Should the CDC4 CoD4 use the Iwd file that reduces gun sway and aids sniper aim?

Poll to see if teams taking part in CDC4 would like the sniper fix and steady aim IWD file added for the competition.
40.2 %
(357 votes)
13.6 %
(121 votes)
46.2 %
(410 votes)
with or without sniper fix?

edit: I cant read sorry :D I owe you a beer m8

edit2: CodQcup is already using it! Time to make it stick!
Thanks taken i shall take you up on the beer :)
yes ofcourse
why not? anything else is retarded
why is a guy who can't even reply and wrote 2 comments at all a CF admin?!
He is running the CDC.cod4 tournament and by that doing a big thing for the community. Would show some respect :)

edit: but I can understand you sceptisism when crossfire got some really handsome and awesome admins like me.
kk, alright then :p
O.O Bestebeste laying the smackdown
Well, sry I didn't know.. anyway gl with the tournament :}
no lets play bugged game
yes do it
do it !
lul.. i dun care.
never heard of that file.. should i download it or is it serverside?
server + client need to have it in the pam4 folder
make it happen please, it might actually put some pressure on CB admins if 2 of the more important tournaments use it :)

ps: wouldn't it be better to get the votes straight from the teams, there's a ridiculous amount of ppl that don't play the game that have voted now
i dont care but voted I don't mind because it sounds funny
whatever sainted said
use it, obviously.

Dont just vote here, test it out first and feel the difference, then voice your opinion.
use it.
aids lol
Do you mean the file which removes sway bug of all weapons except snipers?

If sniper sway bug is removed, it makes sniper way too powerful.
No because the sniper zooms out after you shoot now, so you cant shoot 5 times in a row. You shoot once and it zooms out and has a slight buffertime to zoom back in, like awp kinda.
Go on the fnatic public which currently has this enabled, play for half an hour and you will see how much better the game is. It brings more skill with it and less run and spray with smg, the ak actually kills from long range now and the sniper is an advantage if used properly, as it should be.

Enable that, and the game is simply better.

the snipers are imba after that... but tbh, I don't care, since I'm not going there
The sniper makes sense now, before the fix it doesnt hit where you aim. Also it's a bit harder to handle the sniper now, which is good. And the fact you can hit with ak from long range now compensates for the sniper being powerfull. It all just compliments itself.
aids is good, use it
DEFINATLY!. Great mod. Include it to CDC fo sho
Yes, go for it. it's awesome. You can actually hit on distance without spraying, me lovez it
this has to be used, just install it on your server and play a match with it and it's great =)
you mean, you hit where you aim? you mean, there's some skill in the game now? you mean, you suck? Ok one to many
LOL whatever
I don't play cod4 but I voted NO to ruin the game for everyone :D
just nosway , not sniperfix !
vote yes ofcourse!

who is this crajsor anyway, must be some first time noobie
no need for poll imo
obvious yes
it simply fixes a game bug -,-
Imo useless poll, al ET nerds vote NO to ruin our game ... , all cod4 players sayings yes and making comment and all the NO voters don`t give a comment hmmm ...
115 votes for no... and community is like.. 10 times bigger for ET than CoD so I doubt it. + I voted for yes, though I play RTCW, ET, CoD4, ETQW, CPMA and Urban Terror
40 teams @ CDC4 + the amount of votes and reactions on other cod4 forums make it very likely as cod4 isn't really that established on the crossfire site
that just backs up my point, cod users do not contribute @ crossfire, so its more about the etplayers here anyway.
Still, as good as all No votes come from people who dont play CoD4
never said it would be useful to have a poll of any kind.
It's CoD4 as you said, not that game you play. This one atleast you can improve.
DoooOooo it!
Yes include it for CDC4:
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