Which Dignitas is cooler?

Which Dignitas team do you love the most...
38.5 %
(443 votes)
61.5 %
(709 votes)
old school ofcourse :[!
bad vote.
Oldschool will always be cooler but this new team ain't that bad. I hope they'll wear that cool OLD tag <3
Old school, leeter and cooler.
I got dissed by the new ones, i asked them if they would have a beer with me, and they answered: IF YOU BUY THE BEER.

i dont even know the lineup of the old dignitas :< but i picked em anyway
darkie, ankel, potter, intact, zenon, d0ktOr

there was some ohter players too but i cant remember
doktor and potter was in the second dignitas (the let's not talk about it, cause it crashed and burned, one :))
Austria rapture, Denmarkankel and darkie, Norway zenon, Estonia intact and Finland sanctity (that was the line-up of the EC final against iNfensus

Some others
Estonia rENe and intact, Germany aPrOx and jonas and ofcourse Belgium syL

and some1 called Sweden Pjoter

correct me if im wrong plz!
no thats correct but i never heard the name rENe and aPrOx and the
Pjoter thingy
i think they did play when they were "Mythology"
i think so 2
Didn't Mythology become dignitas or something?

I mean, when Norway nam joined they were called dignitas mythology or something
why u always write "did play" instead of "played" ?:)
"did play" there means like "they really played" but it's true he wouldn't need to emphasize that :)
2. insensus????
whats wrong with Sanctity ?
i did edit the inSensus thing the rest is the same
What about d.ceesam and d.mystic? :-<
they were on the 2week dignitas.
rapture actually played for plan b in the first season as well and actually played against mythology (who went on to join dignitas at the play off stages). When it was clear that plan b weren't going to make the play offs, rapture came in and replaced pjoter. Rene only played the very start of the season, and i think he was a sub tbh.
there wasnt a german guy called aprox playing for them as far as i remember
he is leader at their CB account
what was infensus' line up ?
new school ofc !
old school ofcourse,come on...
oldschool ofc
As if you were around back then. Haha.
whats ur point mr ego
Hoi Robert, nog op de headhunterz gejumpt zaterdag?
My point is that I never heard of you. Hi.
oh ye and i should care about that
lol melkor :D .
los mach ne runde public. gut für dein aim
:o <3 idle
oldschool is dead so who cares -.-
Night is cooler. :-)
old ofc
newschool ftw. although the old dignitas had the superpowerful danish duo (featuring the one and only powerhorse).
Old school of win tbh!

cJ > impact gaming :P
hmm its hard to decide ... new dignitas imho
<3 urtier ;]
I wanted to vote new school, but I can't.

QuoteAn error has occured:
» You do not have the correct confirmation code. You are not authorized to vote on this poll.
trying to change the odds eh:p
Newschool. Fo sho.
pfff oldschool ofc
I was the biggest fanboy of oldschool dignitas, so nP for them.
both suck
idle, they're cool. :>
ankel / intact > *
This poll might be Idles first loss in a 07!
lol but dignitas never loses! :D
old is cooler
new is better :P
the 2nd dignitas team was nothing in comparison to the first please, just about everyone in this topic is talking about the first team which won ec IX
you, sir, are a retard
Quoted0kter was in u96d not dignitas, and potter never played in dignitas either again another plan b player

u are intentionally missing my point which was that u are talking about shit u dont know crap about .
-.- meant they weren't in the same squad.
old dignitas had a lot more sportmanship and friendliness if u compare that to new squad. Though new squad is a lot better than the old one
Hard question coz we cannot compare 2 teams in different eras, both were/are the best & unbeatable in their own era, and both teams were/are friendly with me, so I just voted to see the results :)

new 1 ofc, oldschool is overrated.
Idle with the name Idle is cooler :(
The old squad is, if you'll excuse the pun, etched into the tomes of ET mythology, which will always make you look far cooler. The new (idle) squad is better, but won't have the same 'cool' factor until they either quit or start winning games against an opponent people actually think could (or should?) beat them.
The old squad was really good and I voted on that because those times were great to spec and follow the ET scene. But this dignitas is just (almost) unbeatable so respect to both.
Oldschool is cooler but i guess the new team is better :P
old : )
Which one less hotter?
both are e-cool
I didnt follow the whole scene back then so i have no idea how good the old dignitas was. I did see some replays of there final vs iNfensus but that was nothing special
but non of the one you prolly mean to be so cool.

If anyone has some links of replays plz post.
The poll is about which team is cooler. Don't think it's debatable which team is better.
People don't thinG much these days.^^
lwo stands for the lowest education in holland, so nvm him
i didn't mean to judge if they were better or not. If it were the case the replays (dignitast vs iNfensus and some other old ones) definitely didn't impress me and i would say they were no way nearly as good as idle is. But that was dignitas there first team. And as i said i missed out stuff that went on in the whole scene so i missed there second team as well.

Point is i cant say witch team is cooler because i only know the idle team and never really saw the dignitas team play. There for i hoped someone maybe had some demos/replays so i can watch.
mkay ive seen this one. I got respect for them and they prolly were revolutionary for there time. The thing that just caught my attention is that game apparently changed so much. Weird to see these demos
you'll soon be like hmm is this it. If you compare them to the clans of these days witch isn't really fair of course
Old ofc
old Gunslingers pwned
new dignitas is prolly better, but still the old one is a legend and I voted for that
old ofc :)
zenon rifle > all!
I don't remember zenon as a really good riflenader tbh.

What I remember dignitas for, is the fact that almost all players had uber aim and that was what made the difference. When rewind switched to ET there was also a rumour, that they didn't use heavy weapons... just becuase they thought it was low-skilled and they could do better with an SMG :)
only arty & nadespam...
new squad is too arrogant
Old dignitas ofcourse :D

Playing ET from Australia on EU servers has proved to be a bit to hard, but I'll see ya on the pubs in just about 2 months ;D

Gl idle, please don't soil the name by losing any officials >_<
old dignitas ofc

btw hi darkie
old one ofc! no doubt about it!
clan.gs ftw! :D hiho!
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