EC XXV Final

Today it ends, Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory Euro Cup XXV.

Final is going to be Europe miNd's Pro Gamers club vs Poland to Make odds even.

mPG has the advantage since tmoe has to win twice because of the loser-bracket route to the finals. Can they do it or will mPG take the precious gold? Predict here, and remember, everybody laughs for those who cast their vote after the games...

More info, lineups & gtv-links can be seen here,
82.1 %
(446 votes)
17.9 %
(97 votes)
where is the option: wont watch
there wasnt even a question
here is your question

QuoteCan they do it or will mPG take the precious gold?

here is another one:

Quoteim bettar than drago but why hes in better team than I am?
Um there was a EC? lol
cant believe that ppl actually vote for tmoe :d
I didn't know there was an EC, just saw the vote and wanted to see the result :D
Lol there was a EC being played?
You didn't get invited? Oh rigth :D BOOM, no g5.
tMoe sounds retarded
I voted for mPG
I was in the EC winning team :) thanks miNd :)
Actually I don't care who wins it :o
no offfence, but I didnt even know that there was a Euro Cup :D:D
tMoe wygra i chuj!
mPG Wins!
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