What's your favourite SMG in ET?

Tell us about your favourite submachine gun in Enemy Territory and why the weapon of your choice is so special to you!
67.3 %
(1095 votes)
7.7 %
(125 votes)
25.0 %
(407 votes)
mp rätätätätätäätätätät
sten pufpufpufpufpuf
tommy tudududududududu
I like this comment
I repeated the sounds myself to find out if they were as you say.

they are.
why randomz gets to make polls
He is an Administrator , just for the info.
And he is a troll, just for the info.
he is retarded , thats all.
thompson, because i like to attack (its less campy) and most maps happen to have allies as attacker.
Where's the 'No preference'-option?
That's the part where you don't vote.
But i want to see the results..
Get admin- & poll-making-skills, noob.
Why would you want to see the results if you don't have any preference? Get logic.
He wants to see the results, because it would be interesting to see how many users give a flying fuck about shit polls.
Henceforth "Sten" is the option for people like you who have a big mouth, but unfortunately don't contribute anything to this community either.
surely thats a massive jump of logic, they'd prefer one of the louder ones because they would feel more important firing it????

i voted thompson just to show how much i know about real life gun play but in game terms the mp40 model is a bit more pleasing to the eye!

i actually love the fg42 so much though
and those who wanna contribute, get 'fropped'.
"I prefer MP40"
"I prefer Sten"
"I prefer Thompson"
"I have a hard time deciding, I like them all"

Did you notice there's a difference to "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT IT?" For instance, I am someone who likes every SMG in the game, and I'd like to know how many share that opinion.
Logout and you'll see!
mp40... because it got 2 more bullets in a clip compared to thompson...
doesnt a thompson have 20 bullets and mp40 32?
if we compare real mp40 and thompson, the second one got bigger clip... 50 bullets with cylinder clip we can see in every gangster movie...

but in rtcw mp got 32 and thompson 30
dude you mix up thompson what is older than regualar thompson what was in use of amercias military forces.It got only 20 rounds in the clip.
The one you mean in ganster movie is a little older version of it and got round clip with 50 rounds in it.
no... drums just werent used because they got tendency to jam...

and box clips had few variants, not only 20 bullets

there you go, don't mix up with older version with upgreaded version.In game is used M1A1.
the ganster one is thompson M1921
QuoteIn 1938, the Thompson submachine gun was adopted by the U.S. military, serving during World War II and beyond.
There were two military types of Thompson SMG. The M1928A1 had provisions for box magazines and drums (the drums were disliked because of their tendency to rattle and jam).
you can clearly read your own mistace SUBMACHINE aka the one we use in ET.So basics are the same for your drum and box magazine, they still are not the same as ganster movie gun you mentioned in previous post.:)
Quote by finish fagI know, you're not really into all that "reading comprehension" stuff in 3rd world countries
Thompson as axis .
So fuckin true
Only because of more accuracy :Ppp
and mp40 as allies

dunno why but that shit rox :D
Normal fragging it's the thompson for the thud thud thud just sounds like ET & attack!

But there's something orgasmic about the mp40 when you're xp whoring on a pub with levelup!

Hmm generally whatever gun the other team are using =]
mp40 all the way. better sound!
knife thx
will get fropped, oh wait
Thompson, like the sound *thumpthump*
Thompson, better sound.
MP40, killed more jews
You got a point.

NoHead forever alone :D
Maybe it's in my mind, but imo mp40 hits more than thompson! :D
And idd, it got 2bullets more in the load.
Anyway, When I'm Axis I prefer to pick up a thompson, and when I'm allied I prefer to pick up a mp40.
That polak who said something about clip size, has the excuse of having a 1 month old crossfire account... You on the other hand are beyond hope :[
noob go play rtcw, shit ET noob...

all u fags got trolled by my awesome game knowledge
What's your favourite SMG in ET? (79 comments)

I know, you're not really into all that "reading comprehension" stuff in 3rd world countries
no wonder 3rd world country finland gave birth to so many brain deads... you for example
Finland happens to be the highest rank country in the world, next to Switzerland and Denmark
I read this, I write something to troll. Nothing's to care about this poll. :)
xiN, he rode this.

look on his riding
made me smile =D
thompson, its sexy
They all are good but MP40 the best!
Thompson all ze wej
thompson feels better when playing but when im capturing frags @ moviemaking I prefer MP40 :(
thompson in axis, mp40 in allies
+1 God bless rtcw...
if i can vote again i would say mp40 but tbh i like sten cause i think i can aim on head with it bit better cause of sounds
I like the sound of Thompson... :>
thompson sound makes me jizz my pants
Thompson, cuz i always shoot better in attack.
Love the MP40 sound and look even though I like playing Allies more than Axis usually.
Prefer the MP40, as a carry-over from RtCW/MoH.
thompson, just because in other games it's the more accurate one
Out of those, MP40; but I still prefer to snipe :PPpp
don't care, just voted to see the results XD
No need to vote to see the results, just log out and you can see them...
too much effort to logout each time i want to see the result (i'm used to stay logged in) when i can aswell just vote smth random. and i dont like "unanswered polls"
vanhaomenas comment sums this poll up pretty much aswell.
FG42 on Braundorf, spray and pray baby!
MP-40 pown!
mp40 all the way
awesome poll {:¤)
The one with the least spread of course, I like to hit where I aim

If I have to choose between the other two, I prefer the one that is not available for my team, because in that case my enemies will respond to my fire with slightly slower reaction times since their brain tells them they might be just getting shot by a retarded teammate. Thompson has a nicer sound and less view-obstructing model if played with drawgun 1, though.

PS: People who think that ET MP40 and Thompson have any difference apart from sound and appearance should get a noob tag on their profile
"if I have to choose between the other two, I prefer the one that is not available for my team, because in that case my enemies will respond to my fire with slightly slower reaction times since their brain tells them they might be just getting shot by a retarded teammate. Thompson has a nicer sound and less view-obstructing model if played with drawgun 1" +1

sometimes however I prefer to keep original weapon as it makes it really easy to reload by switching weapons, but is only handy in some situations.
Or your teammates hear the opposite gun and starts nading you?
gief us 5on5 vs 6on6 poll instead !
Tehty, kutone vei lievällä enemmistöllä, se sensuroitiin ja heittopotta kiels tekemästä uusia koska se pilais lähiverkko-turnaus-tapahtumat jotka on tietysti tärkein asia koko vihollisen alue -skenelle
kurkkaa minun poikkileikkauskuviosivu niin huomaat hienon linkin, joka samalla vahvistaa, että olin tästä tietoinen. haluan kuitenkin olla niin sanottu piikki lihassa ja toimia ruohonjuuritaso soturina oikeudenmukaisuuden puolesta.
heittopotta :DDD
yesh gib plx
mp40 as allied :)
I wanna shoot you Frop fucking lowbob :D
I wanna shoot you Frop fucking lowbob :D
NICE POLL, 10/10
WHL:AT: THE FUCK SINCE WHEN HAS IS THEERE DIFFERRNCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MP40: 66.8%

people became nazis :o
MP40's sounds make me aim better :{D
Thompson, more headshots
MP40, more accuracy (obviously)
Sten, more randomness
I am a beast with sten : )
Thompson is for fat nerds
Sten is for pussy's or gay's
Mp40 is for the real tracking boys
Couldnt've said it better myself <3
Never understood the appeal of "sten". Ok it may sound awesome when you tink-tink-tink but other than that its more annoying than herpes.

Voted thompson because it sounds like a cannon with your bass high.
Ok now some ET nerd. Remind me of advantages of MP40 compared to Thompson. (It is faster)
There aint none.
where is the "What is a SMG?"-option ?
It's the "Log out!" button on your right.
Thompson has too high speard.
izi msg:

fuck frop and sol
mp40 tatatatta
Tough question should be an option of both mp40 and thompson :P
thompson as axis and mp40 as allies
I love the sound of the MP40, its always been my fav gun, i always feel I am better with the MP40 but I know its bullshit. However I do love the Thompson when defending too :D
Defending is easier and will you get you better stats no other reason.
Mp40, somehow my accuracy always seems to be 3-5% higher than with Thompson.
so your normal accuracy is approximately 10% ?
Maybe because youre defending in stead of attacking?
I pick up a MP40 as soon as I get my hands on one, even as an Ally.
Sten obviously, Thompson from the other two
Thompson !
Thompson TOO EASY TO AIM =)
The combination of mp40 sound + 3hs = ^.^
Thomspons + 3hs = meh :-/

+ mp40 has higher accuracy anyways
mp40 has higher accuracy anyways

the mp40 has higher accuracy than the thompson, its that way in the game engine or atleast in ET :)
image: mp40_vs_thomson_spread

its not much, but it is more accurate.
============== quake3
they are both exactly the same in every way except for the sound
look above your comment.
yeah and now?
it used to have in rtcw but they are exactly the same in et
luger > colt btw :o)
If you played RTCW you should still have some bias to the mp40, especially if you played LT like me and never had to deal with a shitty thompson.
you're just talking .. obviously you just sucked with thompson!
which is why the best LT's in the game used the mp40, good logic
the best lt, reAp used thompson ..

raziel doesn't count !
mp40 = 55 acc gg
with cheats, gg
stupid poll
Thompson , this is better !!
Gordon Freeman is the best
if you've played rtcw and knew how to control the thompson, you'd never go back to
a shitty mp40 which is like a lightning gun in q3 ..

oh btw

thompson = 57 acc gg

I can't play as axis because of the mp40 sound. Reminds me of WW2 and nazis killing jews.

That's why I'm a backup. I can only play one round as allies. It's like the jews turning against the nazis.

Now that's better.

Damn nazis.
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