Globalruleset a good idea?

CB, ESL, i32 and many more admins for ET:QW Cups released a Globalruleset the last days. Do you think that working together will be the right way for ET:QW?

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44.1 %
(335 votes)
17.2 %
(131 votes)
38.7 %
(294 votes)
finally decent rules
now they should just make a global config !
A 'global' ruleset, good idea, this 'global' ruleset, I'm not too sure.

It's seems that we will be waiting for a mod for a while or maybe not, who knows but either way with everyone (in EU at least) using these rules when the time arrives when we can modify the game are leagues along side mod makers really going to reconsider the rules and modify problems instead of removing them altogether or are we just going to see them properly enforce what we have now without looking at other options first?
global rulesets are good imo. gives the game a chance to be more competitive for international lans without having the issue of there they play with that and without this.... i don't know if the rules in general are good since i don't know them anyway.
Surely it's easier to test which rules work best by using different ones in different organisations for a while before deciding on a global set. The game is too new for this at this stage imo.
yes ofc!
stupid poll xD
I voted "No" just because I want to create epic lulz within the ET:QW community.
i voted ''yes'' so they will screw it again, just like in et!
i did the same >:^))
Ofcourse they will fuck it up, at least Clanbase will.
Not a requirement for success, but will make the game much easier to implement and for new players to join the community.
Flyers (anansi etc) should be classed as a heavy vehicle so you can use them instead of a tank for example. Puts a whole differant dimension of gameplay into matches.
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