NBS ET: Campaign or Single maps?

Since NBS is one of the only ET servers still being full most of the time, the owners are wondering if it's actually running the maps/modes that you guys want.

For campaign mode, probably the following maps would be used: Adlernest, Bremen_b3, Braundorf_b4, Frostbite, Radar, Supply, and Goldrush (sw te ofc).

If you would want something totally different then feel free to suggest stuff in the comments!
22.8 %
(37 votes)
69.8 %
(113 votes)
7.4 %
(12 votes)
who the fuck likes delivery really

(sorry snake m8 :()
only retards vote for delivery/supply only
who cares about NBS full of faggots
If the votes are not secret, I want everybody to know I voted for campaign. Hate me now , love me later
holy shit this website is dead
It's full for a reason, useless poll.

Don't really care what xarqi does with it now anyway but there is a reason I haven't changed it's settings, ever.
It's full because it's the only public left that is a bit "known" on the ETpro scene, not because the map choice is great.

Deal with it, delivery H24 is bad and you should feel bad.
it has been full since day 1, over 2 years ago, while there were still other pubs active that did have campaign.

Your argument is bad and you should feel bad.
+1, you're right.
Some people just to retarded to understand or actually come up with facts lols
Implying that i'm retarded, wut
Feel offended?

Just stated that some people should not post something if they base it on something they think might be right, in stead of just looking at the facts.

You reply with a 'and you should feel bad', which may also imply that I am wrong or whatever.
Don't post if you don't know what you're talking about.
over 2 years? wut
October 2010, first day the server came online and instantly full.
Was named h4x public server for a month then I changed it to nbs, so that also exists for over 2 years.
There's the "vote" button for a reason. If it doesn't pass, then people want to play it? Can't understand you :<
well, voting is one thing, but if it has to be 75 % to pass a vote or smth around that like on nbs smth is deffinitely going wrong, people often vote other maps which have deffinitely more than the half of all votes
Still, point remains :/
Well... sometimes, you have more than half of the players who would like to change and the vote doesn't pass, what's the point then ? :/
That's a normal setting, it should be at 51% of votes wins, no idea if it has been changed afterwards though but nobody ever complained yet to me.
don't think the possibility to change vote rate is there
Of course there is
Other, comment
Other, comment
et dead, noone cares
70% wants a campaign, yet bio is always empty.
Finally someone that acknowledges that as well.
not enough players left in ET to fill two publics
a lot of ppl on nbs dont even go on cf
campaign without deli plox and obj on!
server 2 has campaign? and is empty. always.
server 2 now is same like server 1:D
server 2 used to be campaign and was empty indeed
NBS Public #1 NEW IP: ! ! Will stay the same like it is was !!

NBS Public #2 Campaign Objective Mode!
campaign and maplist= supply,delivery
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