EURO 2012, interested?

UEFA Euro 2012 starts today, are you excited already? Or do you even care? Cast your vote and predictions under this poll, discuss!

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76.8 %
(750 votes)
23.2 %
(226 votes)
To get us started, Germany will take it!
+1 yermans for the win
Belgium for final hehehe
You'll hear me snoring Thomm style when this starts ;)
Hell yeah!

E:I hope that Spain, if not Poland ofc, will take it!

By the way, 'disguss'? You should be ascheimd!
Oh, sorry :D It is friday, forgive me :( Will fix x)
I dont usually watch soccer at all other than Euro / World Cup so i guess im somewhat interested :) I dont have any idea which team is strong and who are good players so ill just take match by match and see what sticks. Usually I like old Chilean 4-3-3 high pressure kind of play, any idea if any team tries to play similar?
yea gonna watch matches@biggest UEFA fan zone:P
5 euro that portugal beats germany tomorrow zlol
I can take that bet! Though I know you will never pay...
I did the bet in real :P

also 10 euro on pl/nl/ger/rus I think; The 4 first games.
Oh, I thought you were offering a bet :D
gz to your 5€ :P

dont really care, but hope Spain/NL will win
inb4 some stupid fuck posting list of people voting "No" and calling em geeks
hahaha i was just about to say, nearly all of them are fintards, you peoples suck :\
just don't give a fuck about following football! it's a pretty fun game to play yourself, but amazingly boring to watch :(
Yea the fin's like different sports, but have a quick look through the No votes you'll see most are fin's
for the record, I vote no for watching sports.
Just don't feel like wasting time, watching sports is like playing WoW, you can spend a lot of time with it but you're only left with imaginary things and shitloads of useless facts which have no real value in real life. Maybe it's fun way to spend life, but I can think of better.
Same could be said for music and film too.. but I bet you like one or both of them?
I used to, sure I still like them but nowadays I rarely watch movies or listen to music because time is limited. I do watch documentaries from time to time but mostly if they are related to certain topics i'm trying to learn or get my head around.
embarrassed for you that you actually thought you were correcting me there :\
elaborate what exactly? why he corrected me?
why you think you shouldn't be corrected in that context?
em because I meant to say peoples maybe? ha?
Going to be good! Russia cze game is pretty good so far! :D
France going to roll.
really optimistic LoL
damn karagounis fucked my 14x bet,,,
voted yes, but i am not that interested. but prolly gonna watch some match
ofc we are interested!
Germany gonna win this imo
i wish all the teams lose
Ofcourse interested ;0
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