anyway.
makes gr0ss look bad. im am his pr officer so im mad at that.
not really, it wasn't gross' statement
wtf is cereal doing next to mAus???

is maus as retarded as cereal sucker???
image: not-sure-if-trolling-or-just-stupid

if the latter, read previous comments.
Why are Etplayers so pessimistic in their statements :DD
Diplomatic answers, nobody wants to sound cocky.
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