Will you come to CC6?

Will you attend recently confirmed Crossfire Challenge 6 in Enschede, 1-3 May 2009?
11.9 %
(141 votes)
7.1 %
(85 votes)
20.7 %
(246 votes)
60.3 %
(717 votes)
Yes, playing!: 50%
Yes, speccing!: 0%
Maybe...: 0%
No!: 50%
my vote against yours!
gimme fuelz n i come..otherwise no
maybe, depends
Booked my vacation to spain to early :{{{ , better luck next time !
Yes, and... err... I guess you could call it speccing?
dont have money :(
Depends if Team More Randoms get finished before next week.

Not going without a team.
still looking for players? :P
yes we are, we have 4 players now who are sure to come.

we prefer NL/BE players though, but there isn't realy much intrest in us this time :(
when we did the same for cc5 we had a team in about 3 hours xD

due the lack of intrest you should give it a try. #cc6mix

Ana, nAzty and me will prolly be online tonight to play and "test" some players. (it's more about the fun not about skill but playing serious and still have fun is the best ;D)
if i got an place where i can sleep il spec :o
yes, playing ofc! :)
yes palaing
Maybe playing, not sure yet.
yes, hope to play! :(
Yes playing !

Can i nowh ave the welcome noobie award :D ?
Totally not! \o/
Yes, playing!: 13% (30 votes)
Yes, speccing!: 5.2% (12 votes)
Maybe...: 24.7% (57 votes)
No!: 57.1% (132 votes)
YES, just like to cc5

love it there <3<3<3

shouts to evilynn :):):)
I'm afraid I'll be occupied with some other things on May 1-3, so no.
grm'in I suppose
voted NO
Leeds Symphony Orchestra
why even try and make an excuse xD
its not really an excuse

i decided to go see them after i decided i wont go to cc6
voted NO
Leeds Symphony Orchestra
yes, playing!
i would have come there to play but the date is fucking ridicilous cuz its one of the best times to have fun in finland. its vappu you know!
whats vappu?:O
in germany its men day.. :D
:DD that would be some reason to come, too bad cc in nederland :p
:DDDD i stay home i guess. only drunken men around me. hell yeah!^^ :p :p
and now tell us what vappe is??
Will come to watch again if there are enough interesting people for me to meet! :)
would you play, if you'd get a team?
Probably, wouldn't cost me too much money :-)
are you online tonight? if you are, drop me a message, otherwise i might forget.
Hmm, don't know if I'll be on tonight, if you want to ask something I've got some time now and later on the afternoon :]
pm me your msn, easier to chat there than pming.
rtcw > yes
no! :(
ettv keeps me alive <3
Yes, playing!: 13%
[mh]Yes, speccing!: 6.6%
Maybe...: 20.4%
No!: 60%
yep playzor
Yes speccing and drinking chocolate milk!
but maybe
oh wait

No :(
hopefully xd
I really would like to be there:>
yup speccing, maybe playing if I find a team who is able to compete at cc6
rtcw there me there
Useless poll, majority of No because the whole cf community can't come (place avi, money...).
The numbers are interesting. 130 definite playing, 72 speccing, 213 who might be coming...
Hmmm. I admit you are right.
nö nix los da
Yep, speccing the bazen and checking out zeewiernerdjes.
this time i will come:) cya there xD

i dont think i can make it this time... will see.
doubt it
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