Evolution Challenge - Matchday 2

The second matchday is right under its way and still we got 16 teams in the bracket! All is still possible and the teams will give their best. Check out what they had to say on the upcoming matches! For all statements and the lineups check out the ESL newsposting.

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Matchday 2

The 2nd matchday ends on Sunday and it will be the last match for 4 teams! Not all teams gave a statement yet but we try hard! Furthermore not all dates have been fixed. Therefore check out gamesTV.org to be up to date with the exact match dates!
QuoteNetherlands saKen - overload gaming
We´ve played against Lost Soldiers in the ESL Spring Leagues as well and managed to take the victory there, we will be looking to do that again. I´m not sure how much they´ve been playing recently but I´m sure it will be a fun game.

Germany LanGo - Lost Soldiers
our next match against one of the topteams in that cup will be very hard because we havent found our game for the team yet and we couldnt pracc a single match with all players. but we will try to win atleast a map so in the end the score will be 4:2 for ovr :)

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QuoteItaly Gabri22 - ProGamerS.et
Now we have to face sticked, a nice team, this time we have a chance and we hope to take it, because we are the italian stallion.

France Provok - sticked.et
We never played against PGS in prac or offi but I heard they play with mama and this guy is really good in 4v1 so we'll see !! On a serious note, we'll do our best as usual but due to holidays we'll probably play with a backup or a merc, gl hf to PGS

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QuoteGermany RAMOZ - Mysterious Monkeys - wNb
We often beat Team Decerto in the past. So I think we gonna win this match if we can continue at the level before we faced Pharaons. I guess we will reach round II by a 4:0 victory!

Israel montage - Team Decerto
Don't think I ever played against this team tho (SMD),but some names are familiar to me and no match is easy for us anyway d;
The plan is basic gaming and to have fun, hope you enjoy it.(SMD)

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More Statements

We gathered some more statements regarding the other matches:
  • Belgium JoinTheForce - EUNd vs. Europe Sleeperzzz
  • Europe bSturz vs. Europe Jungle Brothers
  • Europe colt 45 and two zig Zags vs. France Pharaons
  • Europe miNd's Pro Gamers club vs. Poland blurred vision
  • Poland tryout vs. France logic.et
image: new_message For all statements check out the ESL Newsposting

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• 6x LAN bags with Ozone branding
• 6x wristbands with Ozone branding
• 6x Groundlevel Mousepads

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Awesome layout , great job with the coverage so far and lovely that the gtv images now link to the matches. Good job!
Lango i love you!!!!
j'espere que vous allez u moins gagner ce match les logic :{D
good job snake :)
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#retro.eSports radio will be covering colt 45 and two zig Zags vs. Pharaons
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