UEFA CL Final: Who will win?

Tonight is the night. The league of the leagues will find the champion of the champions.

Or as some say, some football occurs.

Will it be Bayern on their homefield? Or the pride of Toss, Chelsea?

Match will start at 20:45CET, prepare yourself. Some statistics & stuff can be found here, http://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/season=2012/matches/round=2000267/match=2007693/index.html
32.2 %
(217 votes)
52.9 %
(356 votes)
14.9 %
(100 votes)
Hopefully Bayern wins this, so that Tosspot and his plastic club finally shut up about German Clubs being bad.
care about football when ice hockeys on
It is the perfect sports-evening, 14:30-17:00 hockey, 17:00-18:30 bbq, 18:30 hockey again, then sauna, 21:45 football. <3
finland - russia first isn't ?
Yea, 1st period over now, russia leads 2-1. Malkin is a superhuman...
ye I am watching! Cheering for Finland, and hoping that malkin won't score anymore points! :<
why not bbq during hockey, bbq, hockey, sauna and football?:D?
People watch hockey :O ?
estonians surely dont, your team is so fucking bad that it doesnt even get to play WC :D:D
I feel no offense for that. I have watched ice-hockey and it's really boring to watch + when the fighting happens the only though I have, is that are they mentally retarded or what is wrong with them, why would a grown man just start fighting during a sport over a random thing.
because its part of the game! =)
It's saying that you watch football for the diving, because it's part of the game and it's so nice theatrical.

The fighting serves no point in ice-hockey, at least a good dive might get you a penalty or a card for the other team.
its a mental thingie
Mental illness indeed :d
Actually in IIHF (World champs) theres pretty much no fights at all. European leagues have more but not as much as in NA. You'll get insta matchpenalties so people usually avoid it at all costs, unlike in NHL where you only get 5mins and matchpenalty from the 3rd fight/game(afaik). Lots of roughing/swording/slashing stuff but no real fights :)

I could debate more bout fighting but i dont think soccer fans would really ever understand this manly aspect of this sport.
Nice try with the last sentence.

But I am a Basketball player more.
Hope Bayern wins this.
I hope Bayern wins, but Bayern always has a hard time against teams who can play as defensive as Chelsea.

I think Chelsea will win it...but it will be a bad day for football if anti football is going to win.
Expecting Bayern, hoping Chelskea.
chelsea gonna get raped
Bayern => Anderlecht CL :-)
he could've won, ye.
The guys who voted for: Football? Eww... are probably all fags.
That's what I think of people who voted "Hockey? Pls..." in the previous poll.
watching and playing are highly different. Oh and voting on crossfire.
Everyone that voted Bayern are about to get a nasty surprise
Drogba diving for the finish line? : ))
haha, count how many times he falls over :D
probably about as much as busquets or that other barça cunt :-)
voted bayern but really don't care so much
Fernando "2 goals" Torres will take it
you will see
I hope Bayern will win
16.2% CF Community are fags?
ye, saw the same thing with the hockey poll. So there are quite a few, yes.
football is just shit imo :D
and i have gf..
it's not worth to win the champions league like this it was just a pain in the ass to watch them ruined this footbal game!
How can one give a fuck about gay football when there's IIHF Finals?!
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