Are you as excited about games as you used to be?

We are growing up, the gaming industry is growing up, and our point of view on games are changing.
Are you as excited to playing the fresh Call of Duty as you used to be when you played Duke Nukem or Doom on your Pentium PC? Or is it just by habit that you still buy games?
Are the big developers as excited to release their games for our entertainment or is it all money-only nowadays?

Tell us your actual view on videogames!
10.6 %
(7 votes)
39.4 %
(26 votes)
36.4 %
(24 votes)
13.6 %
(9 votes)
I only buy games cause the majority switches over, even though we all know it's going to be a copy paste of the previous titles, in the end it's still fun to pubstomb with friends :p
im tired of video games.

When i was younger i used to like that, any kind of videogame. Now i'm just bored by casual games and the only games which i still play (ql & ET) aren't as fun as they use to.
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