CB Ladder Activity Challenge

image: kHlYr34

With ET's recent increase in activity, I began wondering whether there was anything I could do as a CB admin to help contribute. We run plenty of cups at ClanBase - OpenCups, EuroCups, SummerCups, and NationsCups - and I'd like to think that we're doing a decent job with them.

However, do these cups actually contribute to the game's level of activity? Competing in a ClanBase OC/EC/SC usually means playing only one match per week - a match which often ends up being forced to a certain date and time by one of us anyway. The past few cup seasons have been riddled with dropouts and noshows, despite our best efforts to attempt to keep things interesting and motivate teams to remain active.

Many teams don't even make it out of the Groupstage in our cups, only getting the chance to play three or four matches before having to wait weeks or even months for the cup to end and the next cup to begin. That doesn't seem very fair - some simply do not have the ability to perform well enough to advance to the Playoffs each season.

The community begs for tournaments with prizes then complains when the same top teams and players win the prizes, again and again. But what if there was a competition with prizes in which teams didn't necessarily need superior skill to have a chance at winning? What if players could win by simply... playing?

I am very pleased to announce a brand new competition called the ClanBase Ladder Activity Challenge!

image: T5j3YZD

In this challenge, teams will compete with each other in the ClanBase ET 6on6 Ladder to see who can play the most ladder matches during the month of April. At the end of the month, the top three teams with the most ladder matches played will be awarded the following prizes:

1st place - 120 euros (6 x 20)

2nd place - 60 euros (6 x 10)

3rd place - 30 euros (6 x 5)

image: lxeXCKG

Since there are prizes involved, I intend to be rather strict with enforcing the rules & guidelines of this challenge. Please read the next section very carefully.

  1. Teams do not need to sign up for this challenge. Simply join the ladder and play!

  2. Number of wins/losses will not at all be taken into consideration for this challenge. Any matches played on the ClanBase ET 6on6 Ladder from April 1st at 0:00 CET to April 30th at 23:59 CET will be counted.

  3. Only matches played in their entirety with a clear winner will be counted towards the challenge. This means that forfeits, noshows, and draws do not count in this challenge. Each match must be scheduled on ClanBase, and the score must be entered and confirmed by both teams, just like a normal ladder match. Teams should be able to provide a link to the CB match page for each match upon request.

  4. A team may use only one merc per match and only if their opponent agrees to it. For the purposes of this challenge, a merc will be defined as any player who is not on a team's roster on ClanBase. All other players must be on the roster, or they are not allowed to play. The 24-hour rule will not apply to this challenge - players may be added to the roster at any time and will be allowed to play as long as they were added before the official match time.

  5. Sharing lineups will not be tolerated. It is not allowed for two teams to have two or more players in their lineup which are the same.

  6. Participants are free to play against whoever they would like as often as they would like, but only a maximum of two matches versus the same opponent in the same day will be counted.

  7. Teams are encouraged to request GamesTV coverage for their matches. This will not be required, but why not do it anyway, right?

  8. All players must record demos while playing, especially if their match is not broadcasted on ETTV. Each team must also take a TZAC GUIDs screenshot (type /ac_players in the console) for each match. Demos and/or TZAC GUIDs screenshots may be requested from a team or player at any time, so please do not delete your demos/screenshots until the challenge is over! If a team fails to provide demos/screenshots for a match, then the match will not be counted. Failing to provide demos/screenshots more than once may result in disqualification. It is strongly recommended to provide a link to the TZAC GUIDs screenshot for each match on its ClanBase match page.

  9. Each and every player is expected to have his TZAC GUID registered to his ClanBase account.

  10. Players who are banned on ClanBase are not allowed to play, not even as mercs.

  11. Unless otherwise stated above, all official ClanBase ladder rules apply to this challenge.

  12. Violating any of these rules & guidelines may result in disqualification from the challenge for a team or player. Depending on the severity of the rule-breaking, the team or player could also be punished according to ClanBase policy.

  13. Teams found to be participating in "fake matches" to help their chances at winning will not only be automatically disqualified from the challenge but also given a ladder suspension on ClanBase.

Map List

  • adlernest
  • bremen_b3
  • frostbite
  • missile_b3
  • radar
  • supply
  • sw_battery
  • sw_goldrush_te

Helpful Links

Any questions or suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment below, send me a PM on Crossfire or ClanBase, or message me on IRC at #clanbase.et.

ClanBase ET 6on6 Ladder


Special thanks to Germany ScoOf for the banner and United States of America peaches for the prize money!
Nice effort!

Too bad it is in april, a traditional finnish drinking month... :(
i was under the impression finns dont need an excuse to drink, care to explain this so called "drinking month" to me?
It's every normal drink + 1
Winter is ending, sun comes up, snow starts to melt, you may feel the warmth, even see an occasional smile at the city. Good times. And some national holiday-days.
every month is a traditional finnish drinking month
Avi to nerd
peaches saving ET once again ! :) looks great really looking forward to it
Nice! gonna play many ladders then :P
it's enough to play just one ladder baby :D
nice idea !
I think a lot of polish will be interested in earning 20€
well, either supski nolifes or some polish trash will be winner. gg
no supski, there are roster rules :(
erase mate :D
supski hasn't played in ages mate
are you calling me poor jon? is that so
very nice sir jon! and peaches true best community member 2012
indeed, peaches best
sounds like a job for #erase.et ;DD
really nice idea tbh, I like the strict rules too. maybe add something so people can't play against the same opponent 8x in one day with fast maps each time (eg. adler/frost so they can finish quick and do another one).
Gotta add some more restrictions to the games or I can see 2 or 3 clans agreeing to play a lot of matches against each other just to be on top
Maybe something like...you can't play the same team twice in one week, if caught with the dates you will be kicked out or punished?
well once in a week is a bit too harsh tbh..
more like 3-4 times a week. if there are two teams who play a lot then why to hold back then so much?
Nice initiative, could see this happening for rtcw aswell. even if its only for activity in between cups!
excellent idea and huge props to peaches for the contribution

hopefully we'll see most of the top teams for upcoming EC participating in this as well (not necessarily going for the victory, but playing atleast some games in the ladder)
QuotePlayers who are banned on ClanBase are not allowed to play, not even as mercs

Well damn, United States of America bN won't be able to afford his restaurant bill now..
nice idea !
No cashprize for EC/OC but for useless ladders

http://leagueoflegends.com the place to be
prizes in EC/OC wouldn't boost activity at all, that's why it's on the ladders.
oh my god

this is even worse

someone is wasting money on this game so badly :/

u do get my point behind that chat don't u :D
I know what you mean, ET is dead and why play it when LoL has $1mil prizes etcetc.
nah i was rather having fun no point behind these bullshit comments, and i do play et again :D
nice =P looks like all your devbros are gone though, at least I didn't see rockskin or otyg for a while
otyg and me started living with gf, so it's hard to mix it gaming with this life, but he had a better spot in his job afaik and so wasn't able to give ET some time. As i do hv time and gf doesn't care about gaming, i started playing a bit again with dev friends.

now that kirej leaves, i feel a bit lonely i hv to say when we play it's rare and random
aren't TAG around to play? besides Kirej ofc
i kinda cba playing with light again as it didn't end up in a good way. maybe filus rimi and stuff would play but i got no clue
o i c :3 personally couldn't see myself playing et/rtcw if my ebuddies weren't still active so hopefully some of yours return :)

with pleasure ;)
play 2on2 with me.
didnt play that much recently
I rather play ET and enjoy it, than play this trash LoL game and be surrounded by retarded 12 years old polaks and russians entire time.
that means u played eune
on euw you meet kiddos but they're able to speak english somehow ahah
I have main acc on EUNE but i posses smurf on west as well, seeing thats its not much of a difference there as well, by spanish and french players barely able to talk english at all and ofc making stupid plain mistakes as the idiots on east, not even mentioning how many polaks and russians transfered to west.
but i met u on eu west so eu west sux and there are also some kiddies :(

hahahaha :D jk
Complaining will help.
need 5 players to make a team and play every evening an offi
Prizes for activity... oh god
Need 10 more Poland players to create 2 teams that will fight each other every day /q Robaciek or ETisMyLife
nice effort guys =)
haha alteast some activity hopefully
nice one!
This thing could be so corrupted, as someone stated above, 2 teams arrange playing every single day, by picking adler/frost, it would give u maximum of 30 min for an offi, take couple of hours and u can have plenty of games per day played just by those two teams, it would be rather wise to set or force a rule that only once per day u can play against the same team, it would make it fair for everyone and nearly impossible to corrupt the activity per day.
thanks for the suggestion! I'll look into implementing a new rule or two to prevent this sort of thing :P

edit: see rule #6
Also should make gtv request mandatory, that way even if teams try to do that people will easily notice and report/whatever. And if you do that also "viewers" would increase as well imo.
it would be nice if most games are played on ETTV, but I'm not sure that forcing it is the best thing to do

especially if this happens to bring quite a few extra ladder matches in April (and I hope it does!) - don't want to take attention away from NC & EC/OC games :P

also, I should be able to "easily notice" any rule-breaking by simply keeping an eye on each team's match history on ClanBase
true dat mate
ETTV should be mandatory, otherwise some teams could just do some "fake-matches".

Or are you going to demand demos of every match played? :)
I'm fairly confident that I will be able to recognize "fake matches" if they do occur

if that means I have to request demos for every match for certain teams, then so be it :P
absolutely fantastic effort and my hat is off..

Hopefully there will be a lot of quality games and more activity + hope dts&voice will find (atleast for some really interesting matches..) time to cast some of them :))
wow you gonna win 5 euro, you can't live without them :)))
You are Romanian, you are the poorest country in the world.
nice ! Peaches and Ohurcool saving et ;)
torm bro, ur killing me mate
+1 ohurcool MVP in ET 2k12/13
nice nice nice :Pp
not worth the effort
And peaches wasnt even nominated for "the best community member" award of the year... FAGGOTS
It's nice to see some guys who still believe in this game after all these years.
ow nice

gonna play so much offi this april

fish d'avril xDdrr mdrrdrr xcdxdddx
team NEB! saving ET. Good work.
I've updated the rules & guidelines a bit to encourage teams to play matches versus a variety of different opponents! see #6
gratz erase, bunch of nolifing nerds
nice gl!
so biggest nerds can obtain money for energy drinks & snacks and keep playing? this is no goed :{
inb4 some polish team winning this easy :D
what does being polish have to do with that =d
make one for 3v3 also! :)
ill play from library

i knew u played from the library
im sure ur admin powers allow you to see the truth :D
what's the truth?
guess you cant see it then :D
I'm not a cf admin so
then I can't delete the secret :D
inb4 polaks creating fake teams and fake clanwars to win 20euro
no 6on6 team.....and without supply it would be more interesting... but nice idea really ;)
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