Favourite thing about Crossfire 4?

What do you like the most?
14.3 %
(25 votes)
9.1 %
(16 votes)
44.0 %
(77 votes)
17.7 %
(31 votes)
14.9 %
(26 votes)
This is missing the "absolutely nothing" option. Jus' sayin'.
Crossfire has been turned into something that looks so mainstream now. DISLIKE.
this is a comment that probably is going to be deleted because cf4 has awfull new looks or just because all admins dont like me
i like the award things on your profile :D
i hate to scroll to see all or more than 5 comments in a journal -.-
Press down-arrow key
I dislike all of this atm
i like the preview system
its so shiny
I like the notifications cause they give you that "live" feeling but I dont really like the profiles so far cause they are really messy and look like they exploded
gief us cf3 back!
I like how cf polls are always restricted to positive outcomes only.
can u plz make less space between comments/names. its hard to see who replied to who
Love the new design :)
Nothing so far :S
The event calender is a great addition!
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