Which Competion mod should be used for ET: Quakewars?

The following Pro Mods are announced or released in a first beta version for ET: Quakewars:

ET:QW Promod: News
SD Comp Mod: News
Pig Mod: Homepage
25.5 %
(227 votes)
9.0 %
(80 votes)
19.8 %
(176 votes)
45.8 %
(408 votes)
nice messing up layout swine!!11134
Without a doubt: ET:QW Promod.
oppinion about 0.03?
Great! The game feels twice as fast.
0.03's out yet?
did the first test yesterday...worked pretty well, so 0.03 will be out the next days
dont they need to wait until the SD mod is out, then merge code, then check if there are any bugs / errors?
Too early for this pole. The fact is you don't know until each has been tried and tested, then changed to meet the needs of the teams.

Pro mod to me looks the most hopefull as it has the potential for more much needed gameplay changes (imo). SD comp mod wont be perfect and not specifically tailored for the ones that need it, although it will help both the pro mod and pig mod with its open-source.
If they all could give the same options on game limitations and other stuff - then why not all of them?
I think they should make leagues for each mod, so everyone could whatever they want :-)
Yes, let's split up!

Well, its the same as with all the different rulesets at the start of the game :P
So we united and developed one single ruleset.
Hopefully the mods will do the same :P
Agreed. :)
pigmod: It is not supposed to change the "core gameplay" (spread etc), so NO.

SD Comp mod: I can't really believe that SD are able to make a good mod which is perfect for competetition... that's something the communtity has to do imo.

so: ET:QW pro ftw!
remember that you can filter out that poll
filter aint working :/
i suppose "not sure" means here teh "i dont give a fuck" option.
Doesn't really matter much, the large audience will most likely play the SD comp mod while the top teams will play using the ET:QW Pro mod which will have all the features the SD pro mod has merged in.
How many people is in the "large" audience? Do you mean pub?
Clans active on lower levels
Name 10 plxz, I'd like to join one while having 30fps.
ET:QW Pro Mod will according to hannes use the SD Competition Mod as a 'base' to which modifications will be made. Therefore essentially the options are:

a) ET:QW Pro Mod (using SD Comp. Mod as base)
b) Pigmod

ET:QW Pro Mod ftw ;)
I'm not really sure, but I think pigmod will either stop or merge the ET:QW competition mod into its own as well. Seems to be the smartest thing to do in my eyes.
we have to merge 1st and 2nd options - each has something needed in cws.

Pigmod should have its credit too - looks like it had kicked lazy asses of other modders!
none, stick to etqwmain!
just compare the upcoming etqwpro mod 0.03 version with the current etqwmain version...the next pro mod version feels like ET, performance & aim wise
Feels kinda different, as the hitboxes aren't really the same as in ET - but maybe i have to get used to it, didn't played it that often so far.
and we _MOST_ likely wont change anything here. since this would go to far imo. we already recalculated the weapons (they are more or less equal but still have diffrent fire rate and spread) i think thats the farest we should go
farest would be same acc, faster weapon does less dmg per hit, slower does more dmg per hit.
this just shows that 50% doesn't give a shit about ET:QW
Pig mod for sure, all ET:QW players must be pigs so it's the best mod for them :D
spiderpig mod?
not sure.../don't care/I don't paly QW :v
etqwpro is nice, etqw just need some better netcode to get better hitboxxes and maybe a little less spread
you sir, dont need hitboxes anyway
need more funny jokes :)
voted not sure for seeing the results
voted pigmod because of the name, duh!
voted not sure coz i dont give a shit :f
Without a doubt: ET:QW Promod.
i dont care but voted pigmod because it sounds funny
pig mod sounds good.
Pig Mod! Gotta go with that one, with my 0 hours of ETQW experience. :)
this vote is not significant at all...

everyone that doesnt care is just voting pigmod because of spiderswine or whatever
couldnt agree more

the fact that people make their choice cause of the spiderpig is AWESOME
go get my cup of coffee
I have voted "Not sure" since I don't play the game. I play CoD4!
I'm thinking to buy ET:Qw though, is it any good?
Its good, you can get it for cheap, and its bound to get better with the pro mods.
I voted Not sure because i dont know any of this mods because i dont have QW nice logica imo
I voted for pig mod cause it made me think of SPIDERPIG duh
that would be 'not voting'
but still ETQW:Promod is on top ;)
Any mod that makes movement and aim more important then spam and vehicle camping will do.

Untill then my hard disk is very pleased to have more space.
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