Who will win EURO '12?

The final of EURO 2012 is played at July 1, 2012 7:45 PM BST a match between Italy and Spain, who will win?

Everything you need to know can be found here:
46.8 %
(310 votes)
53.2 %
(353 votes)
Want Italy to win since Spain are extremely boring to watch.
Where is the "I don't care" option.
Italy 'coz black guy carrying
actually a white guy (Pirlo) is carrying
The black guy scored.

i hope italy wins they worked harder for it imo
either one is fine
Well, Italy played great yesterday so i think they have a good chance to win against Spain, but Spain play style is way too boring, let's see how Italy will adapt.

Either way i prefer Italy to win.. Spain won 2 years ago, so no.
Hope italy, fear spain will.
w/e the score is there'll be nerds in the street yelling as fuck
hope torres will play
Hope for Italy but fear it will be Spain.
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