Would you pay for TZAC if it was the last solution?

Apparently chaplja has been brainstorming how to keep TZAC alive and kicking. One of the possible suggestions was a pay-per-phone solution. What do you think chaplja should do?

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34.5 %
(281 votes)
60.0 %
(489 votes)
5.5 %
(45 votes)
if we pay , Tzac will work clearly?
If I was active and motivated enough to play competitive I'd probably also pay for a good working anticheat. Still depends on the price but I think it's wouldn't be that much!?
players pay for cheats why not for anticheat ?
Yes and no,yes to pay that money to help tzac,no because people will move to other games because they wanna play free this game,and because new players will not join etpro scene,and people that play mix games will leave et,i dont want to see et killed by tzaz,for me tzac is the reason that et is still alive,as i said above for me that answer is YES to pay,but i dont know how the scene will react,and mostly the NEW players.
Would pay for it if chaplja solved problem with multiaccounting.
uhm he said it's very unlikely to be applied on tzac, so why do we need 2 newsposts and 2 polls about this? everyone who cares about this topic got a tzac account anyways and can comment + vote there
This is Crossfire and we like drama. Furthermore, I wouldn't be surprised if we'll get more feedback here than on the TZAC site itself (vide all the forum posts about TZAC problems).
probably :d just thinking considering the rather low chance of this actually becoming needed, why so much drama everywhere?
But ok, too much feeback is better than too few
the chance isnt low if theres a newspost and two polls about it :)
was told some different information, plus chaplja didn't post the news at cf; in his post he said it's unlikely :)
95% tzac users don't read tzac homepage? thats why it was posted here also
some simple journal linking there would hv been enough, but doesn't rly matter :)
If it would be for linux clients, if would be more payments methods, if would be more support from TZAC Admins since paying for no support is not in question, some needs that support and there are no responses, also should be some faq written about tzac, multiaccounts detection and auto ban for that multiaccount (would get 0,5 € also account would be banned (new one, if users has old, old would stay intact) for reason multiaccount.
Besides all that, I hope v2 will pwn more asses.
practically no one cheats on TZAC anyway, and those who do are using detected bots and just waiting until chaplja bans them (which means months later..) -- so v2 wont make any difference as far as im concerned
yes, but its not a good thing for the community
i would pay but it have to work then ! now it got much problem's
50cents a year
I would but I won't :p
How does that make sense?
It does but it dont
I lol'd.
crossfire *ad revenue 8D
probably not because :

1)there is still to many bug with tzac
2)there isn't any support aboug bugs/.. related to tzac
3)still every cheaters aint banned / are able to create a new tzac account
4)it will kill the ET gaming section
5)speedlink payed already for it, no???
speedlink payed for what already? speedlink didn't pay anything to chaplja for like 1 year now :D
they did pay something!

thats my point
so? would you still work somewhere if they stopped paying you after one year? think about what you are saying rofl :D
not really but this guy said "i like to help this community, i'll do my best to get this game alive,... blabla blabla"

so he doesn't like to help this community, and he'll do his best to get as much money as he is able to :p

idd there are some buisness at eSports (ET??? :o) but still, he said something like i wrote upper, and this wasn't true at all!!!
this kind of project takes A LOT of time to work on especially since he's alone. as he said he doesn't have a job, he hoped to work from SLAC and he got paid for a little while and I completely understand it. he's not some moneyhungry evil guy, anyone who doesn't live with their parents needs money simple as. :D I hate seeing these stupid as fuck comments writing like he's some bad person for needing money in his life.
i don't call him bad person in any way.

i neither think someone is a bad person for needing money in his life.

also, he could work beside getting tzac up to date (even tho he earned lot of money with that already and prolly will earn more in the future)
if he got a job you really think he'd have time to work for free on a project like tzac? ^^ it's not easy mate, not at all. and he hasn't had much income at all, he was working on tzac for 2 years now and in 2010 + little bit of 2011 he had money from speedlink but since then it's been small, donations were like nothing mostly. most guys gave like 5€, some gave more but there were only like 20+ people giving donations and it's not enough to pay bills etc.
well the money he earned is a subjectif amount.

also how much did he earn with speedlink??? i would like to know just for myself :)

if you don't answer to me with a simple number then stop talking about wat he had earned etc with me :)

have a good night anyway :)
if you want me to stop talking you also need to stop talking about how much he earned. since you don't know it :P gn
you act like if you know it yourself!

so tell me an amount of euro he earned and then everything ok.

if you cannot/wont/ w/e tell me then stop replying to act dumb.

have a good week end mates
from Speedlink? I can't believe you're so stubborn about this :D I'm not acting dumb at all, you are. I've been told before the amount he earned and it was enough income for a couple months if you lived alone maybe, but when Speedlink stopped he was working for free on TZAC for 1 year except for maybe some 150€ overall in donations.

I'm right you're wrong and that's it. :D it doesn't matter how much he earned in 2010 from Speedlink, he needs money now to pay for bills and shit.

dont see with .50c year/month really a problem

even some poor black kid from the bronx can afford it
I would new players wont
brainstorming :DDDDDDDDDD
The only reason 500 people still play ET is because it's free.
You're right, sir!
500 people?! :D theres more than 500 people playing at one time on tzac some nights, and etpro community is the smallest community in the game. more are playing on other mods + 2.55
500 would be a bit too much i guess.
i would go with 100-150
are you serious? I remember speccing some top et match, it had like 400-500 viewers (mostly etpro community) and even then there were almost 400 people connected to public/warservers.
Ye but some people dont play et anymore, and only spectate some good matches if they have some free time.

lol 400 ppl connected to public/warservers...

give me a pic :P
how am I supposed to give you a pic? why would I screenshot it? it's nothing special rofl :D would you have taken a screen of that?
lol 400 players playing in publics/warservers is kind of special for ET imo.

but ye i wouldnt take a ss of it xD
well you don't know much then :P 100-150 people playing etpro still is the most retarded thing I ever heard, can't believe you actually said that.

i still think its true tho, when there are like 400 ppl playing in public/warservers make a ss :P
tzac update on the site doesn't show statistics anymore, but on splatterladder it says yesterday night there were close to 4,000 people ingame (and most TZAC servers disabled splatterladder from seeing their game statistics, so it didn't add all people playing TZAC, mostly just publics).
lol okay, really weird.

i thought et was way more dead.
that would really kill et
rather play without anything against ppl I can trust than paying for an ac

yes maybe there wont be a lot of games, so i will have to spend my gaming times on LoL to complete :D
french lol nerd
please, this week the LoL application was ON only for 49 hours
If linux client was written I would consider it. He already got a good enough paycheck from SL
Can't afford
It's causing huge FPS drops for me.. why would I ever want to pay for that piece of shit?
Youre right, you could better spend that 1 Euro for a better pc!
PB all the way
playing once a month, nope
P.S add some adds on the screenshot pages and some banner on top saying "please turn off Adblock on tzac website to support anticheat"
When it was SLAC it had ads on the site I think, but they made next to nothing (as I recall from what chaplja said when he removed them). Either that or I've gone insane and he never had ads.
I'd pay, but I don't think most people would. As somebody who's already into it, it'd be worth it. However, if I were a new pubber coming to ETPro (not that many these days, but still...), and was told I had to pay £x.xx to some random guy/service I didn't know just to play a scrim, I think I'd say "no thank you".

The only way you could charge users would be for some kind of added feature (some additional "premium" service, that people might like — e.g. like dropbox, you pay to get more space, etc.), but that wouldn't inconvenience somebody who just wanted to play.

If you wanted to be really obnoxious, the TZ-AC client could display some kind of giant ad, that you'd need to click away from/close, before you were able to login — and then if you pay "x" amount a year you don't have to see the ad, or something like that. The idea wouldn't so much be making money from the ad, but getting enough people to pay to get around them.
he already had a lot of donator, also few of them gave this guy huge amount of money (eventho it is relatif)
I don't follow/know anything about the donations (though it's nice to hear people have been supporting him).

If Chaplja thinks he needs more income from TZ-AC (or more predictable income, vs donations which can vary greatly from month to month) to justify spending the time on it, this was just my reaction/suggestion.
et is too death
et is death
the mmorpg free2play model could work for tzac in that you just get added features being a member/subscriber - what those features would be you would have to work out! ;)
will defi work in ET, get auto aim if you pay 50 euro / month!
We want punkbuster back !
I have much appropriate to chaplja,and yes probably I will pay for it since it shouldn't cost that much,but I don't think it should be like "pay for use",because it will totally kill ET.
We should pick this opportunity as community but I doubt it will happen,anyway I will be the one of those who's gonna pay.
Still,there is allot of fixes and updates to be done with the tzac,but as for working for free I dont blame chaplja,I would do that same,anyway my point is if we pay for it,it should be running clearly.
Chaplja is not a philanthropist?

Hell no! I cant help it chaplja is too ugly to find a job to support himself.
And TZAC doesnt really work good imho, still too much cheaters which will get banned after 6 months... it needs insta bans for retarded cheaters like chaplja himself.

chaplja can better start making SLAC proof cheats to support himself. I'm not going to pay to play a FREE game.

I'm still waiting for that linux client which would be released last year... and a mac version would be nice too. If you start begging for money make a full working anti cheat first and dont exclude the other OS's.
You raise valid points but the way you flame the shit out of it is just pathetic.
if youre playing a FREE game, dont complain if there are cheaters playing this FREE game because you paid nothing so dont expect AWESOME anti cheat programms.
afaik mac is out of question, dunno what's the holdup with linux

as for instabans, tzac2 should have that
you should mention the price in the poll.
yes. but not much!
it's 3 years late
Every anticheat that has ever been made has been bypassed, yet u want money for it now?
makes sense ._.
This is why developers turn to making cheats. He would make 2000% more making cheats for a free game :s.

Stop the shitty attitude and support developers that keep your game alive!
u cant go from free game to quakelive style / buy account steam wth
This community is just..

People started to cry when they had no Anti-Cheat.
Now they do have one, but don't support him.

If i would be him i would just stop the AC project and code some 10€ hacks instead.
If OS X will be supported, maybe.
You can't rely on the ET community alone to fund development (sure some community members are and have paid donations which is great).

Support needs to come from an organisation level. Either through new game with a higher level of integration (no need for additional AC login) or a major gaming sponsor (i.e. Razer, Steelseries, Plantronics).

Surely someone can help put together a strong enough business case to present to a potential sponsor of the project ongoing and get that recurring revenue happening.
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