Plans for the summer?

Summer is just around the corner, birds are singing and dog-shits start to rise up from the snow.

So what are you up to during the summer?
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I, myself and Irene shall mostly work during the summer, got some gigs and a festival to attend, trying to take a trip to somewhere closer to autumn.
Working and relaxing mostly. Refrained from taking work that would've taken all summer on purpose so that I could relax at least one of the months.
Travelling, working, travelling, drinking
Work 4 weeks, nerd a lot, go on a holiday

beat up ViKO
As sad as it is, I'm working :(
I'm going on holiday to Hungary
Gonna win the summer cup!
Best Kept Secret, Extrema Outdoor, Pukkelpop and Incubate. France with my 2 best mates and our girlfriends for a week, the rest of the time work I guess :)
France doesnt want you, fuck off!!! (you can go in Paris though 1 more or less faggot wont make a big difference eheheheh)
Difficult to choose only 1,
I'll work to get 2k more on my already well-filled bank account
I'll go abroad 1 week I guess to add some more girls on my "girls from other countries i fucked" list
I may come back to play some ET since summer is a great time for me to win some medals (4 last year)
I'll also study like a boss like 1 month before re-going to uni for my 4th year.
I'll also keep making nerds mad on crossfire since it's my favorite community full of faggots and where some people from Romania offers me their services to dig my grave deep.
I got vacation from july-october, so I gona chill alot, going to croatia for 2weeks and 1week sweden. I will see what gona happen still some months left
Sweden? To do what and where?
one word: fuchs
one of my friends is living with his swedish gf in stockholm till october, so i wanna meet him and for sure to meet the legend fuchs
Ah, sounds good. If you got extra-time, feel free to visit Finland Oulu, my door is always open for good times.

Same goes for every crossie. Not just gay stuff, we can drink too.
hahah :D i will keep it in my mind
I plan on working.
One week of wavesurfing in miami, one week to rome with my girlfriend and one week to greece with some friends.
Rest of the summer probably chilling, working and some more small trips. May as well spend some RL time with my ET mates again :D
Should be a good summer :)
work and study, boring summer :<
Work all summer for a car, gonna see Iron Maiden.
I got -01 Polo for you, 1300€.
Work whole month of august. Got first 3 weeks of in july but will watch many tour de france rides :P. Also will work out & just enjoy the sun! IN september i got another 2 weeks where I MIGHT go on a trip!
Working whole summer, going to Poland in June and to Indonesia and Japan in September :))
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