More content on CF...!?

What kind of new content do we need here on Crossfire?
67.8 %
(59 votes)
10.3 %
(9 votes)
1.1 %
(1 votes)
13.8 %
(12 votes)
6.9 %
(6 votes)
How about all of the above
give me 4 more hands and i ll try ;D
why is LoL and SC2 a single option?
its not like people who care for SC2 are interested in pub scrub games...
i was just able to put 4 options... and well wc3 lol sc is all the same for me ;D
be that as it may.
i think CF should be pretty much solely about ET. Dont delete un-ET-related content but dont have staff create it.
There are so many good scene sites out there for any possible game. If you really care about SC2 you will lurk liquidpedia. If you are about LoL you will ... heck i dont know prolly play board games with ur mom a lot.
I dont see CF catching up with the content of other pages so I would like to see it remain true to what it is/was: the only place where people talk about ET.
People will write ET cause this is actually an ET community.
More people play LoL
LoL, gogogo
would like to read more about lol
Dota/LoL/CS:GO/Team Fortress 2/Urban Terror/Arctic Combat/RtcW
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