Evolution Challenge - Matchday 1

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The first matchday is over and the 2nd is about to start today. Eight teams had to enter the lower bracket while the other eight teams go on in the upper bracket. We gathered some statements on the latest results!

For all statements and the lineups check out the ESL newsposting.

Matchday 1

The matchday started with a real thriller. In a four mapper match the winner was determined and right here we will start with our little review!
QuoteNetherlands Testi- Sleeperzzz image: game33980
We were really unlucky with losing that match vs bSTURZ, but it was a good match from both sides. After we won radar quite fast, we took goldrush as 2nd map. We almost fullheld them, but they were able to set a time of 14 minutes and a couple of seconds. After we failed in our attack on gr and couldnt set a time, we took supply and that was a double fullhold. After that map United Kingdom hste had to leave... read on

Germany Specula aka Radzix - bSTURZ
well man srsly it was an amazing match against Norway Sleeperz. For a long time I didnt play an offi like this, from the first second till the last second, I was so nervous because I didnt want to lose to testi :D and my heart boomed like a machine gun :DD. But in the end we won 5:3 (radar,grush,supply,bremen) after 2 hours of pure gaming :D.

The next match was obviously that clear that the guys from France Pharaons were not reachable for any statement during the last days! If there will be one, we will add it - for sure!
QuoteGermany RAMOZ - Mysterious Monkeys - wNb image: game33974
After the last successful train matches we expected something more against France Pharaons than this clear and deserved 0:4 defeat. At least we expected to make it a bit harder for them but we failed. A lot of mistakes, less communication...a deserved win for Pharaons and if we do not improve the next match will be the last for us!

QuoteItaly Gabri22- ProGamerS image: game33988
We were considered one of the weakest teams and so we had to face Netherlands overload, we knew we had no chance. The match was one sided, but we managed to play goldrush quite good. This was a great experience for us, it is fantastic to see how skilled teams play, we learned a lot from this match. Now we have to face sticked, a nice team, this time we have a chance and we hope to take it, because we are the italian stallion!

Netherlands saKen- overload
We´re glad to have won the first game, we´ve been struggling to get enough players together with holidays/computer issues popping up. We´re looking forward to the game against Germany Lost Soldiers and hope to advance to the next round.

More Statements

We gathered some more statements regarding the other matches:
  • Europe miNd's Pro Gamers club vs. Poland tryout (according to statements clearest win of matchday 1)
  • Poland blurred-vision vs. France logic.et
  • Belgium JoinTheForce - EUNd vs. Europe JungleBrothers
  • United Kingdom colt 45 and two zig Zags vs. Europe Team Decerto
image: new_message For all statements check out the ESL Newsposting

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• 6x Groundlevel Mousepads

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nice read, keep it up !
testi is always unlucky :-/
Nice coverage and gl to run this cup till the end like this!
thanks but it is up to the teams too...most of the teams are very nice but there are also some ignoring my efforts/questions :/
spam & hl them, trust me it works


nice coverage
yeah i guess. But still, continue the nice work! It's kinda enjoyable to read daily news with all the details :)
Where can I find the brackets (loserbrackets) round 2 ?
one request, copy the link from gtv that u click and get to gtv :)
then that layout does not work...idk why but test it yourself and if you find the solution..tell me xD
btw i am gabri22 and from Italy
Yeah, no such a match since Jari vs mkidA EC quali, Specula !
but it wasnt that close like this one :D u clearly won the match :/

but this match was fucking close http://www.gamestv.org/event/21665-unhits-ee-vs-fear-gaming/ just started with 2.6b :D
specula true nerd
fuchs was much happier :DD it was great to win against testi :D cmon its testi^^
otherwise he would annoy us 24/7 :P
idd man :D and he says they have should won it, that Testi <3 :P
but we have to beat them 2 more times mate!
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