What screen do you have?

What screen do you have and what size?
17.1 %
(224 votes)
15.7 %
(206 votes)
6.1 %
(80 votes)
3.5 %
(46 votes)
15.4 %
(202 votes)
23.6 %
(309 votes)
18.5 %
(243 votes)
17 inch CRT all the way :)
gij hebt toch nen 22" TFT :s?
nu wel ja :D

vroeger 17" CRT é ;)
None of the above
i think he was wondering what you used to play games on, not what you use for browsing random shit
Dont fucking make him happy with ur reply, as you see he was offering a spot to reply, this is his happiness.
I am glad to see that someone is waging war on the bragging retards! You got my support!
We fight for the freedom, we won't give it up !
Not at all. I just found it amusing that he managed to make fun of you! ;)
TFT 19"!
where's the dunno option?
You have a 17 " TFT :-)
where's the CRT below 15" option?
15'' =(
TFT 17
15,4" laptop monitor :D
crt 22 & tft 22
Got a TFT - 24".

Iiyama ProLite E2403WS 1920x1200 pixels.
how do you like it so far? im really close to buying it, just not sure if its too big for ET?
theres no such thing as too big. its just if its good for et, ghosting/contrast issues etc.
well, i can only imagine playing r_mode 4 on fov90 on a 1920x1200 screen :P i know the refreshrate is no problem with the screen, cause i got its baby brother ( 17" ) atm and only find good comments on the 24" version
It is an awesome screen. It's really sharp, knife shard (to literally translate it from dutch to english).

The refresh ratio is awesome as well, I use to watch TV with it and its without any problems tbh. The screen itself starts up a lil slow, but that shouldnt be a prob as you dont needa see anything @ startups.

It's a little fragile concerning the base though, but what else would you expect with a 24" TFT screen.

The most useful thing is definately opening 2 web browsers or watching tv at the left and surfing the inet at the right.

(2x A4)
i will mostly use it for movies and making fragmovies ( if i can find the time for it again ;D )

sounds promising, you maybe just convinced me ;P
What do you do to be able to watch movies on your 24"? I got a 22" and I find the quality not really that good, so I switched back to laptop when i wanna watch movies and series.
download higher resolution movies (720p, 1080p)
most of the time i download/movies in the highest quali i can find around, 720p as a minimum most of the time. always HD.
Okay, cheers =)
CRT 19" ! :)
where's the other option?

i'm on a laptop with a 15,4" screen.

my external screen i use for movies is 19" TFT
TFT 19" for me
CRT 17" + 15.4" laptop
17" TFT 19" CRT

Gonna get a new TV soon so will use that as monitor
add 22 please and the above 22+
Samsung SyncMaster 206bw, 20"
iiyama vision master pro 454 19" crt
= win
*514 "20 you mean? yes, thats very pro!
the 514 is announced as a 22" (even if it's 20 viewable)
I got one but it has shit colours compared to my other crt (more recent)
yeah I remember people saying its 22" and I was like wtf and after a while I forgot what it was and as it seems 20" I always say 20" xd
TFT 22"
TFT 24"
24 :D isnt it TOO big for the desk + for games?
i dunno, it havent arrived yet lol
nah, pretty fine!
20,1" Widescreen TFT
I got 15" & 17" & 19" CRT + one 17" tft which is plugged to my brothers pc.
TFT 17

With CRT I could be blind atm
fps games: CRT 21" (dell p1130, 170hz@800x600)
other: LCD 22" (asus 2ms g2g)
lul doesnt 800x600 look a bit weird with monitor that big?
not really :E

im tempted to move up to 1280x960@120hz
if i play everykind of games, what should u buy, 22 or 21?
crt for gaming
too ugly and big
is it good?
i might buy one for 40euro
only had it a couple of days, like it so far
how much did it cost?
i got it ~32€ i think, not sure on the exact conversion

2 x 21" TFT
22" tft

Samsung Syncmaster 225MW <3
i got a 21" CRT , 19" TFT and a 32" LCD what shall i vote :(
CRT Above 19"

because you game on it, and this poll, while it doesnt say, seems to be more tailored towards what you play on
19"crt and 19" tft. yup, combo!
SyncMaster 226BW so above 19"
TFT 22 - Iiyama E2201W
shit vote, boring
dell 19" crt - Ive looked into getting a new one but Im a shitnewb when it comes to that sort of thing, I rarely know whats good etc. need to have a proper google session soon.
Iiyama Prolite E2403EWS. buy one of these.
I'm guessing he actually wants to play games on his monitor.
yes, this is a small factor

the dell trinitron monitors (those flatscreen crts) are actually really good :E
Really easy to play games on 'em, and the resolutions are great.. You need the supporting vid cards though but once you got em, you enjoy your set!
QuoteReally easy to play games on 'em,

If you enjoy 10% less accuracy, yes
That's just something which is considered a "curse" and everyone keeps on using these things as an excuse, but i haven't actually experienced anything like such occasions, my aim didn't improve but it HASN'T decreased.
19" CRT (Iiyama Vision Master Pro 454).
22" tft (samsung 226bw)
2x 19" tft ... shitty response times

whats the diff between tft and crt
its the same only brand names
Where is the CRT 15"?

wanna buy 22 tft
ViewSonic VX924 3ms (grey to grey) 4.8ms (off-on-off)

TFT 19" 800x600 @ 85hz
more info plz :p
copy from profile :(
how can you have 85 hz with tft ?
my tftcan have that, was kinda expensive when i bought it :)
was the best tft screen for gaming =)
10 y old crt 15 @ 60 hz.
15,4" notebook screen :P
I had to leave my 21" at home so now I have to use a 19" one, we were out of space in the Ford Transit. :O
this here, is 1 great poll
i dont like poll's like "should clans get punished for playing with cheaters?!" ofc they klick all like ... "yes oollol:D:D:D:!"
I have a 19" crt bought for 20 euros on ebay :D
should have paid 19
CRT > TFT when it comes to gaming.
Not in the new monitors.
crt = 0ms
tft = always >0ms

crt = high hz
tft = low hz

doesnt matter how new it is the crt technique is always faster
0ms is kinda bullshit. When your monitor runs @ 100hz, that would be 10ms.
I doubt the speed of a new tft is low enough to realize it. It improves very much. 2 years ago 20ms were new, nowadays they have just 2ms.
and? crt still cant be slower
there is no such thing 0ms tbh, besides, YOU cant feet the difference between 2ms, 5 and 8ms, its something the human eye cant see.
you can stay with your 19" crt, i preffer my 22" lcd.
maybe not but u can feel the difference between crt and tft
edit: lets say ur tft is 2ms its actually atleast 10ms for normal colours + its 60 or 75hz that is additional 12ms makes 22ms while my crt running 125hz is 8ms so its not just few ms difference
yes i know this, the minimal response time is from gray to gray.
and no matter what you say, there is no difference in LCD and CRT, no ghosting for me, image quality is superb (better than in my old 17" samsung crt) more room on my desk, and more fun from wide screen.
im aware that u cant see the difference
i can and theres technical proof one is faster than the other
only about 37% of xfire users are rational... well that was kinda expected
i bet all cheaters use TFT
u have a 17inch ^^ lucky guess
21" CRT – Samsung 1100MB
wow your screen has 1GB space, pretty neat.
22" LCD, tft is for teh gays.
Nice impliying you're gay.
Nice implying you're stupid.
IIyama pro vision master 514 (22", 20 viewable) - CRT
Viewsonic P97F+ (19", 18 viewable) - CRT. Dual screen, playing on the viewsonic.
19" wide! LOVELY!! <3
19" Samsung SyncMaster 940MW
TFT 22"
i miss dual screen :<
for ET- IBM ThinkVision C220P (22", 20" viewable )- CRT
TFT 20'' 2ms 3000:1

Samsung 206BW <3
i want that one C:
206 BW is 20 inch.. you must be mistaking it with the 226 BW (22")
*edited :>
whats the differeeeeeence
CRT = 27% skillboost
CRT 21" IIyama
17" tft here, but i wanna buy a 22" soon D:
CRT = clearer nicer picture + easier on the eyes + better at watching from all angles + more electric power + more space on ur desk :p

LCR = much less energy, less desk space, not so nice picture (dunno about expensive ones), not good for viewing @ all angles like CRT

TFT is a form of LCR niggas
tft is better for the eyes. The pictures are worse, because the black of tfts is very bright.
image: al1511b_normal
Acer AL1511 15" TFT Monitor 1024x768

this one but unfornatly i'ts broken lol i got this yellow line on my screen i'ts SOOOOOOOO ANNOYING
have it almost 6 years and it still pwns the new monitors ! :) 85hz in it and its kinda black so I can sit in the PC alot and my eyes won't hurt.
17.1" WXGA+ Glare
Dell 2407WFP-HC
Fuckin nice.
Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2020u 22" crt
8.9" (Asus EEE PC 900)...oh and a 19" Asus VW192s TFT. I've played on laptops and on normal desktops using TFT for 95% of my gaming and actually prefer it to using a CRT.
19" samsung 930BF + 17" 17GLsi
19" odd CRT. and i love the boxy thing <3
no monitor
pc to brain direct link?
19" TFT is Big, Fast, Light enough for me :)... I TRIED playing with a 22", I had the worst headache after that :(
19" wide + 42inch
19" Samsung widescreen TFT (almost the same as the ones at WZZRD, which isn't entirely coincidental - I bought it a few weeks before I was due to play at CDC3), is what I use on my PC at home.

Here I'm using a 15.4" laptop screen, and I'm just about to order a new laptop with a 13.3" screen that'll be my primary computer until I stop moving around all the time.
TFT 20" LG L206W 5000:1 2ms
Samsung 24" 245Plus - It fucking owns !!
19" widescreen TFT.

And my laptop is 16".
19" Hitachi CRT . 800x600 @ 120Hz connected to my laptop. when im not at home then its 15,4" laptopt screen @ 25ms :P

tft is just not for gaming. tryied friends 20" TFT 2ms and its way way way way more laggy than my 120hz .
~16,5 cms brown/pink, large girth
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