Evolution Challenge - Kick off!

The bracket is ready and was published three minutes ago. Prepare yourself for exciting matches - already in round 1! Below you can find the upper bracket as well as some information on the tournament. Pay attention to the schedule! The first matches must be played till Wednesday!

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The Upper Bracket

image: bracket
Statements regarding the tournament

image: schedule
Upper Bracket
1st Round UB: 9th - 11th July
2nd Round UB: 12th - 15th July
3rd Round UB: 16th - 22nd July
4th Round UB: 23th - 29th July
5th Round UB: 30th July- 05th August
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Lower Bracket
1stRound UB: 12th - 15th July
2nd Round UB: 16th - 18th July
3rd Round UB: 19th - 22nd July
4th Round UB: 23rd - 25th July
5th Round UB: 26th - 29th July
6th Round UB: 30th July - 1st August

image: structure Modus:

• 16 slot
• double elimination bracket
• Stopwatch, 6on6, BO3
• free map choice
2 matches/week
Server Config (no changes)image: rules

General ESL ET Rules
• Only players with entered TZAC ID can play
image: attention Anti Cheat:
Info Page
Add your TZAC IDimage: maps

• Supply
• Goldrush
• Adlernest
• Radar
• Bremen_b3
• missile_b4

The prizes are sponsored by Ozone gaming gear because it is all about evolution!
• 6x Ozone T-shirts
• 6x LAN bags with Ozone branding
• 6x wristbands with Ozone branding
• 6x Groundlevel Mousepads

Info: The prizes are sponsored by Ozone gaming gear. The Electronic Sports League is not responsible for the prizes. Shipping by Ozone gaming Gear!
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gl :-)
Games that I think will be interesting in 1st round.

PHA vs mMonkeys
zzz vs bSTURZ
lost^ vs sticked
whats mmonkeys lineup pls?
ramoz,ohzora,zentic,mztic,fendah and joii
gg to us :(

edit: we are considered team 15 :D atleast not the worst :D
im sorry, but why are we considered 11th?:D:D:
care about seeding! :) if you are good, you can beat everyone :DD
1,2,3,4 are favourites, other = random positions,

anyway better teams are going to quarter final.
because you are shit

any other questions?
gooby pls

tahts riud
dolan pls
''haha'' fu french belgium kaas:D
thank god, not bsturz :_D

gl & hf @ all
why not lango ? :DD
man u are our fate :D
EUNd vs JB
decerto vs colt45
ovr vs [PgS]

image: zLOgt
good luck :D
Why isn't logic rated 16? :(
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