Evolution Challenge - Last Chance!

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Tonight the free for all sign ups will open! The last slots will be given out. Principle is easy: First come - first serve! So move, move, move and get one of the last available slots!
• 16 teams found!
• if you still want to join, convince a signed team to give away its slot
Signed teams

What is the Enemy Territory Evolution Challenge?

This additional tournament is brought to you with kind support of Ozone gaming gear and Team Decerto[/url]. Rules, mappool and schedule have been announced in the previous newsposting.

The invites

Several teams requested an invite slot but we also asked several teams to join. Therefore the invites look the following:
Netherlands overload gaming
France Pharaons
Poland blurred vision
Europe Sleeperzzzimage: place2France Logic.et
Europe mPG
Europe Team Decerto
Europe sticked.et

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• Sign UP Period: 28th June - 8th July 2012
• Start: 9th July 2012
Full schedule
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The prizes are sponsored by Ozone gaming gear because it is all about evolution!
• 6x Ozone T-shirts
• 6x LAN bags with Ozone branding
• 6x wristbands with Ozone branding
• 6x Groundlevel Mousepads

Info: The prizes are sponsored by Ozone gaming gear. The Electronic Sports League is not responsible for the prizes. Shipping by Ozone gaming Gear!
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Thanks to partners and sponsors!
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cool nice invites see you on the battlefield:!
Team Decerto :)
mPG only 5 players?
More players will be added once i happen to see them online

Ps. Europe for mPG, thanks.

Cant change it on esl

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sticked's flag is France btw :P

We are all frenchies !
no chance in this cup for FrancefreeLance. That's a pity.
team decerto with invite? :DDDDDDDDDD

better go to lan!
Netherlands OVERLOAd with invite???
I don't understand how these teams were picked.
which teams do you propose?
summertime teams, not bad actually.
3 french teams with direct invites, France taking over ET scene
it's quite nice to see that there's still 3 french teams tbh :D don't think there was a uk team (except for almighty) for like 2 years now.
there's more french teams! But nice to see 3 french teams more or less able to compete at this level! I've seen more players coming from UK lately, so dunno :p
yeah actually forget what i said, saw some new uk guys laying in a 6v6 team @ gtv recently :d
urtier shining too bright!
where are the rosters?
50€ to my papal and you can get ProGamerS spot ;)
what`s a "sopt"?
What are you talking about? ;)
Last edited 30. June, 13.38 CEt ... :)
Direct invite, we are famous since FranceSnatix joined and left us.
Needs more dev
did we sign up to this ?
wanted to but signups already full after 1 day ":D" they shouldve made a choice about signed upped teams during the period which is stated.
After several hours there were still spots left, you had plenty of time.
They announced it in advance so everybody could organize himself to be in time to sign up.
At 16:00 I spam clicked to signup thinking of being too late, but noone cared about this tourney, the second signup was after 20 min.

I would like to remember: "50€ to my papal and you can get ProGamerS spot ;)"
and I signed up us at 19:30cet and there were still 3 spots left :DDD
need slot for neverminds :(
awesome teams
hf to everyone!
line ups?
Poland blurred vision: fixxxer capone hunter Michalek uf0l Pasek
Europe jungle brothers: abort dialer gifty snoop olbaa matias zerender
Europe mPG: miNd perfo nuggan subbi squid toxic
Netherlands overload: saken & co

the rest lineups are pretty easy to guess :P
ours aint right, +razz +baggiez + whoever might be online to play
just guessed from who's added @ esl :d

evo cup stronger than last ec already l0l
would like to cover this
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