Adroits LAN MVP

Who was your choice for Adroits LAN MVP? Below we have a number of options from the finalists who performed well throughout the tournament.
12.3 %
(15 votes)
26.2 %
(32 votes)
13.1 %
(16 votes)
23.0 %
(28 votes)
25.4 %
(31 votes)
curbs got the jam jobs otherwise yus
noone of them
Ross was very impressive.
R0SS best player at lan...

Nait was also important for Rockit..

freeze for mvp? watafak
Freeze played very very solid every single game, dat consistency.
MVP doesnt mean he was good with dmg/aim etc..

Its hard to say who was MVP.. Chry,R0SS,Night.. All were brilliant.. Chry showed some serious skill at HIS tank at grush :D

freeze didn't play that well imo, got a lot of damage in the final but he made some big errors in the final that people didn't notice

anyways people look at damage too much and they dont rate the medics that helped them get damage
freeze or koop
Why no Kresti in the poll?
too bad the LAN was held during a weekend so I was unable to watch :/
definitely the french duo: karnaj - an7ho!
Chry by far MVP!
freeze played very well
lol :d

Estonia Night / Netherlands Jo0f / Netherlands L4mpje / Germany kReSti were really consistent the whole LAN. maybe Netherlands abort too! would have to go for one of them.
tbh krest was under his possibilities on saturday (like the whole team)

so i guess the others deserve it more :(
+1 joof, wtf he played amazing in those 2 matches I watched him playing
koop for best newcomer!
Shud have given an option for abort too! Shooting most kills in grand final np!
koop or xperia mvp, karnaj should be there too
Where is phyzic?! I wanna vote phyzik!!!!!
Didnt really watch it, only made some nerds upset at gtv during 15mins or something.
But I'd say abort coz he's cool or night coz look at his lans :x:d:x:D/::x:D/d:d
koop or abort.

Ofc night made the difference at decisive moments.
chry was sick beast roflcoptor good. also kev1n rolling faces, why he aint in it ?
freeze <3
sala ;)
only match i saw was final and cant rly say any player especially but im gonna go for ross there. the whole team did well, and so did xperia ( which surprised me a lot, comparing to last lan :D!)

chry, ross & sqzz especially from 1£ and from rockit side i'd say night, koop & freeze.
i would say ross for mvp you got my vote snoring beast
Making it interesting I see
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