What map would you choose to complete 3o3 NationsCup mappool?

What map would you choose to complete 3o3 NationsCup mappool?
19.0 %
(295 votes)
9.0 %
(140 votes)
17.5 %
(272 votes)
3.4 %
(53 votes)
26.7 %
(415 votes)
10.2 %
(158 votes)
14.3 %
(223 votes)
it should already be in the mappool
base, best map ever (2v2 - 3v3)
could these dickhead please stop voting delivery? thanks

its by far the worst map ever been created, id prefer playing a 3on3 on fucking oasis over that shit
all the non-deliveryists should make a conspiracy and vote for the same map instead of scattering the votes across all the maps :p

(non deliveryists = people who'd rather play oasis in 3on3 than delivery)
+1 <3

but the problem is that all the delivery haters vote for ice or braun or some random map.
this should rather be a "which map u don't want to see at least" poll and delivery would win
braun? wait, why would somebody who hates delivery vote for braundorf...
nobody said that braun is a good map, but surely it is extremely good compared to delivery
del is just extremely shit in 5on5 and shit going okish in 3on3

while braundorf is extremly shit in all formats.
I really hated braun for many years in the beginning and u are right that it doesn't really fit for 5on5 but nowadays for 3on3 and 2on2 it's actually kinda fine
ill be honest, i hate it, im actually a good aimer and im shit on b4. shit players got a chance to win because thye usually play b4 only so they can win some map.

they jump off corners while leaning and kill me nonstop:/
true skill is killing the lean campers :)
preshoting sucks
I didn't mean preshooting
u goot player :D
deli is good that's why it's voted
I agree with this delivery is overplayed double lotto camp fest
if delivery wins this game is officially overtaken by fags.
I chose et_ice because it's an amazing map.
Could be a fast map, but make some tax for it and it is lovely.
Voted on tc_base
delivery, hail
rofl its so obvious isnt it
Delivery is for people using m_pitch 0.01501 and sensitivity 1 that like to put med packs in a doorway and three headshot people through one of the 4 doorways coming into button room. Ice.
0.020 pitch, 2.5 sensitivity and i three headshot everyone everywhere on the map. LIGHTWEIGHT, BABY
i hope youre trolling
No i am not trolling. It's even worse in 3on3 to play it like that (1 fop, 2 medics) shit loads of med packs and ammo with no rifle is so overpowered.

I like to play it office/spawn because there is some timing involved.
Voted stalingrad because I've never heard about it! Could be interesting to spec.
;Delivery just for lulz
"endenberg" because this map doesn't exist :pP

and because new maps should get their chance.
delivery or base
its *erdenberg
pm me when you get on, we have something to test!!
got no team yet^^
Braundorf_b4: dontlike this map
enderberg: never heard
et_ice: maybe
karsiah_te: never played in 3o3
sp_delivery: good for 3o3 imo
Stalingrad: never heard
tc_base: too oldschool
Quotetc_base: too oldschool

nice argument :p
Voted for endenberg because it's unkown and the rest is repetitive and shit.
Russia Stalingrad

i dont care but i just was reading on wikipedia about some famous russian Soviet Army Marshals and voted stalingrad

just sayn so there wont be any misunderstandings

Sean :)
b4 !!

many walls + Poland = success
Hahaha 3on3 kersiah
Braundorf_b4: camping + defusing dyna is near impossible once planted.
enderberg: ?
et_ice: too big
karsiah_te: just doesnt work
sp_delivery: rewards camping corners just like braundorf
tc_base: lottobase would be a better name.
you dont like anything so please be kind and gtfo ^_^
Or you could just admit that I am right.
cause you dont see that if you know that you can find ways around it to beat that lameshizzle

this is why you dont improve in this game anymore :P
Actually I haven't played more than maybe 15 hours of ET in the past year but since nothing has changed to the maplist my opinion is still valid.
if you are med skill, yes
Stalingrad is an awesome map on pubs, but I dunno for 3v3. Might perhaps be a tad too big. The first cannon is pretty close to both axis and allies spawns, but the second cannon seems to close to the axis spawn compared to the distance allies have to go (comparable to Oasis).
Other: Radar.
From this pool, ice.
b4, best map :)
please start voting braundorf :{
what's with the shit polls?
we need to know whether people prefer 5o5 or 6on6
what's with the little red triangle next to your name?
busted for cheating
lol obvious hacking to the max
what's enderberg? :x

without any doubt one of the best maps ever in rtcw/et. and definitly in 3-3
Luckily I don't play 3on3 so I don't have to bother with delivery! :}
no idea why people still vote delivery, sucks that a lower team can win easy by 1 little mistake or just run around the walls with stamina that you cant do shit
ice without any doubt.
ice ice baby
isn't it called erdenberg?
braundorf plz :>
or ice, but defi not deli ._.
ice ofc !

base is also an acceptable option, the others are not.
nothing wrong with delivery :P ! voted !
Why would you add never/barely played 3on3 maps?

Braundorf_b4: barely play this
enderberg: never played this
et_ice: people barely play this, except redStar*
karsiah_te: never played in 3o3
sp_delivery: MUCH PLAYED
Stalingrad: never played
tc_base: used to play this 4/5 years ago

imo, add a map to the mappool for ladder to try them out, people will be forced to play it then and then their will be more chance that people can actually play them in non officials without the opponent leaving.

Ill say this AGAIN, ETPlayers are autists who cant handle changes which means they wont play new maps.
anything but delivery and I'm happy
delivery = insta win for Francephacks


coz u can press that button from both sides :----------------DDDDD
isoh on vocal : "awesome what Swani said :DDDD"
Voted for the wrong option :/
Gtfo with delivery already!!!!
A new map or ice for NC!
For all delivery haters - not only this isn't 5on5 but there isn't a single map on this list that is played more/that is better than delivery... so the obvious choice is delivery

Ice - complete randomness... shittest map ever for 3on3

Tc_base - most boring 3on3 map ever, you shoot 1/3 of the game...

stalingrad, erdenberg, karsiah - wtf..?

braundorf - played by cheaters and leaners

and to quote a person I fully agree with

Quote by pmbb

Why would you add never/barely played 3on3 maps?

It's enough to take a look @OC 3on3 season(and esl 3on3, they actually got a decent mappool) every now and then to figure out that the main maps are supply and goldrush, followed by adlernest and the 2 runner ups delivery and frostbite - braundorf is not played that much anymore cause of slacced teams

So the logical mappool would be


and if you DESPERATELY need a 6th map then you could add et_ufo - I personally don't like it but it's better than all of other crap that's listed here

p.s - same shit every season, people want maps like ice/tc base for 3on3 or bremen for 5on5 even though NOBODY PLAYS THEM

p.s2 - or you can just make a hardcore 3on3 NC with 3 maps - supply,goldrush and adlernest and everyone will be happy.
You quote braundorf as being played by cheaters and leaners and consider delivery a good map?

I never stated delivery as being a 'good' map - just better than everything else here - and yea I think it's decent, of course not as good as the main 3 maps but still decent and playable

as for braundorf... the last stage on braundorf compared with the last stage on delivery is totally different... with a proper defense combined with a semi decent spawntime you can hold braundorf for over 10 minutes - on delivery that just isn't possible
Last stage wise I think they're kinda similar (imo), but yeah I'd rather play one of supply/gold/adler than those two. :D
ice on of best maps for 2on2/3on3 (atleast for me)
but ye, when u blow up side and build CP while being axis i agree, its shit map
Quotep.s - same shit every season, people want maps like ice/tc base for 3on3 or bremen for 5on5 even though NOBODY PLAYS THEM

Quotep.s2 - or you can just make a hardcore 3on3 NC with 3 maps - supply,goldrush and adlernest and everyone will be happy.

retard detected
are u trolling or just stupid
1. If you would've read some of the comments before commenting yourself you would've noticed that people actually do play et_ice.

2. You'll be the only one being happy about only having 3 maps.

Your comment doesn't make sense at all.
Just shut up.
1. If you actually played ESL 3on3 and OC 3on3 at the highest level you would figure out that the most played maps are supply,goldrush and adlernest with the 2 runner ups I mentioned - ice is nobody's homemap

Ice is RARELY played on some useless cb ladders nobody cares about by lower teams who cannot handle the basic maps... and possibly 1 groupstage match in case it appears in the cup mappool like this season

2. I never said that the mappool should consist of 3 maps, that was purely a suggestion which would actually work out for all teams - I already stated what mappool would be the best possible one...

You're totally clueless and therefore this argument is finished - fuck off
Quoteretard detected

QuoteJust shut up

deal with it
QuoteIce - complete randomness... shittest map ever for 3on3

stopped to read after this nonsense
I never get it why people like grush so much in 3on3, imo it's too big and totaly not suited for 3on3. Better start playing radar, battery and oasis also in 3on3, should be fun ^^
fuck sol
Ice or Beach!
Awsome, I am not the only one who loves et_beach!
Everything except Delivery, Enderberg and Stalingrad
Delivery is far better than these other maps in 3on3.
you surely know how erdenberg works out
If delivery is brought back into 5on5 im uninstalling ET

(I know this poll is for 2on2/3on3 but just keep that shit away from 5on5)
then bringing delivery back to 5on5 is a MUST
Mature reply, Without looking at your age i'd say you wasn't much older than 16 years old?
what does this have to do with my age?
+ 1
fucking worst map ever created
et_beach is better than any of those.

in rtcw
quoted for truth
where is escape? :Dd why wont you believe it might turn out success and instead you propose maps like stalingrad which doesnt show any potential? :D
People are not really keen on learning new map which is complicated. And believe me, you can easily be lost in escape :D Besides, command map is fucked up :/
ye well you got a point there, it doesn't seem simple at first but once you get in to know with it it's all cool i think.. first stage (CP) is simple and difficult with 3 different routes, 2nd stage is getting obj where you have 3 possible routes (hard-to-learn -stage), 3rd is escaping with the obj with 2-3 routes.. learn those 9 pathways and you're done!! :D dont know how command map is bugged but it's kinda bad if it is badly so :(

if escape is a nogo, then erdenberg (+deli for 6th map?) imo :) stalingrad might be a bit too long distance -only, you see oppos from far away, dozens of campspots everywhere e.g. rooftops are all accessible.. would be nice to have a new map given a chance, like erdenberg. afterall people has put great effort in it to make it compatible with competition and they still are willing to improve it. it's also rather simple and a bit easier to learn than escape, i think. i wouldnt mind if the mappool was coast/escape/HoG_b12/stalingrad/erdenberg, but is 2 new maps too much to learn in a season?
ET ICE!!!!! but if not, then delivery is okeyyyyyyyy!
Voted braundorf because its a personal favorite of mine :]
erdenberg_b1 FTW pleas give it a try in a cup
mlb temple
add an option "I dont play 3vs3, give me the results!"
You can see the results so far by checking with out signing in idiot.
enjoy your delivery and do 0 headshots on goldrush, period

Delivery , ice
Tc_base ofc!
where the fuck can i DL enderberg?

e; nvm got it
Good News: All delivery-haters are voting for other maps but not on one enough to beat delivery voters.

So, delivery wins.
et_ice ftw! back to oldskool :D
noobs voting for delivey , stalingrad yeeeeeeah
braundorf is in so many ways the best map in that map poll.
luv sniping in deli
Me too mate! Me too!
ice is prolly one of the best 3o3 maps ever...

because its so fuckin corridor only, the key element are teamplay and smart moves, not aim...

and its better than delivery because its not as simple as the most shit ET map ever...
deli ftw !
Why do they keep adding the option to vote such crap as braundorf jeez
karsiah_te is the SHIT.Why arent you voting for it.
decent 5o5 map after the changes, dunno about 3o3
1.) et_ice
2.) tc_base
3.) Braundorf
4.) sp_delivery
5.) Not played erdenburg, stalingrad or karsiah in 3on3 before so can't have an opinion.

To those who say ice is "too big" or a bad 3on3 map, you must be pretty god damn awful at strafe jumping and not understand how to play it because it's actually a decent 3on3 map.

To those who say tc_Base is impossible to win, you also don't know how to play this, the 3 man platform crossfire can easily be beaten by making the medics waste their ammo or throwing a grenade over the wall.

Braundorf is a frustrating lean map just like delivery yes, but it requires far more team play and at least it's first stage isn't totally useless.

Delivery well I think most people agree they'd rather not play it.
Like anyone actually still gets killed by nades on tc_base. Also you would be using a fdops to stack up on ammo and the medics would be 30/90 pretty much all the time. However when axis do get killed the chances for them to recover are pretty much slim to none.

From all the rtcw maps tc_base is worst and terrible in every single way. There is a reason why it got removed from the maplist and the only people who think the map is great are rtcw players stuck in time and people who have forgotten how bad it actually is and no nothing has changed over the past 5 years.
You don't need to kill people by grenades but you can force them out of position. The fact you suggest they should use a field op is beyond laughable because that's the worst strategy ever and you show your ignorance in defending the map. If axis do get killed yes, it is very difficult to recover, but it can be done and it's an exciting end to the map.

If it's that easy to defend two high skilled teams playing against each other would full hold and that rarely ever happens.
for base how to make team with good medics waste their 30+90 ammos if u dont actually push in?
its kinda easy not to shoot even though u see that enemy in ur screen :D
used to have a rule for 2on2s and 3on3s that noone shoots unless enemies cross certain line..
didn't see ice so voted for delivery :( so much exaggeration on spdelivery being some aids map, it's bad but not the worst =d i loved playing every map in that list - except i've never heard of stalingrad/erdenberg :P for anyone who's never played it, karsiah is actually pretty nice in 3on3 :) same for radar.
You really should try erdenberg, I totally like it!

karsiah - worth a try
et_ice - underrated map
stalingrad - 18mb map in 3n3 is success!
erdenberg - never heard!
delivery - WTF?
braundorf - WTFf?
Deli isnt a map, its pure shit.
best map so far in this poll
and tc_base the second best one !
braundorf <3333
new erdenberg is awesome for 2o2/3o3, best map for sure in this list, try it and ull agree with me :)
et_ice or tc_base!!
delivery is a nice map for 3on3
isn't b4 kinda the best 3on3 map ever?
yeah if ur polish and u didnt see walls :P
I'd vote Ice but since frostbite is already in the mappool (being a document map) I would have to say braundorf.

braundorf is actually not that bad of a map, the flaw with it is that it can be very difficult to get a defuse at the last stage.. spawn times can play a big part too. Haven't seen erdenberg.
Not a fan of base?
not so much :p
supply out et_ice or tc_base in.
don't know why, but stalingrad sounds nice !
lowlivery out :))) plox
nub im 3o3 beste map gfto
mowl aggro KiKlivery hehe <3
Braundorf_b4: hey, at least it's better than delivery
enderberg: never heard
et_ice: voted, greatest map ever, haters gonna hate
karsiah_te: pretty shit
sp_delivery: shit
Stalingrad: is that that super-big map suitable for 12on12?
tc_base: very good

why not include heart of gold or townsquare final?
Voted Erdenberg :p

from what I've seen it seems like a decent 3on3 map, want to try out something new for once.
lol wanted to vote for ice but klicked karsiah -.-

i voted deli before i played erdenberg and never heard about it :|
But erdenberg is like the best 3o3 map there is imo, first part (fullholdable with teamplay) just like supply.
2nd part, if you f up one Gak-gun thingy, you can always defend the 2nd one.
And just like adler/GR/Supply you can spawn at the cp once you constructed it, and axis can also construct it what slows the allied down, like i said great map is great, and its time to enlarge the little maplist that et-players (play) atm!!!
Voted karsiah because its sunny
et_ice bruv!
1) braundorf
2) delivery
rofl'ed at Stalingrad for 3on3 - this map is rly nice but much to big for 3on3

u would search more the enemy than kill :D

this poll seems to made the same kind of highbrainer who decided that 5on5 would be better for ET

voted for Erdenberg coz it matchs and could bring a bit more fresh wind in ET
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