Limit the SMG's?

i33 will limit the SMG's to 2 per team and the upcoming CoDQCup had 3 first, but thinking about limit them to 2 per team aswell. What do you think?
15.7 %
(119 votes)
19.1 %
(145 votes)
65.2 %
(494 votes)
3 per team i dunt mind
Come back to et loverboy! <3
This would be a brilliant rule for enemy territory! Imagine having only 2 smgs and the rest are forced to be panzer, mg and rifles! :D

so I voted don't care
ye, hf playing 3on3 with 2 smgs
I was already afraid about that, when I read the poll.
me too, I would 'limit' soldier and rifle to 0, but not smg...
3 or more
y is the smg over powered or somthing?
you run faster, less spread, same dmg as assault yes, it's pretty much imba
but shit at aiming from a distance
i see thanks for infozz
#care per team
2 of "care" per team would be ok aswell
2 is just lol.
If it's going to be limited then as much as possible, but in my opinion you shouldn't limit them at all, since the newest nogunswaymod is fixing the AK, too, so you can actually hit properly on distance. (smg has no chance then)
How large is a CoD team?
If it's CoD4... Couldn't give a damn
I voted 2, because it is the worst option, and thus by voting 2 I'm ruining a game I don't even play. MUHAHA.
Poll: CoD
could someone tell me how they play
1 sniper + 1 pumpgun ??

what counts as SMG btw?? soldier + specOps ??
at the moment it's looking like 1 sniper, 1 assault rifle, 3 specops with smg's.
ah thx
i think 2 then
m4a1 is more skill anyways ?! i liked it!
of course m4a1 is smarter, but infight against an smg on short distance you are fucked
so if it was limited to 2, these 2 would be demigods taking down whole teams? :-(
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lal , first i really thought it is about ET :D
3 SMG's is fine.
3 imo, the main problem according to me were 5man SMG rushes on some maps, that's completely out the picture so I don't see the point in limiting further.
I voted 2, because limiting it to 3 isn't really making a difference as with a 5man team, 1 will be a sniper and then just as many really will still be able to be smg making no difference...either make it 2 or get rid of the AK74u thats the only reason people are limiting it really...mp5 is half as effective..
SK will suck now if they get rid of SMG!
3 per team is already widely accepted, and the best imo
agreed. 3 is the best to keep the speed in the game which among other things has made cod4 such a giant hit were cod1&2 failed.

and this poll is just poorly formulated. quite obvious that the one who made it wants 2 and not 3 ;)
plz cod4 sucks compared to cod2
it's good to see the opinion of someone that has put many hours in the games he talks about (I wonder why I still reply to you, but I guess it's because you're a man a mission to save ETQW and do so by humping COD4 at every single occasion you get)

ps: GL with the ETQW needs more NL players-post on gamelux
Played CoD2 hundreds of hours - needed two hours to realize cod4 wasn't the game for me.

ps. Having much fun waiting for CoD4TV?
ps2. Its rather sad of you to even care about my opinions about a game when they are not even related to something I post here. As you can see dofhOs himself started the CoD2 vs CoD4 discussion, I just gave my opinion.
ps3. Do you allow me to use multiple post scriptum's because it looks like you mind things I do which are not related to the topic at all
tis is et community so sais the poll! leave me alone!
2, and cya fnatic, sk, tlr :DDD
-fnatic i mean
Call of Duty 4 // Streaming servers = 1,704

Call of Duty 4 // Bans to date = 4,074

Impresive for a relativley new game :)
impressive stats!
Well atleast PB is doing its job ;)
2 per team... smgs are a part of the game already, and can't be nerfed too much... but 2 would make the game a bit slower paced, which would be fine
rofl, i thought this poll is about et
shotgunnnnnnnnnn XDDDD
Jaymod please.
& Double Jump!
dont really care, sorry :<
1 would be great aswell, hate those things
this is a retarded poll, you cant even choose for NO CHOOSE WHAT YOU LIKE TO USE

or someting like that.
CoD, whats that ?
YAY lets turn cod into AK47 vs AK47 game...
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