How would you like the expekt cup to distribute their prizes?

The cup was announced with a €5000 prizepurse, distributed with 50% in the pro division and 50% in the amateur division. Would you like to see this changed?
39.1 %
(454 votes)
15.1 %
(175 votes)
21.5 %
(250 votes)
24.3 %
(282 votes)
cant post two comments
Give the money to me so I can buy these:

- Bigger table
- New computer
- New mouse
- New keyboard
- Better chair

If I have all these, I'll be playing in the next eurocup.
i can give you 7 euros for burgers
Why not just buy a private hack?:<
I already have one. Who buys them nowadays? =S
More money to n00bs!
Fascinating.. All the nubs(me included) vote for more to amateurs, while all the pr0s vote for more to pro...
Yea indeed. That's not what they want to know .
i voted for more money to pro
does that makes me a pR0g4mer?
I'd give more money to the pro league allthough if I had a med+ team I'd prolly still signup for the amateur league so I could win their 500€
A more detailed explanation is needed here, imo. The Pro Division needs a higher prize purse than the Amateur Div, to avoid random high/cheater mixes from registering for the Amateur Div and make easy money.

My advice would be:
Pro Div: 3500€ (1500€; 1000€; 500€)
Am Div: 1500€ (750€; 500€; 250€)

The common Crossfire reader (med skilled at least!!11) now will just think: " More money for the Amateurs = More money for me." But this is not what you intended with your vote I guess. To make this tournament a good one, it actually needs a higher prize purse for the pro's; Just now where it is kinda hard to rate any ET team because of missing stability. Furthermore would 1500€ be more than enough for the 'Amateurs' as even the ESL Major Series had 'just' 1000€ for the three winning PRO teams.
you just said that for the money so u can buy new stuff to get more girls! BUSTED
yeah, when they ask him what he does in his free time he answers

"i'm like the best spammer of ET"

and they go like oO
indeed +1
bo for president! (Crossfire, Clanbase,, etc.)
and finally accept Kill3rboy to be ur Padawan ;)
more to pro

why else call it "professionals" and "amateurs"? ;/
whats the point of being "pro" if you can win just as much as being an amateur?
why split it into "professional" and "amateur" divisions then if the prizepool is same for both? could be just division A and division B with random mix of "professional" and "amateur" teams
obvious one
Insert one highskilled player in a medskilled team and you got your First Prize in the amateur league.
wanna join my team and win amateur league ?!?
Good idea, I assume you mean TAG?!
nah, tag might have to play in the pro league due to the name n stuff, so we better rename first.
It sounds promising, but giving so much money to the lower divisions will be a fail. The first time teams will whine about a good rating. :P
Yes more money to pro

hidden message!
Everything will end up with pros playing in amateur league and newbs in pro league.
I think you need to put the prize money equele....

to give the less amateurs... also a chance to win a good price money... i mean i liked this idea...
the high teams already have had some profit in attending price games and get cash out of it let the amateurs always compete for there dreams and win the cash game...

I guess.. you need to put the teams seperated like TLR, Mamut, VAE and that kind of team ofcourse to the pro's put teams like BMG, Signum or any other team thats out there on the amateur side... and also have ET-ace, or the Ant1 in this cup involved since this is about money and like it or not its fucked up when a cheater will win the money to but more advanced hacks and stuff....!

My 2 sence:P!
More like 0 sense.
np just a random comment.
if you have nothing usefull to say just shut up kid
As if what you wrote was useful...
more usefull then the comment you posted but anyways grow up dude....

really pathetic that you just don't put your own opinion in it;)!

anyways have fun this evening flaming other people there opinion on a childish way;)!
how you managed to misspell the word useful even though you basically copied it from kot's comment i have no freaking idea :P it sort of underlines the small amount of intelligence you show in your earlier comment though =P
thats called dyslexia so i try and do my best to spell and do the grammer right... but if you have dyslexia and yes i also have it with my dutch then its kinda hard... so anyways you didn't know about it. So i hope you understand how its come's and that i try to set my opinion here... with the best english and grammer skills i got (low-:P)

anyways if you can't have the respect for it keep on flaming then :P!
we should't care, we should be happy about the fact having a et online tournament with prizemoney
splitting the pot isn't fair on all the people in the pro division other than the winners; who wouldn't earn anything when people who put half the effort in earn MEGA €€€'s.

but anyway; as has been said; any money in et at all can only be a good thing.
keep same

Why "amateur" players should get less money even if they may play more than "pros"
look at some kinds of sport and u ll figure it out!
yeah and in sport players get ridicilous wages like in football. I know what you mean but still I am not going to chance my opinion.

It is all about name and fame
ofc it is, its the same in football. whats the point in getting highskilled and playing in the best teams if random noobs can just win the same amount of money as u can?
cause good teams will pay you more than not so good teams and that will attract good players,they won't get much money com if they won same cup in comparison with that what they get as basic salary
you dont get it :o I mean, like why the fuck should we sign up for pro devision if we could easily win the amature one?
You don't get my point either ! You would join to pro league cause of you want same challenge, even if you would won the amateur league ? Ambition is great thing
no ambition to play my ass off if some noobs get the same amount of money as I could get
"ass off" There would be one match per week which takes approximately an hour and if you play 10 matches it might take 10 hours -> 2500/6= 417e/10= makes 41,7 which isn't bad hour wage.

Same to me how you do , I just wanted to give another point of view
You won't win it without pracc.
You would win lower div without prac.
his point exactly.
Why reward someone for being shit?
amateur= are not playing so activily and they aren't fulltimers
pro= Playing like fulltimer every day and stuff

It isn't only about skill cause there is this point of view too and yes I know that pro=good and amateur= not so good
How is that relevant? Players should get rewarded for how good they are, how much time they spend playing is not important at all. Besides, I highly doubt that top players play ET every day and amateurs only play it once in a while.
true about that they should get rewarded about that how good they are. I just wanted to emerge another option for pros and amateurs. Thats right that ET's top players don't play every day, but still there are some teams who are playing 5-7 per week (which is fucking boring+ yes I did once it myself ) and we shouldn't underrestime them only cause they aren't good nor famous
There is something called talent or game sense whatever you want to call it that makes the difference between good, mediocre and bad players and no matter what time they spend on the game some people just won't get over a certain skill.

And for the money on this cup, pro side should get more money just because they should get rewarded in being able to play the game as it should be.
And you can call it ego but where ever there is competition the good and talented that can play the game to perfection get rewarded more and is deserved since that's how the competition stays interesting and makes people work on improving themselves.
talent is proportionate concept.If you are talented you will reach high level easier and you can improve more without making same exercises like some guy who is unable to copy your talent.
Some guys can become good without being so talented ,they just have to make more training and in the end they might be just good as talented person,even though I can't deny that if you are more gifted you can always become better and train more than that other guy and the gap is again bigger.

Agree in some points that Pro side should get more money, cause their game is more "attractive" I would like to say, but If they have already make decision about prize money I think they should stick on that

Same to me how they gonna solve this, but I just wanted to tell another point of view
4500€ and 500€ tbh
more to the pros
i guess in theory it's a good thing but in all likelyhood it will prolly get scammed
more money to pro's so we can see very exicting games !
which idiot will want to play in pro division, if he can win the prizemoney playing against noobs in amateur division? :)
i thiknk you should donate that money to this ec and make it so much more interesting
invites will be fucked up as always
i had a dream, a dream shouting ESL ESL ESL, after a while there was some soft female voice saying ''ESL > CB anyday'' and ''be the force with you chosen''
dont get me to do something :'< im the most inactive esl admin at the moment and b4 qlive gets released, this probably wont change <3

go for kafux ^^
you are the chosen one!
for wesbo's target search system, i am, for everything else, i use my abilities to send possible work over to kafux ;)
Where's the motivation for the lower end of the EC skilled teams to compete in the pro, when they can win the amateur?

Get past that 'n should be great - gl.
true, need 2 tournaments, but both for as many teams as possible
more money to the pros, DUH

they spend more time on it so they deserve it...
well, why should a more or less avarge clan, which wants to participate in this tournement sign up for the "pro's" if they can just grab the easy money off the "noob's"....
(apart from fancying a hard challange certainly:D )
I've always thought everyone here is selfish kid, but this poll proves me wrong. That is unless everyone thinks they are the pro who will win the money.
Selfishness vs ego. Hmm, definitely a good one!
Pro div: 4000 e Am div: 1000 e
and yes, i'm a fucking amateur.
ill try to explain once more why this current system is bogus
its like having a 64 team tournament where
1. 1500€
2. 1000€
3. 500€
4-31 0€
32. 1500€
33. 1000€
34. 500€
35-64 0€

max i would give to amateur would be 1000€
well its like the para olympics:D
:D ur right!
think! perhaps you'll work it out yourself... or maybe you wont...

1. 1500euro
2. 1000 euro
3. 500euro
4-31 0euro
32. 1500euro
33. 1000euro
34. 500euro
35-64 0euro
people who attend the para olympics have a disadvantage, i don't see any disadvantage for the amateurs. They simply don't train enough or don't have the talent to become a professional.

image: fuck-off-smokers
A medskilled team that would not go out of the groupstage in pro division, will sign up to amateur division and win the prize, winning over lowskillers.
And Sondac's analogy was not too strict, but in some manner pretty correct

ps. oh, but I dont expect the guy who posts some shitty images to understand it, so do not worry if you fail in getting what the whole thing is about :-)
still you failed to explain to me why it is like the special olympics, as in fact athletes at the paralympics are unable to have the same abilities as a normal athlete due to their physical disadvantage. Therefor this can never be compared to this competition because here the people have no setbacks, they are just less skilled then the pro's.

I don't know what kind of schools (a place where you learn stuff) they have in your country considering the overall quality of the internet in Poland, but i suggest they add in a class where you learn how to use arguments in a discussion (a class for debating etc..), rather then making a profile of someone by a posted picture.

I do get your point very well because i actually read what you write, but since your point isn't what i'm talking about there is no need for you to "help" me with your shitty pointless comments as the reason i replied to sondac was that he mentioned "paralympics" like there are any physical disadvantages for amateur teams. I suggest in the future you learn to see discussions from another mans point of view before commenting on something you know jack shit about.
As I said - SonDac's analogy wasnt very accurate, but it was considerably clear to understand. Inaccuracies were obvious to know and explain and the text itself wasnt said in a too serious manner. Concluding, in my opinion there's no need to flaming the analogy. That's my point of view and that's why I reacted to your post (knewing that by saying "because" you expressed your bad feelings towards Sondac's analogy).

Eventhough you mistake "than" and "then", I can see that you can actually think and construct arguments. But I find it pretty strange that you even try to judge Polish education level (which is prolly higher than in your country, if it comes to primary and secondary schools) by one of their graduates.

If my judgement upon your picture is inadequate to your real profile, that means your picture is also inadequate to your real profile :-) And it's not that I lacked of argument so I decided to flame you, flame was attached to the point I stated by citing lettu.

You suggest me checking your point of view, not checking mine yourself, what a hypocrisy.
like i've said before you have trouble reading my post, so i suggest you do so again because if you read well you will clearly see that i said "I do get your point very well because i actually read what you write, but since your point isn't what i'm talking about there...(etc)" so your last comment stating "not checking mine yourself, what a hypocrisy. " does not make any sence whatsoever.

If you want to take me down on a simple spelling mistake then be my guest, although i think it is a little bit childish for people our age, simply because we are all human.

My first comment towards sondac was just made becasuse i was curious why sondac would compare a gaming competition with the paralympic games. I suggest we bury this pointless conversation and let it rest.
yes , more money to me !
More to the pro division. Where would every decent team go if the prize was the same? (hint: to the softer games)
although i basically agree with the point they are making it is amusing to see all the "ET-pro's" fight for their money in this thread :D

but like kot and lettu pointed out so convincingly (:P) it would be rather silly to allow for the less able teams to win the same amount of money as the top teams relatively easily =X

i think the fact that eventhough there's a majority of senseless noobs visiting this websites who dont vote out of reason but rather out of greed for money (although thats relative as the pro's vote out of greed as well but incidentally have a good point too!) the poll still shows that the first option is best says enough

oh and if this cup actually comes through (which i am afraid i doubt it will) it might be a nice idea to tell players to record demos and collect their best frags to make a nice fragmovie. if ever you are going to make a nice community based fragmovie (meaning both top class but also lower skilled players) this is the time to do it! :P
yep something like that:P!
Pro Div: 4250€ (2500€; 1250€; 500€)
Am Div: (500€,200€,Entrance fee bacl dunno how much)
They already changed it on their page to
Pro Div: 3500€ (1500€; 1000€; 500€)
Am Div: 1500€ (750€; 500€; 250€)

i think thats good :D
cless amateur division, be skilled!
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