Are you playing at CB SC?

Sun is shining and birds are singing, so close your curtains and plug-in your headset, it is time for the traditional Summer Cup, hosted by Clanbase.

Are you going to participate? Would you like to? Or not interested because you have so much better things to do?
27.5 %
(155 votes)
22.9 %
(129 votes)
49.6 %
(279 votes)
Playing (I think :D)
not interested because I have so much better things to do!
Red Bull saufen und an der Tanke rumgangstern :-)
like posting on crossfire telling people you have more important things to be doing.
no, summer + awful maps & no real competition
4th, no because im inactive
not too active, but still hope to find a signed up team with ppl I like in need of 1 :s
option 4: Id like to but i cant
1) only laptop (cant run et)
2) only mobile net
3) busy :D
where is no, I am not a nerd option
Then you don't have to vote at all, since you are not interested about gaming-sites or games.
fuck, cant argue with your logic :<
my team will probably just sign up without asking but thats fine with me :)
if anyone needs me i can play! lowskill and just for the shits and giggles.
no, inactive. don't want to mess with your poll
If I'd had my desk
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