Who was your XF NC best Engineer?

Who was the best Engineer throughout the tournament?
21.2 %
(151 votes)
8.2 %
(58 votes)
17.4 %
(124 votes)
17.6 %
(125 votes)
35.6 %
(253 votes)
could you please stop this stupid polls ?

3rd poll within 30 minutes ?

edit: k now i understood..

They need to find out the best of the best!
and another oneee
definitely lio

and by lio i mean clown
couldn't agree more, lio is one of the best players in the game, i played him in a 3v3 once, i couldnt even RESPAWN, thats how good he is
duke<3 best engi XD
The funny thing is lioco didn't play engi for one second.
clown ofc. -.-'
< me :)
duKe_ :)
hazer beat zmk before the voting finished :P, zmk currently has 1 more vote than hazer at the time of this comment being made
haZer go goggogooggo<3333^^
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