Are you interested in a 2on2 OC this Fall?

Although the 3on3 & 6on6 SummerCups are still going on, it's time to start thinking about the upcoming Fall 2013 season at ClanBase! You'll definitely see a EuroCup, 6on6 OpenCup, and 3on3 OpenCup, but what about 2on2?

There has been a decent amount of activity recently in the 2on2 Ladder, so we were wondering if enough teams/players were interested in competing in a CB ET 2on2 OpenCup Fall 2013. We will most likely need at least 16 teams.

Last time we ran a 2on2 OC (Spring 2012), it didn't go too well, with over half of the matches resulting in a noshow. Would you be willing to sign up for a 2on2 OC this Fall and actually play all of your games?

Tell us what you think by voting and leaving a comment below!
24.2 %
(40 votes)
18.8 %
(31 votes)
57.0 %
(94 votes)
make a 2on2 oc plsssssssssss
I would play it for the lols and because I love et
/q fanatic
Since it's for the lols(:DDDDD) lets team up :D
you can team up with wedseck, I got my partner already (ipod)
Need a team
Need an option for "Yes, I am interested but I can't really be bothered to play and would probably only watch the final on ettv."
me and vokki will bring you a nice show
i think 2v2 will be really fun
we can have so many teams playing
just get a mate and go

u can easily setup games and what not

hope this works out!
dream team digit lets go
good idea
Yolo is up for this
i want 5o5 back dammit

bring back 5on5!!
FinlandJustice is too lazy to get 3rd pocal from OC. No challenge.
mAlibu is up for this in 5months xd
I want back the days where you were able to see what other people voted! This way I can tell if I'm supposed to hate others or not!
total fail each season with amazing amount of drop
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