Hoodz'12 map-pool

Finland Finnish Hoodz'12 is about to start ( www.crossfire.nu/?x=news&mode=item&id=7485 ), but we need your advice for map-pool.

So far we got supply, sw_goldrush_te, radar, adlernest (maybe 5th from "normal" maplist depending of the amount of rounds the tournament is going to have), but we have 3 options left, and you shall decide what we will use. This is mainly for Finland players in the cup, but everyone can cast their vote (obviously it doesn't count in the end from other countries).

Choices are, sw_oasis, sw_battery and sw_railgun. Cast your vote, map-list will be decided next week.
36.4 %
(20 votes)
30.9 %
(17 votes)
32.7 %
(18 votes)
noi o kaikki siistei mappei miks niiden välilt pitää valita? toki noitten sw_ etuliitteiden suhteen vois vähä rajottaa
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