Who will win ET Allstars?

The current ET Allstars event is close to its end and only one more groupstage match is left between East and West, which will decide who will face South in the Grand Final. Who do you think will it be that takes home victory in the Grand Final?

More information: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=news&mode=item&id=6582
22.8 %
(256 votes)
25.2 %
(283 votes)
13.1 %
(147 votes)
39.0 %
(439 votes)
ohai poll
I understood it right that North can no longer qualify for the final right? Also shouldnt East be at 2nd and West at 3rd due to the higher roundwins 6>4 where both lost 1 matche and won 1?
After all teams have played once against each other, top 2 play grand final. Bottom 2 play for bronze.

There's only one match left, and regardless of the result, the winner of it will be in the top 2 along with South.

The loser will play for bronze with North, because North has no way to end in the top 2 anymore.
thats what I thought, nevertheless the current ranking in the newspost is "wrong" as West should currently be at 3 and East at 2 :)
you got it all right :)
should be north though
Oh please, is this fucking poll-worthy?
yes it is :)
stop complaining about polls you fucking retard
east , depend of line up
wheres north?
they can't make into the finals
Not enough finns in LU.
knifeduel !!!
south ofc. xylos leading, nabz0z
knifeduel would be nice after 2:2
guess east will win +_*
North will still win
Very low east team should be easy for west - then it's all on Italy Xylos
update this
Who will win ET Allstars?

Knifeduel after 5 maps

how can knifeduel win anything?
Couldnt care less.
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