Does ET have a future after shg and CPC2?

Enemy Territory, will the legend continue...
76.5 %
(672 votes)
23.5 %
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great question on an ET community site ;z must have come from a CoD2er :p

will u be in copenhagen too btw crow? \o/
Yeah for sure :D
only if something is done about the hackers.
why? do those lan organisers have such a huge ego? :p
why it wouldn't have?
no doubts
Define future
the time after the present? xD
which involves for ET? :)
I mean.. it can go on and on with some small lans with little money, is that the future?
Yesterday on telenet - 2 obvious cheaters. I left and tried efter - another cheater. After a /quit and 1h of starcraft, I checked pbss from our pub, from the last 1h - a wallhacker.
ET has no future.
i doubt lans will be about public servers
A few lans wont save ET, if you cant play online without cheaters beeing everywhere.
did the cheating issue kill cs? no it didn't
what killed/is killing the cs community? the management
oh noes hackers on public..give me a break
Well some people still don't think it's "fun" to play with cheats on publics. That doesn't include you for an obvious reason.
no i just think his statement was fucking rofl tbh, et dying because people hack on public servers, give me a break, people have always hacked and will always hack on public. Id rather have someone releasing tension/stress by hacking on a public than using a hack in competitive games at a high level, every and any day of the week.
If there had been as many cheaters 2 years ago as there are now, i bet many of the people even on this site wouldnt havbe continued playing ET.
then thats they choice tbh if your scared of playing hackers then dont pub and only play against legit clans, its not really all that hard.
Some people dont get into legit clangaming without having played public for a few months before hand. Besides, being "scared" of playing hackers? WHat kind of argument is that, its not like hacking is a skill or worth anything. If hacking on pub is your way of having fun or "releasing stress" then you are a sad little person.
jeez.. i think you really take things out of context. Everyone started on pubs, for most of you that was ages ago when maybe 1/1000 hacked if even that, these days people who usually pub have been playing the game for years, and if by some chance someone is trying the game then he isnt likely to be playing on somewhere like telenet etc where the concentration of hackers is greater. He is most likely on random joe 30 man public and wont notice the difference if someone was hacking anyway (unless it was someone like chaplja ofc). Its a fact that people hack most of them are content to play in dedicated cheat servers or random publics, i wonder what would happen if we got rid of those servers..hmm the player would still want to play but he would have to go and play in scrims, thats what i meant. Long post, grrrh you made me get upset :<
cant they just ban you again :<
no soz :<
Arguing with a cheater about cheating.. Lol... pls go away.
maybe your expections are alittle too high.
i never saw anyone /quit ET because of cheaters..

Btw about ur cs statement, at least u can BAN people there. And their vac is doing more, than the anti-cheat joke updated once every few months we have here (pb).
all of them players still play except for sprh (but i even see him on publics occasionally)
it's srph.. plZ :D
how come cs is still doing great huh with all those cheaters in publics?
nope, nothing special anyway
Sure it will, but not a great one though. I hope ET will be played at the next QuakeCon, and that there is another EuroCup season with LAN finals for ET. And maybe some smaller competitions at local events...
and hopefully PGA'07.
I seriously hope so, but is this sudden interest from LAN's for ET not just publicity for ET:QW ?
It should.. just wish clanbase would get some balls and banned all those cheaters :x
Tell me why? I'm not blaming CB ET admins, I know it's the cheating department stuff.
dunno, it's crappy spam, just don't give a shit.
why not? :o
A Hungaryfuture with cheaters.
till ET:QW and rtcw2: yes ; after it: no
ET holds no future with the current anti-cheat system, and the "biggest"( I have no idea if CB still are, but I suppose so) ET league not punishing people buying hacks.

Doing more LAN's is definately a good way to go, but is there enough money in this game to make it go around? I doubt it.
Et never dies!
ill quit after the LAN's and then all will follow me, because I'm a born trendsetter
isn't there enemy territory 2 coming out? I'm sure i heard something about that, hopefully et will never die, Great game, Great laughs ,It's a good game so <3 et
the question is about will it be still there if ET:QW and RTCW2 had been released
We need some sort of a program that whenever it detects cheats, it disables the cheats, locates the computer from where they are being used, sends all the information about it to another computer which also sends it to another computer, to keep its location classified. This program also needs to have the power of giving the cheater(s) a hardware ban, before you can count to 9999999999999999999999999999999999.
punkbuster should send electric currents through the computers keyboard and mouse to electricute the person as soon as cheats are detected imo
I like your idea! If I have time, I'll design it myself!
no waiy
what are "shgopen" and "cpc2" ? Some new cheats?
I think it unlikely LANs could possibly do a game any harm. What could kill ET, or at least seriously damage it, is if ET:QW comes out and is any good in tourney play. Personally I've heard a few very encouraging things about ET:QW, so I can see it having potential.
oh noez..!1
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