Evolution Challenge - The Teams

The Evolution Challenge is about to start! The first matchweek will start on Monday. In this news we want to present the teams and what they think about the competition. The bracket will be online Monday morning and then we will know who will face each other!Below you can find all teams in alphabetical order.

For all statements and the lineups check out the ESL newsposting. Read on what they had to say towards the entire tournament!

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The Teams

QuotePoland fixxxer - blurred visionimage: bv
We're happy to take part in Evolution Cup. We're an old team which was reactivated some time ago for CGS LAN. We know each other very well and have been playing together a lot, so I think that with minimum of practice we can face our opponents without fear and we will be able to compete on decent level. ;D

QuoteGermany Specula aka Radzix - bSTURZ[img|left]http://jsn4ke.lima-city.de/evo/teams/bsturz.jpg[/img]
It is a really great idea to host a tournament like this one, this shows that ET is not dead yet not even in summer :P. But we dont prac for it since its really useless because its impossible to find a decent opponent, so we decided to play only the officials, but still we will give our best and try to perform on a good level. Its really amazing which teams signed up for this tournament for example colt45, bv and junglebrothers with strong lineups. It will be hard against such teams, but we will... read on

Quoteimage: colt
colt45 and 2 zig zags!
United Kingdom KAMZ Statement
image: place3
image: join
JoinTheForce - EUNd
Belgium Cupra Statement
image: place3
image: jungle
Jungle Brothers
Switzerland gifty Statement
image: place3
image: logic
France COJIINE Statement

QuoteGermany LanGo - Lost Soldiersimage: lost
First of all i have to thank the esl to host such a nice cup and also for the nice support from ozone and team decerto to have a cup with prizes. we see that during the summer et is even more inactive and this cup will make it a bit more comfortable to endure this time :) Our team for this cup will consist of read on

Quoteimage: mpg
Finland miNd Statement
image: place3
image: monkeys
Mysterious Monkeys
Germany RAMOZ Statement
image: place3
image: overload
overload gaming
Netherlands saKen Statement
image: place3
image: pharaons
France Bowler Statement
image: place3

QuoteItaly Gabri22 - ProGamerS.etimage: progamers
We want to have fun and to play versus nice opponents. We know it will be hard, but with the right motivation everything is possible. Also I would like to thank Decerto and Ozone for making this possible!

Quoteimage: sleeperz
Netherlands Testi Statement
image: place3
image: sticked
France Provok Statement
image: place3
image: teamdecerto
Team Decerto
Poland mikEHh Statement
image: place3
image: tryout
Poland mAre Statement
image: place3

The prizes are sponsored by Ozone gaming gear because it is all about evolution!
• 6x Ozone T-shirts
• 6x LAN bags with Ozone branding
• 6x wristbands with Ozone branding
• 6x Groundlevel Mousepads

Info: The prizes are sponsored by Ozone gaming gear. The Electronic Sports League is not responsible for the prizes. Shipping by Ozone gaming Gear!
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@mAre - Tryout (lineup)
I think cup will be good prepared erm what about our team we'll see in matches but i think we can win this :)

Where do i find brackets
they will be done on monday morning bro
nice coverage , if someone needs a rifle im avi ! GL all teams!
FranceCOJIINE : we'll try our best to finish in top5

:{D. More like, we'll try our best to have 6 players for a match and to win a match!

Anyway, thanks for the effort to host a cup like this and beeing able to make 16 teams sign up! Hope the cup will go on as good as possible!
gifty stronk :D
mAre - Tryout (lineup)
I think cup will be good prepared erm what about our team we'll see in matches but i think we can win this :)
Whats the problem? Always believe in ur self :P
QuoteBut we dont prac for it since its really useless because its impossible to find a decent opponent, so we decided to play only the officials

Fuck that, that's just selfish, if you're not gonna put the effort in to prac then let another team in!
what btw said :DDD
and like i said we will play only offis
BUT we have to play 5 offis per week so its enough
=> we dont have to prac :)

evo tournament = 2 offis per week, et.tourneay 1 offi per week, SC 6o6 1 offi per week and SC 3o3 1 offi per week :)
oh yeah we r nerds because we r playing 5 matches per week...
3 on sunday and 2 on monday
gg :D
and now u also talk like a nerd!
so you are pracing
indirectly :D yes
because its useless to search irc matches :P
great news, keep it up ;)
Very nice write up

and gl to all participating :)
this will be a gud cup!
Looks fuckin awesome!
good luck KAMZ mate! <3
needs more Canadamonkeyy

summer nerds
summer is the time to nerd!
gl testi m8 and mikeh m8
[18:13] <lost^laNgo> the field of the participants looks nice and balanced, some good "highskilled" teams and some medish teams who can try to improve in this cup ;)

[18:13] <lost^laNgo> gl&hf @ all
So ein Nerd! :D
gl for cupra and the other ex-nuts players :)
Just Belgiumme I guess and FinlandWrath as bu
whats about skype and flip ? they are in the lu aswell :)
Last resort
ah ok .. well good luck anyways :) might even turn on ettv for that
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